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  1. Thanks for the reply. Can you recommend something pre-built as an audiophile server? From my experience you have to customize both the hardware and software (OS) to get best sound quality. (For example, when I had a Phasure DAC, the difference the Phasure PC made compared to another PC was amazing.)
  2. Hello, I am currently running a Melco N1A server into a PS DirectStream. This setup gives extremely good digital, but, like always, I got the mood to try something different. I am reading enough reports that DSD256 and especially 512 are really something special compared even to DSD128. The DS, of course, cannot go higher than 128 (and probably never will be able to). So I am looking to put together a setup that can play 512. The DAC I have my eye on now is the T&A DAC8 but I'm open to other suggestions. The server is the bigger question. I know I will need a computer server as I don't think any purpose-built audio server will both output and convert/upsample to DSD512 (correct me if I'm wrong). I probably need HQPlayer. I used to run it on a Mac Mini; I went to the Melco cause the Mini + mRendu + two LPS was messy and complex (and the Melco sounds just as good on hi-res PCM and DSD!). I also know I can't use a Mac as it won't do 512 with HQP. Can someone recommend a ready-to-go Linux or Windows server? I am not into the DIY thing (no time).
  3. I did my first recording this eve. Results were excellent. That said, it occurred to me that, just as with using a computer as music server, the quality of the machine taking the bits might be important. I shut down everything on my Mac laptop except VS, but this isn't an "audio-optimized" machine. Is it worthwhile to do that? (Note: The answer I'm looking for is "no.")
  4. I took your word (and the other guy's) for it and just bought it.
  5. I need to do some more vinyl archiving. In the past I've used a Korg DSD recorder, transferring from its internal hard drive. I want to pick up a PS Audio Nuwave and, hopefully, use its USB output (at 24/192 PCM) right into a Macbook for archiving. Can someone recommend some software for doing this? (Even better would be to connect the Nuwave right to a USB hard drive but I'm assuming that is not possible!)
  6. So, I bought an Aries, and will have it Thursday. I report here on SQ vs. my Mac Mini/mRendu with the Vega. Oh, I also have a multibit Gungnir coming tomorrow, so may include that in testing as well. (Though I've always been partial to R2R DACs I don't expect it to threaten the Vega.)
  7. Tuckia, I'm curious, do you listen to 40s-60s jazz or other analog recordings? I ask because, as good as digital can get, on most analog recordings the vinyl is still better. Now, my DSD128 needle-drops are so close most can't tell the difference, but commercial digital recordings of my favorites are inferior to the vinyl (though some get close, most don't, and some are pathetic). I had the Luxman DAC. It's very good. I loved it. I never compared it against the Vega, but my impression is that the Vega, while not as lush, is even better, in Exact mode. I may get an Aurender but with all the choices buying one new now is tough.
  8. I can't find a date on the new models, nor anybody selling them (online) in the U.S. Where do you buy? Also, can you tell me how the Melco & Aurender differ in sound to you? Can you control a Melco with an iPhone or laptop app? (The Aurender's app being iPad-only is a big negative for me.) Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the info on the Melco as that's another data point. Every compare one to either the Aurender N100 or mRendu? I find people that prefer any of the following set as best: Aries, Aurender, mRendu (with LPS-1 usually). But there might well be synergy between the Aries and Vega. I've tried a zillion DACs now up to $5K and keep coming back to the Vega.
  10. I hear ya. That's kind of what's motivating me. I look at the rack and see: - Mac Mini - Hard drive with wall wart - Router with wall wart - LPS-1 - Rendu - Cables all over And then we have the vinyl stuff and then preamp and the amp! Heck, at least I'm not running monoblocks. (But my amp does weigh 132 lb...)
  11. It seems it's universally acknowledged that the Altair is inferior to the Vega in sound quality (not surprising given that it's cheaper than a Vega alone). However, I'll want to pick up an Aries to try based on your feedback. I did want to avoid going to a NAS, but what the heck.
  12. Thanks very much for this info! This is great. I was going to update my thread, actually, to report that I've done a good deal of research and I find that the microRendu with the LPS-1 is preferred to Aurenders by most who have tried both - even the top-end Aurender (which costs a bundle, of course). I will look into the Auralic servers.
  13. Oh, another FYI: My Rendu PS is the UltraCap LPS1. This power supply again gave me a substantial jump in performance over the Pardu unit I was using before it (which was physically far larger).
  14. Update: After a reset of everything I've had 0 dropouts with Exact mode in a few hours of background music. So maybe that really is not an issue. If I go the server route, I don't want a DIY solution, and I want either a one-box solution OR one box + a NAS Anybody around here happen to go from a Rendu to an Aurender or the like and experience a jump in sound quality? Without the dropouts, I may actually scrap the plan.
  15. I should also ask a question: Will I actually get sound quality than with a Mini/mRendu combo? (Adding the microRendu to the mix caused a giant leap in performance above the tweaked, SSD, 16 Gb Mini alone...)
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