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  1. OK, English is not my native language, and it is quite likely that I may not understand some of the nuances of using a particular word, in this case it was the word "fun". Nevertheless, it's not the word that's important, but a certain way of behaving. I don't think I've started a flame war here or anywhere else. And if my word has upset someone who well ahead of this complains about everything and everyone, it's probably not my fault either.
  2. What's wrong with having fun with diversity of human behavior? Or I should cry and run to fill a complain?
  3. First, it's a fun. Secоnd, I am merely reflecting... 🙃
  4. Ah, I see, you didn't bombard Chris with endless complaints. He must be exaggerating. Well, it happens... 😉
  5. If I were you, I would try to move them considerably out of the corner and away from the back wall. Even if only temporarily, in order to hear and compare. Maybe even at the expense of some reorganisation of the furniture. I understand the wife might be furious, but in my experience with very large speakers moved a metre and a half away from the wall -- upon hearing the sound, wife simply agreed 🙃
  6. It wasn't about opinions, it was about endless complaining. Usually people who complain endlessly are severely lacking, in the final case, security. Hence the question, is your life in danger? It is about audio, stay relaxed, no danger.
  7. No two people are alike, everyone has different opinions on all and every subjects. Why should there be no end to resentment and complaining from your side? What is wrong with you? Why take everything so personally? Is your life in danger?
  8. Jazz drummer Tom Rainey’ group. The album released on the Swiss label Intakt, one of the most compelling in the jazz world today.
  9. A fundamental misunderstanding. Everything is already fine, any move in any direction will make the situation worse.
  10. Chris, that sounds upsetting. I always thought the worse the post, the cooler the author looks. Otherwise, what's the fun of chatting?
  11. Easy. Perception is never the same, every time the sound is different.
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