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  1. According to the guys at Roon, MQA support is coming and they've been waiting for MQA to provide some details to them because Roon works differently with these files than other programs.
  2. The mini is a solid device that would fit your system very well. Minimserver works really well with the mini, too.
  3. That's really good news. Really!
  4. Yes, just connect it to your DACA via USB or RCA and make sure in settings that the Lightning DS app is pointed to the correct DAC.
  5. DELETED. Sorry, don't want to give the wrong answer. I was answering based on the Aries, not the Mini.
  6. I think the main point here is that all of us are willing to help anyone who needs it. However when the answer, or the location to the answer has been given one or more times yet the exact same question continues to be asked by the same people, it's frustrating. I am moderately tech savvy, no genius and no fan boy, especially of Auralic. It's a fine product but not without its issues. They've come a long way in a short time. Bottom line, if you've looked where you've been pointed to and still don't understand, that's cool (at least with me). I'll try harder to get you to understand. If you tell me you looked at where you were told and don't understand a specific point, I get it. Sometimes even when you find the answer you may not know exactly what to do. But when our advice seems to go unheeded and without trying, it is frustrating and leads, through a forum setting at least, to the belief you aren't trying very hard. That may not be the case,. You may have gone to the support site, scoured the pages, and not found what you were looking for. But it doesn't appear that way from your replies.
  7. You can also access all the support pages directly through the Lightning DS App. Go to the setting button (the little wheel in the lower left hand corner), touch it, and then find the User's Guide under settings.
  8. You don't have to have a Tidal membership past the 1 free year included with the Mini. But yes, Roon is expensive and depending on your needs may not offer anything over the Auralic Lightning app that is free and should easily connect to your NAS.
  9. There is no PC or Mac interface or web browser interface at this time. You can only use the app on your iPad or iPhone. You can add Spotify or other services by following this guide: How to access my TIDAL / Qobuz / WiMP streaming account? – AURALIC LIMITED
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