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  1. Arguably the best album by the Norwegian guitarist Terje Rypdal, brimming with dark and somber intensity, was originally released in '75 as a double LP set. Monolitic 24-min long closing track was unjustifiably omitted in compact disc edition. This stripped-down version is offered in Qobuz currently. Fortunately, the recent 3-disc reissue features Odyssey in its entirety (previously unissued live set included as a bonus). An ecstatic recording by the rarely published American trombonist Julian Priester and Dave Liebman's album completed another day of listening to the early gems of
  2. Thank you Jud. I guess the very first time I heard both Abercrombie and Towner back in seventies was on an ECM Records album where they play in a duet - Sargasso Sea.
  3. More mid-seventies ECM. The title of Benny Maupin’s debut album on ECM is a loose translation of the Buddhist mantra ‘om mani padme hum’. The still very young Pat Metheny took part in the recording of the Gary Burton' Quintet album. Member of Oregon band percussionist Colin Walcott, who untimely passed away in the road accident in ’80s, recorded his first album on ECM with members of the Gateway trio.
  4. Thank you!) I hope to read your impressions on Soekris.
  5. Hi Bob, I am considering purchase of Buchardt A500, and quite probably I would use latest mac mini. The open question is what fit well in-between mini and A500. WiSA hub bundled with speakers right now seem to be only a temporary solution which will be substituted in some time with better hub. If I am correct, I should wait for a new hub, or I should look for more expencive streamer+DAC solution. Would you please elaborate why you are looking on Soekris DAC? Did you consider other DACs for work with A500? If you will have Soekris, what you will use for streaming?
  6. Can't remember now which album I heard first, double LP Köln or, Bremen-Lausanne boxed LP set. By the way, I originally had two editions of Köln in my collection, on ECM and in the East-German edition on Eterna label. Like both K and B-L, each in its own way, at some point I left out the habit of prioritizing.
  7. Starting from 70s Keith Jarrett had no problem preserving his most voluminous ideas on the ECM label. Originally released as 3LP set, Jarrett's album of live solo improvisations, the first in a list of many to follow, won the prestigious Downbeat Critics Poll’ Album of the Year award. Two more ECM recordings from the same time by the bands led by pianists.
  8. Correct, both powered and non-powered USB cables may or may not have their advantages in different settings with different components.
  9. It would make sense to consider the fact that power in the usb cables helps to establish contact between the components. Lack of power would make it necessary to use additional devices, such as powered usb hubs, etc. In addition, some exotic audiophile cables may not meet the standards relied upon by component manufacturers. USB cables really do sound different, imo. However, all this is not so simple. For example, you may hear that cable A sounds better than cable B. At the same time, you may find that you prefer the sound of cable B in combination with an additional device like regen to the
  10. More ECM. Triptykon, bare and intense musicianship from Jan Garbarek's trio, one of the best albums in his discography. Rock influenced John Abercrombie band with Jack DeJohnette and Jan Hammer of Mahavishnu Orchestra’ original lineup. Complex and sophisticated compositions in a Paul Motian’s debut album as a bandleader.
  11. More early ECM. Jarrett/DeJohnette duo was recorded in '71 in Los Angeles, when both musicians were members of a Miles Davis group playing at a local club, possibly the last recording ever to feature Jarrett on electric piano. All four members of the popular 70s ethno-jazz band Oregon in the recording released under the names of just the two of them. Fine playing of Art Lande on piano with Jan Garbarek on various wind instruments.
  12. The outstanding ECM debuts of 1971. Bobo Stenson's trio album, with Arlid Andersen's authoritative bass playing. Guitarist Terje Rypdal's eponymous album, an early Nordic commentary on Bitches Brew. Keith Jarrett's first recording for ECM, which launched a half-century long collaboration between the pianist and the record label, unprecedented and unparalleled in the history of modern music.
  13. More early ECM. Jan Garbarek's first ECM release. An interesting album by the American alto saxophonist Robin Kenyatta. And a very strong album by the Paul Bley trio with Gary Peacock and Barry Altschul, released on ECM in '71, but actually recorded in 1967.
  14. A few gems from early ECM Records. The label's very first album from Mal Waldron, released on 1 January 1970. An atmospheric Marion Brown recording with a line-up of avant-garde stars, with large scale content somewhat reminiscent of the Art Ensemble of Chicago’s output of the same period. Perhaps Chick Corea's most free-form recording, in a trio with Dave Holland and Barry Altschul.
  15. Made comparisons between Tidal and Qobuz in several audio systems, both are good. Still, I prefer Qobuz.
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