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  1. Hello o would like to share my opinion about foobar. O have jriver 19 and other Players and to my ears the best sound cames from from latest foobar with an old kernel streaming extension. I use an audiophilleo spdif Converter. I dont know why but its the best sound.
  2. by the way, i have tested a lot of players too...i use a audiophilleo>metrum octave>adam audio sub10 > neumman kh 120 speakers.
  3. Hi... can you do some sort of digital volume parameters?? i´m one like many folks that don´t have preamp or analog volume... just dac to powered speakers... tks
  4. Hello, anybody tried to compare the sound of a song on spotify vs the the same song played internally on computer via jriver, wasapi?? for me the timbre of instruments and stereo on spotify is much better...i´m using my onboard card... but soon i will compare it with dragonfly dac... i hope that changes... anyone tried this comparison? i´´m using audio technica m50 headphones and the difference is huge..
  5. Hi have my lavry da11 for sale, is like new and have about 1 year old. price: 1050 euros.
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