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  1. harry26/sebassie i forgot to mention in my first post that i was using a Mini-Box M4-ATX DC-DC power supply run by two gel batteries. with this PS the ssd was not recognized with the sata filter in-line. when i replaced this PS for a pico 160-xt PS the ssd was recognized and functioned properly. who knew? when inquiring about this problem with small green computer and sotm i was basically told that ssd's did not really warrant these filters because no moving parts. again, who knew? i have a sata filter on my optical drive and also have a PCIe usb filter card on this pc. the usb filter improve
  2. the question is, are there some ssd's that are not compatible with these sotm sata filters, for whatever reason.
  3. just put together a music only pc and ran into a problem with a sotm sata filter(ver1.6). when it is connected to my OS ssd sata 3 hard drive, there is no connectivity, so it will not boot. when the drive is connected without the sotm filter, it connects and boots normally. the same sotm sata filter works fine when it is used for the optical drive. any help would be much appreciated. ken
  4. first post here, so excuse the stupidity. transferred wav files from my pc to an Archos player(605 160gb). resolution seems better from Archos w/HD650's than with my sound system being fed from the pc. would it be because there are less artifacts coming through the Archos than the pc. if i used an external hd through, say, an oppo(digital out) to my dac, then into my system and not use the pc, would this improve the resolution. am i on the right track thinking this way.
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