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  1. I've got about a year in with the LCD-X paired with the Black Dragon V2 copper cable from Moon-Audio after initially buying the Silver Dragon which i must say sounded to bright for my aging ears. I've eliminated Silver interconnects for the same reason, but I will say that Drew at Moon Audio is extremely knowledgeable about all current gear and how they pair with his Dragons. Moon is a great resource, give Drew an email @moonaudio.com if you need to know the different nuances of each cable. Very happy with the Black Dragons/AudezeLCD-X single ended combination. The only disclaimer of course, is your source.
  2. Reference DSD, Jacintha is pure honey, in fact all her files are so good..
  3. I can only comment on AQ Dragonfly Red which i use with ASUS-Laptops/JRiver23/DragonflyRed/Sennheiser&Audeze headphones and occasionally to Bluetoothed desktop speakers. TIDAL HIFI @ $20.per month for Hi-res streaming is better than Spotify. And for $200, The AQ Dragonfly Red is amazing for the form factor, especially thru headphones. Didn't expect it to be that good. Make sure you go to the AQ website and install the new RED update to the Dragonfly, worth it.
  4. Actually I am having excellent SQ and synergy with the Lightspeed which brings a better sense of timing, inner resolution and musicality. System dependent as always. There are so many ways to skin the cat, as Ted mentions above..
  5. Linking the public's preponderance for experimentation of various substance's is one of the main reasons the military keeps a choke hold on cutting edge technology. Creating aural, visual, and virtual environments will come with regulations to "protect" the consumer.
  6. Perhaps weakness is not quite the the right term to imply, yet there are ways to recapture musicality, analog timbre, etc, by isolating and changing the weakest link in the signal chain. There are many posts dealing with PP on numerous sites and the USB appears to be a critical component. IE: Mapleshade, JCat, WW Starlight, Lightspeed, all have been mentioned and recommended here. Power cord swap opened up the signal and cut the brightness for me. After 2 months of cable auditions i found my DSD did not do well with PC's, IC's and HPC's with high silver percentage. just fyi. Good luck
  7. Ajay, with 200 hrs on DSD+PP i started toying with cables, and replacing the DSD's power cable seemed to balance the highs out. AnalysisPlus10 PC seems to work best in my system after trying several more expensive ones. After power, the USB and interconnects both upgraded the SQ equal to PP or more, revealing the potential of the DSD+PP to push it's envelope of resolution far past what you hear from the OS upgrade. You can fine tune the SQ to your taste. Playing mostly vocal jazz and cello here thru very revealing headphones I found the USB to be the weakest link, replacing Audioquest CoffeeUSB which plays bright. Tweaking and pushing the DSD has been a joy because it reveals more than you expect. Good luck
  8. PAP, Yes, there's a low end that became more audibly pronounced, but changed as i auditioned different cables.
  9. I owned and loved the CD so much I bought the 24/192 which draws you onto the soundstage more. The percussion bells, etc on "Harvest Moon" track draw you on to the stage with space and air depending on your gear. The track's darkness seems to open up and presents a scene of fireflies at night. Cassandra's weight and serious presentation is preserved and remains her MO which serves her well. Certain tracks like Lawrence Juber's "Leaning Post" on Guitar Noir, may become a reference for one well miked instrument. 2Cello's "BangBang" cello on their Initiation LP, or Jacintha's piano mid track on "Moon River", from her Autumn Leaves LP are prime.
  10. PAP, great thread, would like to see more reference favs.. The HDtracks 192/24 Cassandra Wilson can be better if your system renders files better than it can play a CD.. I use the 192/24 Harvest Moon track for percussion soundstage as reference. Also, I have been auditioning cables this past month using two files in particular: Track 2, "We Found Love", and Track 8, "Bang Bang", both offer extreme cello edge strike and decay information with Bang Bang offering subtle yet spectacular cello and voice renditions. The other File is Jacintha: Autumn Leaves, "Moon River" for amazing vocal and piano rendition.
  11. Casandra Wilson will perform a free concert in honor of Billie Holliday's 100th birthday live at Miller Outdoor Ampitheater in Herman Park, Houston TX, Saturday May, 30th. No advance tickets. 4 tickets per person in line day of show.
  12. 20th Century Masterpieces for Cello & Piano Drinkall-Baker Duo Total playing time: 54:08 Genre: Classical
  13. Cassandra Wilson will perform a free live concert in Houston May29th Event - H-E-B presents Cassandra Wilson Coming Forth By Day: A Celebration of Billie Holiday Miller Outdoor Theatre see you in line!
  14. HP-gamer, Your 1st choice, the Fostex HP-A4 with matching closed ear Fostex TH-600 $599 @moon audio with a good USB cable would be a good match. He's got both units on sale there now. You can bend Drew's ear at Moon and he will steer you in the right direction. The Sennheisers like a little more power, i have the 650's and if you like the Sennheiser sound, get the matching Sennheiser amp. You can't go wrong matching the amp/dac/hp. I've been driving the 650's with a Burson product that has 2 watts and drives them well. If you decide on the HD800s which really require power in order to maximize their resolution, go with the HDVD-600 or 800, but this puts you in the $3500 range. The Fostex pair is under $1000. If you have external noise issues and also use your rig for gaming, i don't know if i would personally go the Sennheiser route, which is serious listening gear. Your budget and listening preferences should make the decision easy. High End Headphones | Custom Audio Cables | Moon Audio, and also the reviews at Head-Fi.org - Headphone forums and reviews for audiophiles of the Sennheiser gear will help. It;s a lot of fun, all the best.
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