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  1. This is outstanding info! Many thanks! I've done a few of these items on my Pi3 but now have a few other things to try. Hey, why not?!
  2. I haven't performed such comparisons. I did use a linear power supply at one point with the Pi but didn't notice any significant difference. It sounds great to me as it is.
  3. I backup my NAS to CrashPlan Small Business. Very happy with it (though my upload speeds are pretty shabby).
  4. I use a Raspberry Pi hardwired to my network. It's my primary playback endpoint (with the Room core running on a laptop).
  5. I just realized that this showroom is featured (as someone's house) in Mr Robot, Season 2/Episode 1. It shows a closeup of one of the amps at one point (MC452 IIRC). Cool.
  6. I'm doing a online masters, and the Adobe Connect crap that I need for classes is the most stable on Win10 (and horrid on MacOS), so a necessary OS at the moment. Just surprised I like it so much. And the Linux subsystem stuff is cool (if you install an X server too). Still wish I could live in Linux (with a tiling W) though!
  7. I triple boot MacOS/Arch Linux/Win10. I also use zsh (and oh-my-zsh) on MacOS and Linux. Homebrew on MacOS. Miniconda on all 3. I actually like Win10!
  8. From last night, MQA version into headphones:
  9. American Beauty and Workingman's Dead both sound like different mixes to me (IIRC the HD versions that were on HDTracks a while back were similar). I notice some increased reverb on drums and vocals, and I don't think it is MQA "magic", but the mix. Conjecture at this point, pending more detail comparisons. But these albums just sound different.
  10. I flashed Volumio and now everything works very cleanly. MPD playing HD over wifi without issue, and Roon Bridge also functioning. Nice solution.
  11. So I plugged the Pi3 into my main rig solely with Ethernet, USB to a Schiit Yggy, after bringing down the wifi interface (and commenting out my wifi config in wpa_supplicant.conf). And I still get the static with MPD on HD material. Now, in my main rig I usually use a Beaglebone Black, and that plays HD over mpd perfectly (exact same mpd.conf). So it appears to be an issue with the Pi and/or mpd on the Pi. I do remember when I first got the BBB, it would also crackle on HD unless it was set to the performance governor (using cpufrequtils). I've tried doing that on the Pi but it gets ve
  12. Sorry, yes you're right. OS is Raspian lite, though I also tried Arch with the same result (static on anything greater than 16/44 over mpd, while Roon handles things well). Strangely, the music isn't skipping, it just has random souding crackle, again only with mpd. I'm running USB out to a Schitt Gumby. Standard power supply on Pi3, wifi only, HD stored on a NAS mounted via Samba.
  13. Hi all - Just picked up a Raspberry Pi 3 to use in my bedroom system, strictly over wifi. I find that I can cleanly stream 16/44 via mpd and Roon with no issue. When I get to 24/192 though, Roon tends to handle it well (some network slowness, but I can typically play the files cleanly). mpd chokes though. I'm playing with the buffering settings there without success so far, but this is an unexpected situation re: mpd. I'e got a Beaglebone Black in my main rig and it runs 24/192 flawlessly, though it uses Ethernet and applies the performance governor. I've tried changing the govern
  14. I'm not interested in the phone, but curious if using the dongle means you can't charge at the same time? Like if I am sitting at my desk and want to listen through headphones, would I need to run down the charge?
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