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  1. On the cover is a completely gorgeous ancient Egyptian fragment from the Metropolitan Museum, mysterious and sensual. Saw it there some years ago.
  2. Yes, a track from new Keith Jarrett album which will be released this fall.
  3. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    I was using any player available. HQP is still the easiest, simpler and up to the task - with most preferable sound. Even without the Client.
  4. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    I am not using Client at all and everything is acceptable. As per my knowledge nobody offered better software player in Mac OS environment yet.
  5. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    If I understand Miska's intentions right (nothing for sure I may be easily wrong) he has no interest in creating visual candies. Audio is about audio, not about video. There is a choice of less advanced players which may looks more attractive.
  6. Even though I knew Savall recordings since 90s, I started to appreciate his recent recordings much more. Thank you!
  7. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    What is wrong with GUI?
  8. Yes, I stay in India at least a part of winter each year since 2008. Visited various places, and Hyderabad was definitely one of the best big cities I saw in India.
  9. Thank you for your modest recommendation of undoubtedly beautiful music by the most influential Indian flutist living today. Seriously, it is as difficult to recommend where to start listening to Indian classical music as it is to recommend where to start listening to serious Western music. Mozart? Bach? Beethoven? Sonatas, symphonies, operas? On another wave, I have my best memories of Hyderabad, where I spent a week or so near the historic centre of Charminar. Amazing Indian city with its own unique face. Nizam's Palace, Golconda Fortress at the location where all famous and legendary diamonds of old human history were mined...
  10. Everyone knows that the most important gurus live in India and they do not need to use switches to transmit ultimate truth through all kinds of networks... 🙂
  11. I had Jadis CD player for long time. The SQ was excellent.
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