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  1. Hi Chris, I have a question regarding your SOtM tX-USBexp card. As I am using the computer as a server for my Linn Akurate via LAN it seems for me useless. Do you know any improvements for decoupling the LAN interface between the computer and the Linn? Do you have any experience with galvanic decoupling?
  2. Hi Chris, Great design. I am building computers for years and I am happy that you pointed out that passive cooling is not an easy job for everyone. Especially finding the right mix of the motherboard, the location of the processor on the motherboard, the length of the heat pipes, the case and the TDP of the processor. As Streacom recommends a TDP of 65 W for permanent use and I want to use the server for video, also - I selected the Streacom ST-FC5S EVO with the CD slot and the i7 3770T with 45 W TDP. I want to be on the safe side. Better to stay in the middle of a computer equipment’s specification than using the equipment on the edge. The Haswell generation will provide a similar processor with a better graphic unit. Unfortunately there is no drastic reduction of power consumption. Therefore the specification of that Ivy Bridge processor is fine with me. Next week I will get my processor. Hopefully.
  3. Hi Ted, thank you very much for your big help. Markus
  4. Hi ted_b, I got a hint to this forum from my dealer. Even in YouTube you can find a cross reference to you. First I would like to say "Thank You" for providing a solution for playing SACD on the PC. The required PS3 with the firmware level <= 3.55 will arrive soon. However the necessary software for converting is not available on the net. I know I am probably number 8xx who asked you for this service - but could you please send me a PM with all the secrets where I can download it? Best regards Markus
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