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  1. For all of you who have been sad about Alboran Trio´s silence (see my post from April 30, 2019) here is a very good message I just got from Paolo Paliaga: They have released a new CD "Islands"! You can already enjoy it on Spotify: https://pirames.lnk.to/Islands All the best, Uwe
  2. Hi Uwe, The Farad 3 interests me as well, but the price tag so far made me refrain from buying it. Instead I am very pleased using a Zerozone LPS: https://www.ebay.de/itm/ZEROZONE-Finished-65VA-Ultra-Low-Noise-linear-Power-supply-5V-9V-12V-15V-18V-etc-/322429316074 which is a lot cheaper and brings the ER forward too, surely (?) not as much as a Farad 3 would do. However, one warning I have to make: Using the Zerozone 12v LPS lead to massive hiccups, (Hi Crom! #701) --> https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/57519-uptone-audio-etherregen-listening
  3. As a lot has already been said by users, who were quicker than me, about the merits of ER sonicwise I in short will concentrate on what has happened in my chain after 300 hrs of burning-in. Apart from the music being tighter and more precise it is mainly the soundstage which is still developing with instruments more focused, presenting more details in a more natural way, which is highly enjoyable, as is the fact that I can follow more easily and much longer the tones fading away. So far I have used a 5TB 3,5´´ Thunderbolt HDD as music storage which "sounded" better than a 2,5´´USB-at
  4. Hi Jud, Did you mention the Monoprize Cable as an alternative for your Cable Matters Cat 8 cable?
  5. Hi John, Thank you so much for the clarification concerning the thermal issue. Best wishes, Uwe
  6. Did I get you right and is it common knowledge that apart from burn-in and its influence on SQ there is also an impact on thermal stability?
  7. Shame on me. I surely did not interpret the technical data sheet correctly.
  8. Hi Johnnydev, You are right asking this question. For me as a non-technician it is more a matter of taste rather than knowledge about physics. In my mind (and I may be wrong) electronic equipment has a longer span of life if its working at low temperatures.
  9. Hi Alex, Sorry that I got Jud wrong. All the best for you and your family as well. Uwe P.S. The above shown heatsink weighs 2,6 kg. Would the case of the ER stand it?
  10. Hi Jud, Obviously, the Command Strips have the advantage to be easily removed if necessary. But as far as I can see the technical data lack information about the use as a heat transfer tape. So I think I will follow octaviars´ way and order a heatsink being a bit taller and in the first step simply put it on top of the ER and see, what happens. Best wishes, Uwe
  11. Hi ocataviars, In case of experimenting and finding the solution to not be the one I looked for, can I free the ER from the heat transfer tape?
  12. Quite a few proposals have been made concerning LPSs to use instead of the standard PS. I wonder why so far a power bank as a possible alternative hasn´t been mentioned. Since over a year this power bank: https://www.xtpower.de/XTPower-Powerbank-MP-50000-DC/USB-Hochleistung-Akku-Li-Ion-mit-52800mAh replaced the JS2 to power-up a Mac mini because of a SQ improvement. Uwe
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