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  1. I just downloaded the exact plugin.audio.supersonic.zip file that I uploaded here, unzipped it on my Mac, searched in every single sub folder and can't find a duplicate of the zip file anywhere within it. Are you sure you didn't create that situation somehow on your side?
  2. I’m so sorry I don’t know how that happened. I’ll look into it today and re-post a correctly configured zip file. Geoff
  3. I think I read somewhere recently that someone got linux working on a Mac M1
  4. That’s great to hear. Thanks for correcting me. Somehow I got stuck with the impression that DoP on Mac was limited to 128.
  5. I ordered mine with 16gb. It’s not the Mac mini, though, it’s the Mac Air. The only one without a fan. I didn’t order it as a music server, obviously; but as a replacement for my old Mac Air. It’ll be interesting to try it with HQP and see what it can manage though.
  6. I tried this morning with my M1 Mac Air to an NAA with SincL at DSD256 using an EC modulator. Got dropouts. …but I got the same dropouts with much lighter settings. So I obviously have some network issues.
  7. Surely on Mac you're limited to DoP, which maxes out at DSD128. Unless, of course, you're outputting to an NAA. The exasound dacs have an ASIO driver capable of DSD256 on Mac; but that ceased to work with HQPlayer from series 4.
  8. Ah, ok good point! Thanks.
  9. Thanks. I can certainly understand not wanting to add more settings to an already complex preferences window. Have you considered splitting off some of those settings into separate windows? For example not all of us use the input settings, and it adds a lot to an already long main prefs window. If those could be split out into a separate window as you do for "DSD source settings…" It might help. What I was suggesting was a simple repetition of the "Bit rate (/Limit)" menu for Nx as you have for 1x. Perhaps even to extend this to a 1x and separate Nx for the modulator or ditherer.
  10. On a related subject, I was wondering @miska, if you could introduce the possibility of choosing different output sampling bit rate/limits, depending on the original sample rate? For example, lets say a system can only cope with sinc-L for 44.1 original material at a limit of 44.1x128. So for Nx you choose poly-sinc-mqa-mp; but you don't want Nx material limited to 44.1x128, since with poly-sinc-mqa-mp you can go at least 44.1x256.
  11. Hi Simon, Thank you for your positive feedback and I'm glad the original script is working out for you. As you know this has evolved into what I'm calling "HQAV". If you would like to try HQAV just PM me. Geoff
  12. Thanks. Does anyone have an archived copy of 4.90 for x86-64 Macs?
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