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  1. I’m a new DCS Rossini + Rossini clock owner. For those who own the Rossini + Rossini clock, do you put your Rossini and Clock in standby when not listening or leave it on all the time? My dealer suggested leaving them on ll the time, but I would like to know what other DCS owners do; leave their DACs + Clocks on all the time or use standby when not listening.
  2. Fm540i, It appears that you had something to say on this topic, but your reply didn’t come through? Even though I am the OP and your reply copied my initial post, there is nothing in the body of your post. If you had something to add to this thread, your comments would be appreciated. If not, I would appreciate you deleting you blank comment. Thank you and appreciated.
  3. Fm540i You quoted my initial post on this topic, but you didn’t include anything in the body of your reply.
  4. The only way to know is to it home audition both in your system and trust your ears as to which one is best.
  5. This is from an e-mail that I got from Aurender: “Actually it is not really a "standby" mode, per se. When it is idle, the screen just goes dark to conserve system resources, but it is still online.” Once one selects the Aurender app on on their iPad, sees their music there, and then selects a disk or a song, then the screen comes back on.
  6. DROP OUT PROBLEM I’ve owned an Aurender N10 for a few years and never had any problems with it until recently over the past few weeks where the music will occasionally drop out for 1-2 seconds. I use it with 2 DACs utilizing USB, XLR, coax, and BNC connections. It happens with both DACs and all outputs. I’m do not use it with Qobuz or Tidal, but with mainly my 16/44 ripped CDs and a few HiRez recordings. During a typical listening session of several 3-4 hours, it will occur up to 4 times, but sometimes not at all. I’ve tried rebooting it and also clear the cache, but neit
  7. I own both a N10 and Ayre QX-5 as well as PSA DSDs. I haven’t been able to update to the newest software showing the native DSD toggle. Very frustrating. Let’s hope that it will be fixed for all of us with identical or similar gear or I am going to think to look elsewhere. Any fix coming soon for all of us?
  8. I also have an Ayre DAC (QX-5). I’m not going do the update until Aurender straightens things out.
  9. I thought that I was missing something and I bet that could be it regarding the 3D shadows.
  10. I’m still trying to get used to this look as I’m so used to the old one, but I think that I’m coming around. Of the 3:different themes, I like the dark best.
  11. @Stiv BTW, i forgot to mention that my local dealer carries both Ayre and Aurender and knows both products very well. With the N10 and QX-5, they came the opposite conclusion that you did.
  12. I take it that you have both an N10 and QX-5 and also auditioned the DH Lab cables? I’ve also listened to The QX-5 interview on AudioStream and know that Ayre has a great clock in the QX-5. However, so does the Aurender. I’m just reporting on what I hear in my system which I consider pretty resolving. I also have an AudioQuest Carbon USB cable that compared my Synergistic Research Galileo which was deinitly inferior. I have some pretty expensive cables and power cords with which I do hear a difference, but as I’ve learned learned along time ago that price of a cable doesn’t
  13. I have both an Aurender N10 and Ayre QX-5. I hear little difference among the various inputs that I’m using (BNC, USB, XLR) with the the QX-5. My cables for my Aurender N10 to QX-5 include a DH Labs BNC D-750, D110 XLR, or Mirage USB, and far more expensive Synergistic Research Galileo USB. I’m using a DH Labs D-110 XLR or either the USBs mentioned above between my PS Audio DirectStream DAC and Aurender. To my ears it appears the the clock in both the N10 and QX-5 are both good. I hear a much bigger difference between both of my DACs than with the various inputs of either DAC.
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