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  1. Speaking of Brooks saddle... The B-17 seems like the classic and cut a little wider which seems especially for maybe touring and trekking, and maybe just about anything not riding in an aggressive tuck. But they make four of their saddles in Ti: B15 Swallow Swift Titanium B17 Special Team Pro Bill do you use the B17 for the couple mile climb up to campus? Is it okay for that position daily, or do you possibly have a preference for one of the others? I'd like to order something stat for an XC set-up hardtail Santa Cruz Chameleon and maybe a Santa Cruz Stigmata CC at bonus time. Thank you!
  2. vs. $120 every year?? No comparison. J River is even more irritating with their upgrade cycle.
  3. Thank you for the new info. I'm only interested in SE so this is important. Thanks!
  4. Stock I think are Clarity (MR??) caps. They were nice and compact. I'm really liking some of the NOS Russian caps that can be had much cheaper than boutique caps. The PCB has 3 through hole connections so I'm also running parallel Sprague Vitamin Q 0.01 uF. Now you really have me wanting to play around with the tube output again. Can't wait to get everything hooked up!
  5. I should clarify. The caps I was referring too are just for the tube RCA outputs. There is a socketed card where caps can be rolled but the size is pretty limited so I ran them external from the tube output card. And I used Allen Bradley 1MOhm resistors parallel for the bleeder position. I'll post some pics once I'm finished unpacking at my new place.
  6. Hey guys, Sorry you haven't received yours yet... I ended up using external 1uF MBG-CH caps wired with Duelund solid core copper wire, but mostly have been using a pair of Lundahl XLR->RCA step 2x step down transformers I made because my integrated amp gain is really high. With this I can run FS or -3dB where via either RCA I'm running down -6 or -9 dB. I just took a position in the Bay area so not set-up yet, but will be adding a 10k parallel R to the transformer just because my integrated has a 200k input impedance and I'd like try to see if it would might reduce any ringing... and not even sure they have much of that but the R are ordered to try out in the next week or two hopefully.
  7. First thing I would do is run it against a Sony PS1.
  8. I begged Luk to offer an upgrade copper chassis cover al la The Golden Gate. If he ever offered that it would be mighty hard to not go for an Atlantic...
  9. Yah the tube rectified, uber clocked version seems pretty amazing. Nikhil you thinking about going with a Lampi?
  10. 0.005% Vishay naked Z-foil can't do it? <+-1 ppm/˚C Temperature Coefficient of Resistance http://www.texascomponents.com/pdf/tx2575.pdf I believe this is the resistor type that MSB and TotalDAC use.
  11. The Atlantic with tube rectification would be interesting. Use same rectifier and a reasonable tube versus the Atlantic...not $3k WE 300B tubes or something haha
  12. Actually the original master egg fry has a DR of 64 but those bastards compressed the $#!# out of it in ProTools. Damn these Loudness Wars!!! Check out the DSD256 version it sounds so real you'll want it sunny side up on sourdough!
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