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  1. The PP uses a 12/3 PSU. I would like to replace it with a Teddy Pardo but it looks like it would need to be their 12V 4.5A unit. Would that be ok? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  2. Currently, I am using bubbleserver on my NAS and Linn Kazoo as a control point on my iPad. This is working great, but are you saying I no longer need to have bubbleserver on my NAS? So no need to rescan in bubbleserver each time I add new music? I am interested in your findings with these.
  3. I use Firefox on a Mac which is what I used to set up the QNAP. I have no explanation.
  4. Yes, I let it sit for hours, but no artwork ever appeared. What web based app? The issue is the same on both ipad and iphone.
  5. Yes, both libraries are identical. One was copied from the other. I actually use the QNAP as a server for my exaSound, so not actually intended as an iTunes server either, but I'm encountering the noted issues if I do open it in iTunes or QNAP's own programs. When I use Linn Kazoo as my control point, I don't have any issues with artwork.
  6. Sorry, now that I know what you are talking about, that is not exactly my issue per my original post. My iTunes library is on my mac and a copy of it is on my NAS. When I open iTunes on my mac, all the cover art appears. When I open the iTunes library on the NAS, it does not show artwork. When I use the QNAP mobile apps, the artwork doesn't show here either. I can't add artwork through iTunes. I do have Yate, and when I open the albums that don't show artwork on my NAS, it appears on Yate. All other metadata appears to be fine as well. I've even tried recopying my iTunes library that shows artwork, but still no success.
  7. Can you guys explain to me where the "cover tab" or "artwork tab" that you guys are referring to is located?
  8. Sorry, you lose me at "go to the cover tab". Just to clarify, when I go into the iTunes files, the artwork appears to be embedded. When I play it through iTunes, the artwork appears as it should, but the problem occurs when I play the iTunes files through Qmusic. The audio plays fine, but the artwork doesn't appear.
  9. So, do I name the album art "folder.jpg"? When you say delete it, what do I delete? If you want access to your files when away from your network, what do you use?
  10. Thanks. I'm not quite sure yet what was going on, although I did check what you are suggesting. I just ended up deleting the duplicate albums and reloading them. All is fine now.
  11. Good question, but unfortunately, its a library that I started years ago. I don't use it for new rips.
  12. I'm having an issue that I thought I previously solved, but this time, I'm at a loss. I had to reload my iTunes library onto my QNAP NAS since I screwed the original one up (I hate iTunes). I deleted the screwed up iTunes library and then emptied my QNAP trash so there would be no ghost files for the server to see. I reloaded my library from an external drive into the multimedia folder. I am using minimserver and bubbleserver on my QNAP and did a rescan on minimserver. I use both Kazoo and Kinsky as controllers on my ipad. When I rescan my network, many of my albums now appear as mutiples. The number of iTunes albums went from 172 to 220. I can't for the life of me figure out what's going on. I checked my metadata and it doesn't appear to be cases of different data causing multiples. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions?
  13. I'm encountering a peculiar issue with my iTunes library on my NAS. I have my hi resolution music, CD rips and iTunes library located on a QNAP HS-251+ NAS in the multimedia folder. My original purpose was to have the NAS store my music libraries and have my exaSound Playpoint renderer stream my music to my stereo system. I am using bubbleserver on my NAS and Linn Kazoo on my ipad. This all works great and all my music and artwork appears on the Linn controller. So, here are my issues: Issue 1. When I open up my iTunes library on the NAS, (left side of the iTunes interface) none of the cover artwork shows up. This is the same library that bubbleserver is seeing. Although none of the artwork shows up, all else appears to be ok. Note: This is a copy of the same library that is on my mac which shows all artwork when I switch over. If I open the library by clicking selecting the folder on my NAS all artwork appears. Issue 2. I've loaded the QMusic app on both my ipad and iphone. None of my iTunes artwork shows up on either of those either when I use QMusic. Even more peculiar though is that not all the songs of each album is showing up. I've tried a refresh, but that doesn't work either. Issue 3. I've installed the SuperSync iTunes Media Manager app onto my NAS, but when I try to open it, it asks for user name and PW but gives me a 401 error after entering them. Any help would be appreciated.
  14. bluemark81

    Tidal and control point software

    To close this out, with the help of fellow CA members, I got bubbleUPnP installed on my QNAP and am now using Linn Kazoo and Lumin control apps with Tidal integration.
  15. yup, that will be no problem for it. I have downloaded kazoo and it works great too. Think I actually prefer it to Lumin.