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  1. From your previous post I got the impression it had been working for you. From your last post it sounds like it isn’t working. Can you tell me if it has ever worked for you? If it has, have you made any changes since? Which versions of MacOS, HQPlayer and iTunes are you using? If it’s working the music files should appear in HQPlayer’s playlist and be played by HQPlayer. iTunes volume should be minimised. Is HQPlayer working for you if you just drag files onto it to play then directly? Are you files in an HQPlayer supported format? Are you asking my script to produce any temp files? Thanks
  2. I haven’t tried Swinsian yet. From a quick look at the site I see it’s Applescript controllable. So I will look into how easy it would be to adapt my front-end for HQPlayer.
  3. You can just bring HQPlayer to the front or organise your windows so you can observe iTunes and HQPlayer side by side. Unless I’ve misunderstood your question?
  4. I agree with Jud on the pricing question. Miska is the only person here who can possibly know how much development effort has gone into HQPlayer (not to mention the amount of time he spends here on support questions). I would only add that if Miska suggests the current price of HQP4 is a bargain, I tend to believe him. Although it may have certain features missing when compared with other software, in a similar category, it is also unique in what it provides. I also agree with the previous poster who feels this forum should concentrate on discussions as to how those of us who love HQPlayer (and are willing to pay the price) can get the best out of it.
  5. Just to be clear and as I haven't tried testing this yet; does it mean that if you have a playlist with mixed sample rates it will switch automatically from the 1x to nx when tracks change from 44.1/48 to 88.2 and above and the reverse?
  6. Aloha, I do. Of course it creates substitute files as DSD files themselves can't actually be added to iTunes. When you play one of these files, my script sends the original DSD file to HQPlayer instead. I haven't used it for a while. I'll test it next week with the current version of iTunes and send you a copy, if you wish.
  7. Great! So there’s now a Mac solution and a Windows solution 😃
  8. Why don't you try this solution? It will work with Apple Music
  9. For me to be able to send the audio from any app to HQPlayer is a big deal. Although I have my own Kodi based, multi-platform solution for local files, Qobuz and Tidal, I was missing the ability to play Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube or any app you care to think of, through HQPlayer. The only real limitation is that you can't go beyond 44.1/16bit flac streams. So even if you have a Qobuz Sublime account you won't be able to send the high-rez streams to HQPlayer with this solution. Idagio is a terrific streaming source for classical though, and it is also currently limited to 44.1 anyway. As Bob pointed out, the set-up and configuration does require running some commands from the terminal app. Once it's up and running though, it just works! Bravo Bob!
  10. No unfortunately. Because it's DRM protected.
  11. I should have been clearer, it does try to play with the non direct SDM settings; but the sound breaks up.
  12. I discovered yesterday that if I take a 512x48 file produced with HQPPro and play it with HQPlayer desktop, it will only play with "DirectSDM" enabled. I tried turning off all DSP in HQPlayer Desktop, including setting volume to 0db. There is no up-sampling to do, because the files are already at the max set in HQPlayer Desktop's settings. Shouldn't HQPlayer Desktop be handling these the same whether "DirectSDM" is enabled or disabled? It means I need to switch settings to a config file that has DirectSDM enabled, whereas I would prefer to use the same config as I use for regular DSD files. I want the regular DSD files to be up-sampled by HQPlayer Desktop to 512.
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