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  1. Everyone has its own Chinggis Khaan inside, not everyone aware of it already.
  2. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    try https://www.signalyst.eu/consumer.html
  3. I'm afraid to disappoint you even more, but even in the bathroom I use a shower bidet. Not for audiophile purposes, but only in hygienic ones.
  4. Never tried toilet paper for audiophile purposes. And wouldn't have, intuitively I was looking for something more dense/solid. I suppose certain hardwoods such as ebony, or glass/ceramics can suit better for the purpose. Anyway, for me it's in the past because my system has become much simpler and I'm looking somewhere else for ways to improve SQ, such as using linear power supplies at critical points or inclusion of NAA/switches into the system.
  5. Seriously, I've tried different materials for speaker cable supports. Including paper, wood, glass, etc. I do not exclude that the imagination worked, but each material had its own characteristic influence on the sound: in different cases the sound acquired a light wooden or paper or glassy tint, etc.
  6. "...When you ain't got nothing, you got nothing to lose"
  7. AnotherSpin


    You may try search function on the forum. "HQP+Phasure" might do. Good luck!
  8. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    Desktop 4.2.0 works well, not a single problem! The new dark design looked a bit unusual at first, but now, after a few hours of use, the eye adjusted to it. Just out of curiosity, is there a way to switch to the previous light mode? The dark mode volume knob is slightly out of line with the overall design, imho.
  9. Gericault painting is awesome and mind boggling by any means. Why mimiс it for a pathetic cover to one-day worth "musicianship" is beyond my grasp.
  10. Did you ever try ethernet cables beyond generic no-name variety?
  11. If you'll check the history of popular music you will see more than a few albums which were recorded not so much at the will of the musicians, but at the insistence of the recording houses. Perhaps there is no point in mentioning countless examples of releases after the death of musicians. How would you rate the degree of cooperation of musicians in this case?
  12. The ethernet cables affect the sound without a doubt. If the cable is used between the server and the NAA endpoint, the first and foremost thing is to accept and follow Miska's (HQP) insistent recommendation: cables should not be shielded. No metal covers on connectors. In my sound set MeiCord U/UTP ethernet cables provide very good sound. I am going to present a detailed comparison between the different types of ethernet cables in "novel" thread soon.
  13. OP mentioned Phil Zone without noticing that Phil Lesh was already mentioned in the very first comment. Okay, let's skip it. In fact, there was no other bassist alike. Bass as a permanent solo instrument. Each individual string with its own amplification path. Does anyone know analogies in rock music (and not only in rock music)?
  14. Record companies don't necessarily care about the artists' plans. Their own profit is more important.
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