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  1. Yes Google stopped selling them some time ago, that's why you can pick them up so cheaply now. They still work perfectly well and noone expects Google to pull the plug on the protocol any time soon.
  2. I don't believe that there are any bt devices that do digital out. Your use case sounds like a potentially great candidate for a Google Chromecast audio device, although they only do optical iirc.
  3. Why would unconventional ideas be any better than the solutions that have been developed by the computer industry over the last 30+ years to serve multiple different use cases? Having eschewed entirely passive PCs (and at the risk of simply repeating known good practice,) you're basically left with 3 options. 1. Some form of passive heatsink such as Nofan CR-80EH Copper IcePipe 80W Fanless CPU Cooler This could work well with your CPU in a low CPU-load setup. One consideration with a passive HS is that you still have to extract the heat out of the case with fan
  4. I don't have the Teddy Pardo for Squeezebox but I do have 2 of his PSUs powering my Naim DAC and amp. Very solid build quality indeed and completely trouble free to do business with.
  5. I updated to 1.2 as soon as it came out. I run Roonserver on my HTPC. I was previously using Picoreplayer on my Raspbery Pi2 with Hifibery Digi+ as my endpoint to feed my Naim DAC. It worked perfectly so I obviously... ditched it and installed Arch Linux and then Roonbridge. It also worked perfectly, right from the word go. Installed Roon onto my Sony Z5 Android phone. Works flawlessly and looks the same as the PC version. Very elegant software indeed.
  6. Crikey, Sonus faber as an introduction to Hifi. Nothing like hitting the ground running is there....!
  7. Actually the rear port on the 1SC has a larger diameter than those on my Tablettes. Irrespective, everything I have read, says both of these speakers should be between 1 and 3 feet from the rear wall. That's quite a lot when you only have an 8' room.
  8. I have the proac tablette reference signature fed by a Naim DAC > Naim XS and I think they are superb and beautifully made. The only one note of caution though is that speakers with rear ports do tend to need a bit of space behind them and it's not clear how far into the room the OP might be willing to being his speakers. I'm also not sure I would classify speakers of this size as bookshelf myself but maybe that's just me..
  9. you use this phrase quite a lot Alex, especially with people who you believe don't see the world in the same way that you do. A healthy scepticism is not the same as ingrained negative bias. Scepticism is what separates science from dogma and of course there are people who are succumb to positive Expectation Bias as well such as those who have just spend a fortune on a USB cable and are desperate to hear that their money has not been spend in vain.
  10. I just ordered via ebay and paid with PP 2016 TeraDak TeraLink X1/X2 DC8.5V 1A + USB DC5V external Power Supply -HL | eBay
  11. "You need to see your GP as soon as possible about the possible onset of Alzheimers disease." Do you think it reasonable you could be accused of double standards? [edit] Oh and I missed the link implying that the poster was a LIAR" - nice touch
  12. I meant That would imply [that "I" , the subject, had] a fundamental lack of appreciation for even the most rudimentary aspects of the history of scientific discovery. I was not implying that Alex lacked such appreciation.
  13. The reason I said 1647 was that it was so absurdly long before radio was invented that no one on this forum would for one moment actually think that I really meant that the show had really been running since 1647. That would imply a fundamental lack of appreciation for even the most rudimentary aspects of the history of scientific discovery. I was (as kumakuma kindly pointed out) using Hyperbole for comedic effect to convey that the show had been running for really quite a long time in the context of a radio show.... It started in 1951 and "With over 17,850 episodes, it is the world
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