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  1. Hi Felipe, Here are some of my travels. I added HDPlex 400w ATX DC-DC adapters to both of my pcs and was amazed at the improvement. I previously used the nanoPSU. I shielded all internal power cables but didn't listen to see if I could hear a difference. I built my own sata cable (for music hdd) with Kimber silver wire on the data lines, shielded twisted pairs, external shields, plus chassis ground connectors. This was an audible improvement. I recommend ifi power x for the pcie cards. These give a nice benefit over lpsu in my system.
  2. After teaching modern politics I'd need 2 cats too.
  3. A couple more ideas... Have you set static ip addresses for your devices? That can improve network stability/reliability. Do you use jplay? If you changed jplay settings to a higher daclink that might also cause problems.
  4. I converted my music server pc (Lenovo Thinkcentre M92) to fanless operation. I love the passive cooling in my other audio pc (Streacom) but wanted to see whether I could make an workable solution for an standard desktop case. The Lenovo gives me full height for pcie cards and plenty of room inside. It sits horizontally and looks ok in my hifi rack. But I can't add copper pipes or amplifier style heatsinks unless I modify the case. I achieved fanless operation by 1. replaced the psu with HD 400w dc-atx with an external ac-dc supply 2. replaced the cpu cooler & fan with a
  5. I was a software guy too until I retired recently. I guess with your background you'll want to tinker with hardware and software over time. If that's your thing, you'll want to buy a case with plenty of room for adding linear psu, audiophile network and usb cards, hard drives, noise filters, acoustic dampening, etc. I really like fanless pcs but made a mistake and bought a low form htpc case (Streacom F5). I should have gone for the HDPlex H5 v2 as the Streacom won't allow me to mount pcie cards directly on the mobo (riser cards are not ideal). They're both real pretty.
  6. I use computer server/player and it's really good. Why not upgrade the pc you already have? If the fan noise is annoying try passive cooling. Try a fanless cpu cooler and silent fans, or a fanless case (or complete pc ). Take a look at the Streacom cases for any size of motherboard https://www.quietpc.com/htpccases If your mobo/cpu run too hot they can be replaced relatively cheaply with modern low-power components.
  7. An android app for changing the digital filters would be nice. Possibly an add-in for bubbleupnp? It'd be nice to be able to compare settings from my armchair.
  8. I'm surprised Jplay Femto isn't listed. I appreciate what Roon does with metadata but for the very best sound it's got to be Femto.
  9. It's the old story, "everything matters" and these questions are big topics across many forums. But you don't have to try for the end game right from the start. 1. There's a lot of info on this site and on www.jplay.eu on how to build a great server/player pc based system. Some reading will be good for you. For software, use Audiophile Optimizer to tune the operating system and get a quality player such as Jriver, or my favourite Jplay Femto (this is astoundingly good). Windows Server 2019 sounds very good and much better than Windows 10. 2. The dac won't clean up noise or
  10. Jplay Femto 2pc, AO3, MinorityClean, Femto network cards, SotM usb card, PS Audio Dac via usb, BubbleUPNP control point
  11. I originally tried using Windows7-USB-DVD-Download-Tool buy could not get windows 2019 to boot so I used rufus successfully. Windows had no trouble accepting the license so I know it can work. Software is such fun.
  12. So it installs ok but boots in disabled state until your script enables it again? It does sound like a bios or registry issue. The idea with cable/connections came from a problem I had with networking until I discovered I had knocked the cable and the connector was part-way out. BTW I'm still playing happily in ramdisk.
  13. Hi Felipe, I've had driver problems in the past and I feel your pain. Just to establish a baseline, I assume you: - are using Win2019 standard core (have you tried it in gui?) - installed the driver before running AO - tried F8 and ST driver helper, pnputil - tried the HD Audio Controller - tried again with a fresh windows install - are using AO 3.0 beta 36 (I had problems installing my dac driver with version 34 or 35). - could you hack the driver inf file? I know you're very capable but sometimes we forget the obvious. Perhaps something here wil
  14. Hi Phil, I wonder whether it would be nice to have a different AO interface, like a traditional GUI application. Maybe add a menu (Setup, Service Tool, Set Filters, Help). We could select all the set up options on one page and walk away while AO installs and reboots. This would be simpler to use with a config file too. Just import the file and it would pre-set the options for review. This could present your fine work elegantly in the manner it deserves. I realise such an app would entail some work and I have no wish to delay the final release of 3.0. Perhaps 3.1? J
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