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  1. This is from an e-mail that I got from Aurender: “Actually it is not really a "standby" mode, per se. When it is idle, the screen just goes dark to conserve system resources, but it is still online.” Once one selects the Aurender app on on their iPad, sees their music there, and then selects a disk or a song, then the screen comes back on.
  2. DROP OUT PROBLEM I’ve owned an Aurender N10 for a few years and never had any problems with it until recently over the past few weeks where the music will occasionally drop out for 1-2 seconds. I use it with 2 DACs utilizing USB, XLR, coax, and BNC connections. It happens with both DACs and all outputs. I’m do not use it with Qobuz or Tidal, but with mainly my 16/44 ripped CDs and a few HiRez recordings. During a typical listening session of several 3-4 hours, it will occur up to 4 times, but sometimes not at all. I’ve tried rebooting it and also clear the cache, but neither have helped. I’ve not made any changes to the settings. Does anyone have any ideas what might be the cause? My fear is that the hard drive might be starting to fail?
  3. I own both a N10 and Ayre QX-5 as well as PSA DSDs. I haven’t been able to update to the newest software showing the native DSD toggle. Very frustrating. Let’s hope that it will be fixed for all of us with identical or similar gear or I am going to think to look elsewhere. Any fix coming soon for all of us?
  4. I also have an Ayre DAC (QX-5). I’m not going do the update until Aurender straightens things out.
  5. I thought that I was missing something and I bet that could be it regarding the 3D shadows.
  6. I’m still trying to get used to this look as I’m so used to the old one, but I think that I’m coming around. Of the 3:different themes, I like the dark best.
  7. @Stiv BTW, i forgot to mention that my local dealer carries both Ayre and Aurender and knows both products very well. With the N10 and QX-5, they came the opposite conclusion that you did.
  8. I take it that you have both an N10 and QX-5 and also auditioned the DH Lab cables? I’ve also listened to The QX-5 interview on AudioStream and know that Ayre has a great clock in the QX-5. However, so does the Aurender. I’m just reporting on what I hear in my system which I consider pretty resolving. I also have an AudioQuest Carbon USB cable that compared my Synergistic Research Galileo which was deinitly inferior. I have some pretty expensive cables and power cords with which I do hear a difference, but as I’ve learned learned along time ago that price of a cable doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s better sounding in a particular system and it’s both system and listener dependent.
  9. I have both an Aurender N10 and Ayre QX-5. I hear little difference among the various inputs that I’m using (BNC, USB, XLR) with the the QX-5. My cables for my Aurender N10 to QX-5 include a DH Labs BNC D-750, D110 XLR, or Mirage USB, and far more expensive Synergistic Research Galileo USB. I’m using a DH Labs D-110 XLR or either the USBs mentioned above between my PS Audio DirectStream DAC and Aurender. To my ears it appears the the clock in both the N10 and QX-5 are both good. I hear a much bigger difference between both of my DACs than with the various inputs of either DAC. As as mentioned above, the only way to know what works best for you is to try the different connections between your Aurender and the QX-5.
  10. I bought an Iso Regen reclocker with it’s upgraded power supply to use between my N10 and my Ayre QX-5 and PS Audio DirectStream DACs . I didn’t hear much, if any difference, and in retrospect should have returned it. After it had been installed in my setup for a period of time I was loosing interest in my system for some reason, but it didn’t dawn on me that the regen could have been the source of the problem. Finally when an audio buddy came over to listen to my system one day, he was less than thrilled of it’s sound after the ISO Regen was installed. He’s heard my system numerous times before, but told me that it wasn’t sounding it’s best on that day. After er he left, I tried a few changes, but not until I pulled the Regen out of my system, did I realize the great harm that it was doing. Why, wasn’t it more apparent to me? Even with my dissatisfaction with my rig, it took an outsider who knew my system to tell me that something amis. I guess that I was just getting used to the different sound that the reclocker imparted? With the Aurender N10 and a good DAC, I am now of the opinion that one needs to keep it as simple as possible unless one is dissatisfied with the sound. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”. We all must be careful of stellar reviews of reclockers in systems which use less expensive DACs and general computers as a music server. in these situations, maybe a reclocker is the answer? Although just an educated guess, I believe that these reclockers work best in less expensive systems based on a general computer used as a music server. Just my 2 centsbased on my own experience with reclockers. OF course, YMMV.
  11. I’m in the same camp that you’re in. I could care less about streaming on my Aurender.
  12. Thanks. I’ve heard great things about the Crystal cable. I’m presently using an Synergistic Research Galileo USB cable which I find excellent too. When my dealer brought the demo SR Galileo cable out to my home, I was using an Audioquest Carbon USB. The SR Galileo was so much better that I noticed it immediately and didn’t want to remove it, but I had to since it was the demo which my dealer needed back before he left. The good news is that I got my own Galileo in a couple of days. There was going back to the Audioqust once that I heard the Galileo. The interesting part was that until I heard the difference in these 2 cables myself, I was skeptical that there would be much of a difference, if any at all. Hearing is believing.
  13. I bet that I will have the same reaction that you have to the W20. When I find something significantly better, it doesn’t take me long to discern the difference. Yes, 5-10 seconds is all that it takes. I’m anxious to audition one.
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