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  1. If you could access a menu, try to do it in a proper way. If it not work for you, you will need to start from flashing USB with new install. As I did.
  2. I heard Neil Young recordings (in CD format) which were not too kind for brains and souls.
  3. You should go to update menu and update 1) menu; 2) packages; 3) kernel.
  4. To problem with proper license (for endpoint) in my case, works in a second.
  5. But, everything is influenced by something. Even a lack of influence is an influence of a kind.
  6. When Bill Graham was killed after helicopter crashed into electricity tower, Bob Weir said: "But what a way to go. Like something out of Wagner".
  7. We are speaking about rendering options. If SOtM is considered, why not look on the same type solutions with better processing power and better OS, etc.?
  8. Please give more details of what you're want to do. What is the source of your music, etc.
  9. You may look here: I t is very long thread, but the main idea is that with the approx. the same budget or less you may have a DIY renderer which would provide much bigger upgrade to SQ than commercial renderers, such as SOtMs or Rendus. And I can confirm, power supply is critical.
  10. Installed DEV version with ramroot enabling option yesterday, and listening for many hours since that. My system: mac mini with HQP desktop 4 (PCM only) -> short Supra CAT7 -> Netgear switch -> short Supra CAT7 -> NUC7i7DNBE (powered by Paul Hynes SR5) with Euphony Endpoint with ramroot enabled. The difference is much bigger than I would expect. I am using AL endoint NAA as well, and enabling ramroot there was giving certain, but not such big positive difference. With Euphony ramroot gives a quality difference. I do not want to use typical superlatives terminology here, but it all is here. I had certain difficulties in deciding between AL and Euphony endpoint NAA before yesterday. In some parameters and with some recordings AL sounded better, while overall and with many other recordings Euphony was better. For this moment it is over, Euphony+ramroot clearly beats AL (with various settings) with wide margin. In my system and to my ears.
  11. Anyone interested in comparing AL and Euphony may want to try new Euphony ramroot option. See @austinpop post here:
  12. I am in a process of trying ramroot with NAA endpoint Euphony. First impression is very good! With this I want to confirm a definite change with enabling ramroot.
  13. Actually, two machines system (mini for server + NUC for NAA endpoint) brought SQ on a very different level.
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