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  1. Thank's Octagon. So the next question is: can I install AO with support for Roon Server in a Win2016 Core installation?
  2. Hello to all, these days I had a problem on my music server and then I formatted the hard disk. With the occasion I went from Win SRV2012R2 to Win SRV2016, having not read the message that reported problems with August's Microsoft update I installed it. Now the server works but I can't switch from GUI mode to core mode. When I start, from the service tool, the reset optimization function the program tells me "Driver and service state already restored". Is this problem related to the August update or is it due to some other factor? Thank you.
  3. Hi AUdioPhil, I redid some tests with AAC and MP3 files downloaded from the Internet (the previous tests I had done with files converted from my files flac). With these new files in my system does not work anything either MP3 files or AAC files that worked previously. I tested both the watched folders and organized folders with the same result, Roon always crash both on the NAS and on the local drive. My system Win 2012 R2, AO, RoonServer, GUI mode.
  4. I carried out the tests on MP3 and AAC files. The system is a Win Server 2012 R2. I restored a clean image of the OS on which I installed AO 2.0 Beta 14 and Roon Server. These are the results: 1) AAC files local folder recognized and played 2) MP3 files local folder send Roon in crash. When I try to add MP3 local files RoonServer becomes unstable and goes into loop Started -> Running -> Error -> Started -> Runnig -> Error etc. etc. 3) Files on NAS both AAC and MP3 send Roon in crash. When I try to add the NAS folder Roon becomes unstable and goes in a loop in the same way point 2 above.
  5. Upgraded to beta 11 without problem. My configuration in Minimal Server and Roon Server works fine. Only a little choose, I use SplashTop to move my audio files on the server, after the AO optimization the CPU use of SplashTop is 0% before the optimization the use up to 25% and is stable at this level. Any idea on what is the cause?
  6. Beta 10 Installed on a clean Win 2012 R2 OS, installed RoonServer, switch to minimal server mode, run AO, run ST to configure "Autologon" and "ShellReplacement". All works fine and the SQ is better (IMHO) of Win 10 installation.
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