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  1. Whatever I buy must play CD's. I want to move them from the house to the cabin.
  2. Yes. Arkansas dirt is mostly rock.
  3. That would be cost prohibitive. The Tivoli is near the top of what I'd want to spend.
  4. This might be a solution. I could move all the CD's to the cabin for the times we have guests. I'm not a Bose fan, so that wouldn't do.
  5. On a good day we get just under 2Mbps. The cabin is about 60 yards from the house and may be occupied 1 or 2 weeks a year. It wouldn't be cost effective to add another direct line to the cabin.
  6. We have a guest cabin with very limited internet coverage. I have hundreds of CD's (remember CD's?). Is there an acceptable system we might buy so that our guests can listen to music? Upgrading our internet is impossible.
  7. Just read this thread in one go, and the first few pages were comedy gold. After a difficult day, it was great to watch a few folks flying too close to the sun. Anyway, I've just ordered the Audioengine A5+ and associated hockey pucks. I'll give them a fair chance and if wanting, may look at some Genelecs. Living on a hill in Arkansas limits my exposure to high end Audio.
  8. i ordered the 7+ in the same configuration. For the first time in years I didn't stay up til sales opened tho.
  9. Thanks i'm looking for a specific recommendation. Brand: ABC Model: XYZ
  10. Thanks I'm unhappy with OWC's service lately. Not likely to do business with them again. I'm aware that there are better quality drives, but that is where my knowledge ends. Some can play all or most of the musical formats found on disk, & that is what I'd like.
  11. Currently using a "Super Drive", but I'd like something better. l'm a Mac guy, so something that would play nice with the Mini & dBpoweramp will be best. If it can handle the other formats, that would be ideal. Thanks
  12. I only use the old Mini to rip CD's and maintain my wife's music. That is the only time it is turned on. The new Mini is turned off prior to turning on the old one. That way the wireless keyboard & trackpad are recognized by each machine. We live in a rural area with poor power and internet. I'm trying to keep things as simple as possible. Thanks for your answers.
  13. I might be overthinking this. EHD connects 2010 Mini 2012 Mini I can actually connect each Mini to the EHD. I never have both Mini's on at the same time. So once I load files to the EHD, I just add them to iTunes on the correct Mini. Or am I still missing something?
  14. I use my 2010 Mac Mini to rip CD's and to maintain my wife's music. The 2012 Mac Mini is used for my music. Currently, I connect one Mac to my 2TB Newer Tech EHD with FireWire 800 to access the music and play thru Amarra via Toslink to my McIntosh D100. I only use 1 Mac at a time and would like a solution that allows me to connect both of them to the EHD at all times. Could this Thunderbolt Express Dock be my solution? Thunderbolt™ Express Dock | Thunderbolt | Hubs | Macbook & PC | Products | Belkin USA Site
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