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  1. It seems that the attitude towards Mahler was sharply divided not only among the listeners, but also among the performers. Some of the most famous conductors either never performed Mahler 7th, or have not left recordings that still available: Furtwängler, Karajan, Wand, Klemperer, Muti, Ormandy, Beecham, Giulini, Böhm, Gardiner, Harnoncourt, Reiner, Jochum, Toscanini, etc.
  2. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    I've been using different versions of HQ Player desktop for many years. In general, v4 is more stable, fast and easy than almost all previous versions, including v3. Considering, of course, constant changes in the equipment, settings, filter choice, etc.
  3. The same experience here. Better equipment sometimes sounds "slow" in comparison to previous one. But I'd rather call it not slower, but less fussy.
  4. Did you notice, soloist is Masato Suzuki, son of Masaaki Suzuki? 🙂
  5. x64.7z from /bins/naa/images/ directory on Miska's site. Image should be downloaded to your mac mini and it is pretty easy to put it on a usb stick with Etcher. Before you get dedicated NAA endpoint as Up PC you can try how NAA solution works for you with any other computer after booting mac mini or other computer from NAA usb. Both your mac mini and other computer (once I was trying this with macbook air) should be connected to one network with ethernet or wi-fi. This is not the best solution, and wi-fi may be not sufficient for dropless replay, but, it will give a glimpse to possible sound improvement at least. Mac mini -> ethernet -> router -> ethernet -> NAA -> DAC. For experiment mac mini and NAA would be connected with ethernet cable directly.
  6. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    Yes. The most natural, least "digital" sound. However, I think it depends very much on personal preferences and the audio set. What works for one pair of ears doesn't necessarily work for another.
  7. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    Sinс-L works perfectly fine for me. I'd be very happy to have it unchanged in the following releases 🙂.
  8. Fanless Akasa case and Paul Hynes LPSU here. No internal drive, only RAM, because I use NUC as NAA endpoint. HQPlayer NAA image from flash memory.
  9. I had a problem with the USB connection straight from the mac mini to the DAC. I found that any other devices, such as external drives connected to other USB ports, degrade the sound quality. I mean, best-case scenario required that only one port be used and the rest not at all, all external units disconnected. Including also the monitor via HDMI. Everything besides only USB connection to DAC from mini was easy to "hear". Eventually, I started using an external NAA connected to the mac mini via the ethernet.
  10. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    What is quantization distortion in common man language? Can one hear it?
  11. AnotherSpin

    HQ Player

    I'm trying the Sinc-L within PCM as well, and I like the sound. Previously I used dither with other filters, without dither there were hardly noticeable but still audible distortions in the sound. However, with Sync-L and without dither, everything sounds quite good. @Miska, would you comment on dither/no dither with Sync-L within PCM?
  12. The title refers to a masterpiece of rebellious music of the seventies, the cover of which, in its turn, evokes a cover of the debut album of of rock and roll' icon.
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