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  1. Image is shifted heavily to the right for the Evo recording so you are not getting a good centered image like you have on the turntable sound. I would doubt that was the experience in the room so maybe how it was recorded. It does not help in determining which sounds better.
  2. Good review for the QA361 and fits with my findings. Pity they did not try an SLC card with the WAV firmware and line out which to me was the hidden treasure of this unit. Needs at least 2 days of continuous play and then it sounds amazing.
  3. If you google SLC v MLC you will find a lot of good information on why SLC costs more than normal MLC SD cards. My read is that a lot more processing and electrical activity takes place getting data off an MLC card and I think many of us have discovered that less is more when it comes to reading digital files in preparation for and during playback. In the journey to best sound I have found that the following are super important: fast clean power (super-caps at end stage) good clocks with re-clocking just before DAC (not ultra cost clocks but good and potato chip at end of I2s) Minimum bit processing of digital audio files (stripped back control software, wav only single tread real time operation) Storage medium with least data processing activity to deliver digital files (SD SLC card) I am no electrical engineer and my conclusions are defined by a long journey of listening tests so YMMV. I also spent a lot of money and time on USB out and while it has significantly improved with lots of add ons in recent years, after hearing SD playback done at less than one tenth the cost it became my go to for lights out being there listening.
  4. The best value you will get for an SLC card is here and various US sites on Ebay https://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-M2MD6-8GB-SD-Card-R720-SC8000/283348922030?hash=item41f8e96eae:g:wIYAAOSwuwlcRzBn https://www.ebay.ie/itm/Dell-M2MD6-Compellent-SC8000-8GB-SLC-SD-Flash-Card/302681130297?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649 These are reclaimed but worth it for an improved sound with SD Card playback. Hard to come by but great value for money. Needs some work once received to merge and reformat to a single partition. If you do commit to SD Card playback then going i2s out from a simple SD card player into the Lampizator will astonish you compared to the best you can do with USB with all the bells and whistles. I have given up on USB in after discovering SD Card playback. My Big7 will be retired after discovering what a €700 micro sd player can do direct to Pre amp. The QLS361 line out with slc card out performs my Big7.
  5. Sad to say I had to use the Ignore button for the first time at CA....hope Ralf relaxes a bit and can see that we are all just trying out things here that do not make sense much of the time, all that is often asked is just to try it out and if it does not work for you then fine but if it leads to a better experience then great. I will leave the reasons why to others with more expertise and desire to root out the subtle effects that DC can have on digital chains.
  6. I am speaking from experience after spending 7 years wringing the neck out of USB with power supplies, cables, isolation and regeneration devices from 3 different sources including Uptone. And while all the USB items work in accumulation and gives improvement it was not until I tried playing redbook and Hires files without USB and over I2s with cheap cables (successfully used 1 metre cable) that I found the real magic in playback from both a Lampizator Big7 and Meitner MA! with mods.
  7. Find a DAC with good I2s inputs and avoid USB if you can. USB has served its purpose over recent years but is ultimately flawed even with all the add ons. It will take a while for more playback hardware to implement I2s outputs but its coming and will take off over the coming years.
  8. I do not want to side track the thread so this is all I will say on this as Google can be your friend here. I prioritize sound quality over functionality and a NAS solution is not available yet, hopefully hacking Wireless Sd cards with micro sd slot will open up this possibility. I do not up-sample, mainly redbook direct read off SLC SD card reader/player to I2s on DAC, best sound ever.
  9. All the above help improve USB but ultimately no matter how much money, time and effort we throw at USB it is flawed and will never be the ultimate solution. Time to get rid of USB altogether and I really mean that after 7 years of trying to get past all its issues. Playback from SLC SD cards though I2s has provided the best sound I have ever heard in digital and at a fraction of the cost. RIP USB.
  10. Shame yourself or John did not follow through on the simple test of the passive POE setup at the start of the thread to see the positive difference as i thought you had already ordered the pieces for test some time back. Would have been good to get either a yea or nay from either of you on this simple cheap test....other reasons i guess!
  11. I think you have taken this thread to a whole new level Cornan and I have enjoyed reading about your journey despite the usual distractions on any thread here where doubters and naysayers feed on any heavily active topic. Keep doing what you are doing and do not heed those trying to debunk or distract, all the attention shows you are making good waves here.? I am waiting on a delivery of Kemet's myself for testing so we are taking heed. Tight or loose connections are only a minor distraction on what the thread is about so I take no notice of these discussions...for the record I default to soldering. I have been distracted working on SD playback through I2s and give up on USB for the moment, but saying that good DC power and cables are still a a key feature of current experiments. Keep up the good work.?
  12. Lets no confine this thread to just supply by the LPS 1.2 as this was never the point of the thread or was never inferred in the title, I started this thread not ever having an LPS 1.2. I stated i used the Meanwell SMPS and a Paul Hynes Linear 5v supply and still heard improvements so lets keep the focus on what the cables do irrespective of source of supply.
