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  1. I like budget Adam's a lot. However, I didn't compare it with monitors mentioned above.
  2. A very long time ago, in the mid-70s, I bought an LP record of Jarrett's My Song. It's been years, but every time I hear the title song, I know that even though a whole life has passed, as someone might say, I haven't changed a bit, I'm the same as I was that day. There is no past, nothing ever happened.
  3. Jerry Garcia re-learned how to play guitar after coma and was performing for almost ten years after that.
  4. Aries is from Latin, it means "ram", as you most probably know. While Ares, name of God of War, is from ancient Greek, so the word is even earlier.
  5. Ares, God of War in Ancient Mythology
  6. As you may know, the After The Fall album contains the first recording made after several years of Jarret's hiatus caused by chronic fatigue syndrome. Strangely, it was released just as Jarrett was suffering the consequences of a stroke, as we know now...
  7. For those who appreciates and values most unique band in rock history.
  8. Good for you. Perhaps one day I will dare to do something like that. Is there a reference to the detailed assembly instructions for CAPS?
  9. I also still use the 2011 mac mini. Sooner or later the time will come to replace it with a newer device. I don't understand computers very well, but based on what I have been reading lately, there are doubts that the new mac mini is the best option. Hence the question asked above.
  10. Can not know it for sure, but the link I was giving seem to direct to developer's site.
  11. XLD on two various macs, one with updated Catalina, other with High Sierra. XLD updated to the newest version on both, installed properly and works well. Did you download XLD from the proper source? Try https://tmkk.undo.jp/xld/index_e.html
  12. Certainly, we are talking here about the balance of efforts+resources vs. result. It is desirable when the result exceeds expectations. The right way to do this is to reduce effort+resources to a minimum and give up high expectations. The relationship to the result will definitely change in favour of the second. 🙂
  13. I would like to add to the discussion a bit. The best is not necessarily the most powerful. What kind of computer "ready from the shelf' might be optimal for HQP, if no ultra-processing in the SDM part is required (only PCM) and budget is sensible?
  14. Do you have a choice, really? 😊 If you decide to go for it, take into account that Thielemann is not trying to impress anyone as usual. He is just precise and accurate and let the music speak for itself. Any case, what happens at the end of the third part and in the final is worth hearing - I won't remember at once when I heard such convincing and powerful climaxes.
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