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  1. Hi Chris, Ok thanks.
  2. That's a very nice little guide Chris. The only thing I question is your first point. I don't believe it should be necessary to activate the network button in HQP for Roon to talk to it. In fact I know one person who believes having it active when using Roon -> HQP is detrimental to sound quality. Having said that, I have encountered situations in the past with SGM customers where they had to activate the button initially to get Roon and HQP to talk to each other. Once they got talking the button could be de-activated again and all ran fine. That was in older versions of Roon though.
  3. I did explain in previous instructions that HQPlayer must be launched before launching my app, the very first time you run my app. If you didn't do that, it would result in the first error you reported. Please look in the location reported in that first error (~Library/Scripts) and see if the mentioned file exists there. "itunes_hqp.py" As I mentioned yesterday, I have re-written both apps. If you'd have asked for the Swinsian app, I would have sent you the latest version. It's attached here. Finally, I am working on further new versions that will make all the necessary checks on HQPlayer, without the need of creating the .py script mentioned above. I will post those versions here when I have them ready. They will also incorporate more robust and improved error handling. Geoffrey Swinsian - HQPlayer Server.app.zip
  4. Here is the current version. Best, Geoffrey iTunes - HQPlayer Server.app.zip
  5. Hi, I understand why it's not working for you and others who tried to test it. @Mahler and Bach on Computer has been extremely helpful in helping me identify some problems. I will post the updated version for you to try later today. Geoffrey
  6. Alvane, I know this free app doesn't work for everyone. It depends on how your library is set up. I've re-written it from the ground up and I'm confident the new app will handle just about all situations, as it's been thoroughly tested. However, I'm sorry; but I'm not prepared to give away the new app for free. The new app has a lot more features including support for video. I am working on putting the finishes touches on it at the moment. If you are interested in the new app please let me know. Geoff
  7. Alvane, Has it worked for you with other albums or was this the first album you attempted to play using my app?
  8. Hi Alvane, The error you're getting in the log file tells me the source file/url you're trying to play doesn't exit in your file system or is not recognised. "May be a streaming URL" Can you tell me exactly what you were trying to play? Thanks, Geoff
  9. Hi David, I'm sorry you've experienced this glitch. I'll look into it and try to resolve it. If I've understood you correctly, all works fine if the original files are in .flac format? Geoffrey
  10. Ok David. Here my app for Swinsian Swinsian - HQPlayer Server.app.zip
  11. Hi David, Glad you're enjoying it! I'll answer your questions below your quotes: I posted two different apps here; my Swinsian app and my iTunes/Music app. You need to run my Swinsian app when using Swinsian and my iTunes to HQP app when running either iTunes or the Catalina music app. I can't recall the limitations of the Swinsian trial; but I don't think it should effect the operation of my app. Well, that's a good question and one that's been heavily debated here. You really need to subjectively test both. For what it's worth my own subjective impressions are that wav slightly emphasis leading edge transients; but is a little "flatter" and less 3 dimensional than flac. The arguments in favor of flac are, as you say that they don't need to be de-compressed in real-time, also they usually don't contain any meta-data, such as embedded album art. On the other hand flac files are smaller and this might have benefits of HQPlayer. Only @Miska can really answer that. You might even prefer flac for some music and wav for others. This is actually thanks to @Miska since he provided the ability to control HQPlayer over a network. There is a network button on the HQPlayer Desktop interface and this must be activated for this to work. Then you have to set up the client machine to be the ip address of the machine running HQPlayer and the locations for the temporary files to be written to on the Mac running Swinsian/Itunes/Music. That location must be shared over the network from the machine running HQPlayer. That machine's location for the same files must also be specified, so they can be loaded in HQP. It's a bit confusing. So I hope that's clear. Once it's set up it just works. Yes, as long as it's the same network. By default they are located in: "Users:<your username>:Music:HQP:Server temps"; but you can have my app create a Ram disk for you and have them created there. Might sound better! Best regards Geoff
  12. My most recent post for this is the one above The instructions for the Swinsian app are exactly the same as those for the iTunes/Music app.
  13. It is PC based only, as it's an evolution of my original JRiver to HQPlayer script. It works well with Blu-Ray sourced content. You have to rip the Blu-Ray first though, using a combination of MakeMKV and HandBrake. Then it's the MKV that is used as the source. I'll be able to provide instructions for this, including the settings that are giving me the best results. The idea is to create a video "JukeBox" so each video will play after a tap on the source video in JRemote. There is a wait time for the separate audio and video files to be created; but these can optionally be saved to a location of choice. That way they'll play almost instantaneously on subsequent plays.
  14. The only limitation with Swinsian is that you can't remote control it from IOS, which you can with both iTunes and the Catalina music apps by using the iTunes remote app. JRiver is a terrific application. If you wanted to stay with J River you could use any windows machine, that's capable of running J River and my app. Neither J River or my app are very demanding of resources, when used just for serving. HQPlayerDesktop itself can be running on a different machine, which is capable of running the filters; etc. you wish to use. Even a Windows laptop or Surface Pro should probably be fine for J River plus my app. Having said that, I will also take this opportunity to mention that I have been working intensely on a new version of my app, which currently has the working title of "HQAV" This has many improvements and new features which I will briefly summarize below: 1/ It is now an .exe with a main GUI interface for setting preferences. 2/ It can now handle any music files you choose to play (previously certain file names/paths were not getting passed to HQPlayer) @ted_b in particular had this problem. 3/ Video playback is now supported, with the video being first split by my app into separate audio and video components. The audio part is sent as a .flac file to HQPlayer and a new temporary Video file is also created and played by J River (without the audio). A separate GUi can optionally appear as a player control on the PC running J River. This GUI allows to correct for any out of sync situations that may occur between the audio and video. It also allows for Previous, Next, Stop,Play and Pause functionality. 4/ Video and audio may be sent to separate machines and still kept in perfect sync. Allowing for one machine being dedicated and optimized for audio and the other for Video. 5/ J River playlists are now correctly handled for playback by j River. This has been a lot of work for me and I am no longer prepared to give it away for free. If I decide to release it as a paid for app, I need to determine a reasonable price for it. I also need to work out licensing issues. It will probably need to be licensed on a per machine basis using the MAC address of the machine for identification. Any comments will be welcome, including from people with more experience on licensing applications than I have.
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