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  1. I have aktimate mini+ monitors and am looking to add a sub. Im am looking to spend $400-500 but will stretch a fair bit (maybe up to a grand if the sub is phenomenal and you can convince me its worth going broke for lol) At the moment I am leaning towards a wharfedale diamond 9 SW-150 (400bucks). But am also considering the AS8 and krk 10s (500 odd each). Its a smallish room and I want it pretty much just for music. I listen to a huge variety of stuff classic rock (acdc, slade, black Sabbath) to alternative stuff (some other stuff: System of a down, queens of the stoneage, muse, flor
  2. While it is pretty good where it is in terms of sound, that picture is a bit deceptive. Those speakers are pretty small (for perspective, they are bout as high as a beer bottle and take up a slightly larger foot print) and they still get in the way of my screens when I put them is the right spots for listening. So I think I am going to struggle with that a bit. I was thinking of picking up wall mounts for the Audioengine 5+ speakers and modifying it to fit the aktimates if unnecessary. And while in the process, lengthen the arms so it is sitting further away from the wall. So between sitti
  3. Cheers for replying Blake. Ive actually gone ahead and got the Aktimates already. Cant wait for them to turn up. Im looking to spend the last of my money (*tear rolls down cheek*) on a sub. Atm I am leaning towards a wharfedale diamond 9 SW-150 (400bucks) but am also considering the AS8 and krk 10s (500 odd each). Took me long enough to decide on the speakers, this is going to take ages lol. Im pretty keen to get the system set up to see where my money has gone. I actually went out and bout a Griffin powermate because I rekon ill miss my wired analogue volume control knob so much from my
  4. Hey guys, I'm currently in the process of upgrading my sound system for my computer and at the moment I have narrowed it down too either Aktimate Mini+ or Audioengine A5+. Happy to spend around $500 give or take a bit. I am tending heavily towards the Aktimate Mini+ but have some concerns. From all reports, I understand the Aktimate speakers to be superior in terms of sound quality, but I was wondering if anyone had any opinions on this? I will be using these pretty much only for music but an odd movie here and there may be thrown in. Depending on what im doing, what im listening to va
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