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  1. If measurement supports our perception it should be accepted as a correct one. When it goes against our subjective feeling it is surely wrong.
  2. He also discovered and taught Franz Schubert for many years. And, Schubert died too early....😱
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    Could you describe this difference, please?)
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    That's exactly what I was thinking about. I also use dnd, and I had similar issue as well – couldn't load certain dsf files with dnd. After changing settings within preferences it was ok.
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    Try to change filter
  6. Read your old messages again. Some of the ideas I was trying, and while impressed initially, I was coming back to more easy end conventional solutions. My current sound system is very simple, includes one mac mini powered by external LPS, external HDs, DAC and active speakers. That's all. Removing everything but DAC from mac mini ports gives very good sound to my ears. Interestingly enough I prefer when files played from internal SSD rather than from SD card. Maybe because I use HQ Player and Jussi some time ago was suggesting to keep player and files on internal drive, if memory not fails me..)) So I remove SD card as well. The best possible way I see now is to copy some folders from HDs to desktop in the morning and have my day listening, control from other computer via screen share. It requires some extra actions but for such lazy guy as I am it would have some advantages too. I am slightly wondering is it perfectly safe to mount HDs back and forth each day with Disk Utility?
  7. Thank you for going in length to explain your perspective on this. I am not even slightly involved in all these things, never knew and never was interested at all. Didn't know about professional interest of those involved in discussion. My personal outlook tells me to say a few good words if you do like something or someone and stay away and keep silent if you don't. Given the level of long term involvement of some people here in the matter someone would be easily irritated by rather neutral comments of those not in the know. Noted.
  8. There is a thread Amazing music of the world
  9. What amazes me though, why people who prefer some other product or design philosophy are taking a kind of personal vendetta against this or that piece of equipment, or software, or whatever else.
  10. "You" was rhetoric. Yes, my English is very far from perfect, it is not my mother tongue.
  11. I was not addressing you personally, hope you able to grasp this. But wait, it is not measurable, sorry...
  12. I believe temperature or dust (measurable or quantifiable) has nothing to do with reasons to be there.
  13. Thank you for very detailed reply. 'Measurements important' vs. 'measurements not important at all' is a philosophical question. And most arguments supporting both positions here would be viewed as a pure rhetoric from both sides. I live cold part of the year in India for years. This place would be considered as extremely "noisy" and even "distorted" if conventional Westerner's view, habits and value system taken into account. Still I personally prefer it over any Western country...)
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