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  1. US site has it: https://www.apple.com/shop/refurbished
  2. And, there are differences between Ethernet cables. Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 7, Cat 8 all influence the sound in different way, because of different construction or other factors.
  3. Oh, forgot he was Austrian. Agree on K for great conductors. One need to add Hans Knappertsbusch, Josef Keilbert, Clemens Krauss (all - outstanding interpreters of W in best available recordings from Bayreuth), Josef Krips, Franz Konwitschny, Raphael Kubelik, Rudolf Kempe...
  4. I updated OS to Catalina. HQPlayer desktop (to NUC NAA) sounds ok, no issues. Can not tell it sounds different from Mojave.
  5. From the pieces mentioned I really like Korngold's Violin Concerto... Field's Nocturnes are fine.
  6. Interesting info. It explains some things and creates more questions...) Why there is no great composers of the first rank which names start with letter K, which is second most popular in Germany?....😙
  7. Most probably they know much more about bawdy houses than opera in Baltimore.
  8. I liked Levine's a lot. Didn't listen for years though.
  9. Nothing to discuss - with vocalists, of course!)
  10. I can not stop discovering new music/composers, even though I would be quite happy limited only to Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Bruckner and few other composers which names started with other letters of alphabet. BTW, why most if not neatly all great composer names start with three letters only, B, M, S? Plus W, of course.
  11. I would download latest image and flash it to USB stick.
  12. This is my problem with Dvorak, I listened to cello concerto and New World symphony too many times in the past.
  13. Did you hear Richter/Kleiber recording? I had it on LP long time ago, and it was quite impressive, if I remember it well.
  14. Chamber works on Supraphon with such artists as Pavel Haas Quartet are very good, but, I am not listening Dvorak often.
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