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  1. According to the designer https://community.auralic.com/t/sq-nas-vs-internal-hdd-and-usb-hdd/803.. " You are absolutely correct on sound quality impact of those storage options, that’s why we always recommend NAS drive (particularly let streamer on WiFi). The storage components can drain power from ARIES MINI and introduce EMI noise which affect sound quality, if connected by a physical connection. The USB should be the worst with SSD slightly better."
  2. I do have a Samsung SSD in the aries mini..somehow the sound quality from SSD sounded way off when compared to playing from mac Mini..But that was 2 weeks ago..I will try this idea again tonight and see ..Thanks
  3. yes I do have the sbooster..havent connected it yet..just using the wall wart..
  4. Yesterday I was testing my MP3's ,SPOTIFY and TIDAL master Music was Bollywood(A.R.Rahman) ,Andrea Bocelli(somos Novios), Rick Astley(beautiful Life) The 2 setups were 1.Mac Mini>USB>CHORD>Primaluna>Sonus Auditor 2.Mac Mini Minimserver>Aries Mini>Optical>CHORD> Primaluna>Sonus Auditor Volume left at 9 o'clock.Volume in Aries Disabled..Volume in Mac mini =100 Results Option#2 was always louder.The voice was way forward.Instruments were very clear and distinct.maybe this is what some call "3D".Violins played wit
  5. Thanks..I have some flac files..will try the same..and yes I do have MP3's collected over the years..Spotify has some of those and I am building playlists to get them going..My main interest in Aries was to have a unified App to play local and streaming music (instead of opening up the mini-mac)..Looks like I got more than what I bargained for..I did see the Aries LE listed for 700 plus ...somthing to think about.. Appreciate your input:)
  6. Thanks Dave..u described in audio terms what I was feeling with listening to music..the digital sound is way more pronounced .the instrument sounds are being emphasized ..of course the voices are very accurate..so that’s a plus ?? I will connect thru usb and check .. Regards
  7. Hi Dave I use the optical input to chord. Integrated -primaluna Hp speaker-sonus auditor M on stands I usually keep my volume at 9pm..rarely change it.. Mostly Spotify and downloaded 256kbps Bollywood music.. PS: I prefer a warmer sound as the quality of recordings of older Indian music is quite poor.
  8. Hello As a recent user of Aries mini…I am a little perturbed…is it too much of a good thing? The bass is louder,instruments are clear,treble is high,voices are “forward” . Basically overwhelming soundstage and I can’t listen for more than 10 songs. 1.Should I move my sofa back a few feet and reposition speakers? 2.change my 4 year old DAC (chord qutehd) Please advise
  9. Hi The nAD c390dd manual suggests that I connect a ground wire to the Amp.. Is this absolutely necessary? Also there are 2 sets of speaker terminals for biwiring..has anyone tried it? It is also suggested by the manual. Cheers Kalyan
  10. Thanks..I have downloaded Pure Music..will try to upsample through the USB to see how it works.. Cheers
  11. Paul Is the HDMI card on 396DD doing any sort of upconversion from SD to HD ?I have a loaner without the card and would like to give this ap a try for my Cable and DVD sources too.. Cheers Kalyan
  12. Hello Santiago Are you seeing on the display ,the input signal as "192Khz"? I am "upsampling" itunes with Bitperfect on the SPDIF connection upto 192 K but the display still shows 96KHZ.. Any ideas? Cheers Kalyan
  13. Hello Have been demoing this dac/amp for the last few hours..The dealer says this has 40 hours and needs another 60 hours to really open up.. do the users here experienced this break in? Cheers KS
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