  13. Wow....never seen a thread get so derailed....seems like we need a venting section or pub car park around here!
  14. And if a $10 piece of cable helps mitigate that then that is a win in my book....which is what the thread is about!
  15. Could not let this go...gave me a chuckle when i seen it ?
  16. Too many projects at the moment but I finally received the CAT 8 Patchkabel 2000Mhz 1 metre from Germany, took a few weeks to get here! https://www.ebay.ie/itm/282850879626?ul_noapp=true Anyway worth the wait as it has jumped to top of the pile for all the cables tested so far, have not had a lot of time listening but as soon as I put it in I could hear the improvement. It is the most rigid of all the cables tested so far and I did not think to order 2 at the time so I could cut one open. Going to convert all DC lines in a Meitner MA1 DAC to the IBRA CAT 7 cables at 1 metre to see how they work. 3D printing some tubes to hold the cables in a coiled container for space saving and will post once the experiment is done. Already converted the Meitner to a SD Card player direct into the digital high speed differential drivers and made a big improvement in listening to redbook files, using SLC SD Cards. SD Card Player
  17. One of the finds of the past year alright Cornan, thanks for sharing the site link as I did not realize Michael had set up a new site.
  18. The SR7 only has 5v and 12v rails so I do not use it with the HPULN as I do not want to drop 12v down to 5v. No point in using the 5v rail into the LS-HPULN set to 5v as it would not be doing much. The SR7 already feeds the 12v on the Audio PC motherboard, a 5v rail feeds an Oven clock for the Audio PC motherboard, and a 5v rail feeds another LS-HPULN set to 1.35v for RAM on the motherboard in the Audio PC. As stated I am using a cheap Meanwell SMPS at 7.5v into another LS-HPULN set to 5v, so only a 2.5v drop and it easily beats the 5v out that i previously used from the SR7.
  19. I can vouch for Cornan's recommendation on these supplies, big jump in performance and sound will astonish you. I went from a Paul Hynes SR7 5v supply through a full paired POE CAT8 input to my ISO Regen to now: The old Meanwell SMPS 7.5v I had from an old Regen purchase going through a paired POE CAT7 into a LS-HPULN set to 5v out then through a paired POE CAT8 into the ISO Regen and best sound ever. I was surprised at the improvement.
  20. All good with me if the thread gets moved as the original intention was to share the benefits with as many as possible who have bought the ISO Regen. So far gretest of benefits for me have come when feeding the ISO Regen but I have been using these cables in several other parts of my chain recently with smaller incremental improvements. Seriously thinking next to break into all the DC lines in a Meitner MA1 to see what happens by adding CAT7 cables so I expect this discussion could break out into other areas very soon. Hopefully all this point scoring will run out of gass soon and we get to the bottom of what is going on here, it will help move us to even better DC cable standards where audio is concerned ?
  21. Aw come on Limitche can you please let this go, we have been doing good so far and I have not seen any bashing of the thread. Lets keep it civil and and we can do without asking people to go back to where they came from, maybe you have Mod rights here but I would like to keep the thread clean and I have kept quiet so far. Hope we can move on and get back on track as we are seeing some good feedback, ideas and thoughts recently.?
  22. The configuration i am currently using in the POE connectors can be seen in the pictures below. The first picture is the standard passive setup where the POE connectors are wired, these are visible when you cut away the outer casing. Its got the Red positive bridging across the pins from 4 & 5 which i think takes one of the wires from 2 separate pairs. The Black negative is bridging pins 7 & 8 which is using both wires in a pair. I basically desoldered these and pooled solder on pairs 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 for Red Positive and the pooled solder on pairs 5 & 6 and 7 & 8 for Black negative. I thought about staggering the pairs but went with the above and very pleased so far.
  23. Great to see your input here Rob and all this thread was meant to do was spread the good news of your discovery and offer up a very simple and cheap install for ISO Regen owners to allow them to get a real big boost at very little outlay. It is turning into a DC cable thread but at least it seems on balance the majority of feedback has so far been very appreciative of the simple CAT cable and POE connector benefits which for me have been astounding so far. Always appreciate your feedback as I trust your golden ears based on all the work you have done over recent years so feel free to chime in at any time. As for this thread I can see the writing on the wall based on posts over recent days so it will be more likely i will be following your new thread more than you popping in here. Looking forward to seeing what new discoveries you have found and please post a link when you get up and running as at the end of the day its all about the music and hopefully we can all bite our lips when the partisan minority appear. I had a suspicion that further improvements could be made going the CAT cable route given all the possible variations on offer with shielded pairs ?
  24. The passive POE do not have any connection to the outer shielding so they just handle the 4 pairs inside the cable. The good thing I like about the POE connectors is that I can easily swap in and out different CAT cables to see if there is any difference. So far the higher grade CAT8 cable in my system seems to provide better improvements in sound, and most benefit still seems to come between power source and ISO Regen. I have not tried any of the outer shielding tweaks others have tried yet so cannot comment on these. From my side i am just focused on a change that can easily be put in place my the majority of not tweakers to give a big improvement in the sound using the ISO Regen. It is good to see all the other testing going on and being posted here with different cables and configurations of pairs, with connectors and with shielding but I am guessing the returns on these are much smaller than just adding the CAT cable with POE ends just to get started. Still amazes me the improvement I have achieved just by adding the CAT7 & CAT8 cables in the DC Lines.
  25. Wow blink for a day here and all hell breaks loose....hope we are back on track here now and can focus on the OP. I finally got the Supra CAT 8 (1 metre) and after inserting it into the POE's between Paul Hynes 5v and the ISO Regen it sounds better to me out of the box compared to the IBRA. Note that I have bridged the pins in the POE's to provide 2 pairs twinned for both V+ & V- (1-4 bridged and 5-8 bridged). No use of the outer screen so just the 4 pairs in use and sounds very good so far. Still waiting on the German cable to test German CAT8
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