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    I see. But, why it can not just be set to Default?
  2. AnotherSpin

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    Miska, why DAC bits can not be set at Default for Multibit Gungnir? Also, Multibit Gungnir description on Schiit site tells: "(...) four precision Analog Devices AD5781BRUZ digital to analog converters for true hardware balancing and 19 effective bits of resolution". Does it mean Dac bits shout be set to 19? Thank you.
  3. This way or another, it is matrix only
  4. As for Dussek, Andreas Staier seem to be passionate and enthusiastic performer of his music.
  5. Listened to couple of Richter's Schumann recordings yesterday evening. His Schumann is, probably, the main reason why I can not bear Richter. Mock drama rapidly juxtaposed with schmaltzy lyricism and back to comic profundity, etc. Travesty and good learning material how Schumann should not be played. Schumann gives great freedom to performer, and one should have very solid basis and impeccable taste for not turning everything into burlesque.
  6. This is a music I want listen to almost any version, with each I seem to find something. Lindsays version speaks something very special to me. H.Schiff/Alban Berg Q, Rostropovich/Melos, Auryn, Juilliard, Takacs, Miro...
  7. If we speak about Schubert, I want to bring your attention to the following music. If I will select most beloved pieces of music of all times and any composer, then will make selection from selection, and then the final ultimate list, it will contain three pieces from Schubert together with others from other composers. Piano Trio D.929, Piano Sonata D.960 and String Quintet D.956. I can listen each of these pieces endlessly, and the more versions, the better.
  8. I think best solo recordings of both Schubert and Schumann are not very modern. For Schubert one should go first to Schnabel, Brendel, Kempff, Lupu, Pollini... the list will be very long...) Clear preference of old Schumann recordings is even more apparent, imho. Cortot, Sofronitsky, Nat, Fleisher, Michelangeli, Horowitz... Many people believe Richter "owns" Schumann, an opinion which I am not supporting. If you want really modern great quality recordings, Schiff is good for both composers. Also Perahia, Adsnes, Vogt, Fray, Hamelin, Baglini for Schubert. Can not recall any recent Schumann recordings which may compete with golden age.
  9. I ordered $17 device from UpTone and powered Regen with it instead of MeanWell PSU (mac mini > Supra USB > regen > Ghent USB > Schiit Gungnir). The difference is very noticeable. Honestly, I didn't expect anything of such scale. I only used MeanWell before, never tried LPSU to power regen. But, I've been using Paul Hynes LPSU to power mac mini. I believe the change in sound with UpTone PSU instead of Mean Well would be compared with the change which happened when generic mac mini PSU was substituted with one from Hynes. In other word, I would suggest to try UpTone device. Just give it a day or more before it "opens".
  10. I believe everything works the same way – we extract and reconstruct whatever we want from whatever available in our mind.
  11. I was thinking about RME ADI-2 DAC. Was told by distributor it is more for headphone based system, not so good in a full scale speakers rig. Do not have first hand experience though.
  12. Many years ago India was largest market for Czech motorcycles, JAWA... Original Czech manufacturer not exists anymore, but certain quantity of bikes under the name JAWA are still made in India by local company.
  13. You mean Tata? No need for fancy outline, just pure function, raw and direct.
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