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  1. Thanks. Seems like some kind of handshake is performed with HDMI and if ATV doesn’t like what it sees on the other end of the connection, you don’t see the lossless options.
  2. That’s true. I also have the older generation AppleTV with Optical out; but with this I also can”t see the audio quality settings. At the moment, I’m assuming the only way to get lossless (at 24/48) is out of an ATV 4k, that’s connected to an appropraite receiver via HDMI. I don’t know how it determines if it’s connected to a receiver. I’ll try later with my Oppo disk player, to check if the ATV believes that’s a receiver. This is no problem with the Tidal app on AppleTV, which I do believe is lossless and doesn’t need to see an HDMI receiver to output lossl
  3. This may seem like a dumb question concerning the AppleTV; but Apple’s advice to get lossless from it, is that it must be connected via HDMI to a receiver. My AppleTV 4k is only going to my TV via HDMI. The TV goes to my DAC via Toslink. It must be because I’m not connected to a receiver that the Options for Audio quality do not show up in Settings -> Music App. So I can’t select lossless there. I guess that means that whatever we manage to stream to an ATV 4k via Airplay, it won’t be lossless from the ATV, unless the ATV 4K is connected to a receiver via
  4. I understand where you're coming from. If you have an Apple Subscription you don't need to purchase. I get that (now). If you look at the image I attached though, you will see the iCloud status is "Purchased". I would think if I just added it from the iTunes Store to my library without purchasing, I would expect the status to be "Subscription". I also need to check if they billed me.
  5. Thanks for that. It shows just how much I've been using iTunes/Music app over the last few years. I'm out of touch 🙄
  6. I admit, I didn't read those press releases. So thanks for clarifying that. What's still confusing to me is that I was able to purchase and download a .movpkg file, and I believe I can stream that to a suitable DAC locally. In other words, I'm not forced to stream it, and can play it offline, without an internet connection, I believe. I haven't tried that though, admittedly. If Apple will only sell AAC versions, then why didn't the iTunes Store only allow me to purchase and download the AAC version? In any case I think the structure of those HLS/movpkg files may explain
  7. I think it comes down to the issue of whether or not you "own" media which you purchase and what exactly you're at liberty to do with it. When you purchase a movie on disc, of course you don't own the media, the studio (or whoever) does. The same with music. You are at liberty to play it on whichever device you wish though, … and when you purchase a CD or Vinyl LP, nobody dictates which CD player or Turntable you have to play it on. Apple on the other hand is restricting your ability of playing back Lossless purchases to the Apple Music app. So the situation is no different to stre
  8. “Apple sells only AAC, though.” Well it’s also selling these HLS files (.movpgk) if you have Download Dolby Atmos turned on. These should stream as lossless local files to an appropriate DAC, I believe,
  9. Thanks Chris for providing a great service to us with this bit-perfect test, as you did previously with Amazon HD. Your article and the discussion seem to revolve mainly around streaming lossless from Apple Music, which is understandable. I think it's also interesting to look deeper into what happens when you attempt to purchase and download lossless music from, what is still referred to as the iTunes Store. I purchased the first track from Miles Davis's Kind of Blue, "So what". It showed up as lossless and this is while I had the option; "Download Dolby Atmos" checked
  10. I just got a message from Audirvana saying the new remote app for Studio will be released next week.
  11. The situation with HQAV is that I haven’t had time to put licensing in place, since I’ve been concentrating on developing Mac apps, which will be paid apps. So I’m asking for anybody whose interested enough to send me an email expressing their interest. I will then send them a download link to HQAV. I am asking those who find it useful to also send me donations via PayPal to [email protected] I’m keeping a list of those who’ve donated and when I revisit HQAV to make it a fully licensed app, I’ll deduct any donation I’ve received from each user from th
  12. Hi, Not quite sure what you mean. It still comes in the form of a zip file, and once uncompressed, you have a folder full of files, which need to be kept together as you receive them. You the place the unzipped folder wherever you want and point to the main app, HQAV.exe from within J River, so. J River will use it as an external app for the files types you specify. I hope that’s clear, unless I mis-understood you. Geoff
  13. Am I mistaken? I thought there was a meta-data analysis and an audio HD analysis. They’re not one and the same, I believe. So perhaps you’re experiency the audio analysis, rather than the meta-data one? Anyway both should be opt-out ofs IMO.
  14. Apologies for late reply. Can you tell me what platform you’re on? Mac, Windows, Linux? Thanks Geoff
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