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  1. One of the most satisfying complete sonatas sets. Indispensable for any serious Beethoven lover, imo.
  2. For some reason, I didn't listen to the Brandenburg Concertos very often at all. But this performance could easily change my habits in a most radical way. A fabulous recording!
  3. Piotr Anderszewski, Beethoven's "The Emperor" Piano Concerto tonight at Odessa Philharmonic.
  4. I didn't translate the Japanese text via google, but "DSD" is clearly visible in several places on the page. The recommendation was to look in different places, if not in this one, then somewhere else.
  5. Did you try to look elsewhere? For example, here: https://ventoazul.shop-pro.jp/?pid=157743984
  6. After the rave reviews here, I tried listening, stopped after the beginning of the third song... Too imitative, sometimes down to the details, and exaggerated at the same time.
  7. Need to re-check, but it seems I was impressed with orchestra playing in new Melnikov's recording more, than in Schiff's.
  8. I have very close feelings. Dudamel is missing the point, and Petrenko's 6 is pure nonsense, bland and anemic performance. Rattle's 7 os ok, if I am not comparing it with some truly great renditions of this piece. Haitink is superb, and Seguin's 4th is marvelous. Not so impressed with vocal in 4th though, less "heavenly" sounding as one would wish.
  9. Wonderful news! Glad for you. I think I will leave everything as it is now. Prices are changing all the time, our esssential I stays the same eternally unmoved.
  10. He's not Chris, he's a rando. It's most probably some kind of early generation computer bot, still not very evolved, what is evident in his confusion and inability to think clearly.
  11. I renewed my yearly subscription at 28 Aug. on previous pricing. But, one never know where one will lose and where one will find. What is is.
  12. On the other hand, I've been buying some components that I probably didn't find out about without reading this forum for years. I don't have them anymore, no need.
  13. I use Onkyo HF Player for my iPhone, which can play FLAC, DSD, etc. In order for the files to appear in the iPhone, you need iTunes, but only as a media to add files. That is, the files are added to the sharing window in iTunes and are sent to the iPhone via the sync function. The files are not converted or copied into iTunes itself.
  14. The availability of service is not limited by borders. One who made subscription and payment in listed country would have access to the account anywhere.
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