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  1. Hi. Anyone had successfully used IRC with itunes integration in the new released A4L built? Thank you very much!
  2. Hi. Do you have a link to that A4 luxe Mac Os build? My version (latest numbers 295) doesn't have that option ("launch in browser") in the "window" menu bar. Anyway I need IRC and that option doesn't work. I paid the upgrade but it is useless for me. I will continue using the trusty (for me) Amarra Symphony 3.0.2 if I can't resolve these bugs.
  3. Ok. Thank you. I did that. But IRC doesn't work
  4. cosmuk, what do you mean with "must be reassigned"?
  5. Thank you very much! I will test it. I tried A4 luxe previously but IRC didn't work and the library management is horrible. Probably maintaining A3 playlist mode + IRC that works fine for me, anyway.
  6. Hi Greg. How do you use Google Chrome as Amarra Player? Oscar
  7. I don't believe in long burn-in longer than some minutes/hours to let the cables to settle playing some music. Said that, I feel that this cable provides an improvement in the sound of my system from the moment I connected it. Not subtle at all. A winner for me.
  8. Hi Matt. Yes, but I have to say the I haven't tested other options. It is the best suited for my needs. It is a 2012 macbook (OS 10.9) wiyh 16 GB RAM. I use Amarra Symphony 3.0.3 in playlist mode. IRC (room correction) is a must and the best improvement I got in my system (some years ago). It gives me the freedom of using itunes as database and ripping all my CDs (I don't do streaming or HD downloads) with dBpoweramp or XLD, some of them very rare and not in metabase ripping services. All my music are my CDs ripped to AIFF. I load the playlists in Amarra on the go from itunes and play them. No wifi during playback, etc. Don't want to deal with more (only with music). All very old school. I continue buying a lot of CDs. Oscar
  9. Three days with the Lush USB cable and I can say the is the best audio USB cable I have tested. My reference (during last 4 years) has been the Tellurium Q Black Diamond (and I have tested cables from Curious, wireworld, audioquest, stein, etc in the past) but it has been surpassed. To put it simple, it provides better detail, tighter bass, more image solidity and layered sound, more coherence and, above all, more presence, closer to real event, with no listening fatigue (as my Tellurium) And it costs much more less than my monthly expense in records. Quite happy with it! Using to connect a macbook to Chord Blu2 (and that to Chord DAVE) Oscar
  10. +1 If you mostly play redbook, you don't have to look further. Chord DACs are SOTA with redbook.
  11. Thank you Richard for the kind words! All the best Oscar
  12. Thank you so much. Enjoying it a lot! All the best Oscar
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