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  1. drmike

    Fidelizer 8.0

    no reply yet from fidelizier
  2. drmike

    Fidelizer 8.0

    do you have his email?
  3. drmike

    Fidelizer 8.0

    when i try to upgrade with the key provided it say i still have to pay
  4. hello i changed the mb on my pc, fidelizer won't work, how do i fix this?

    michael stevener

    1. Windows X

      Windows X

      Fidelizer Plus/Pro is a single PC license so it'll work only on machine that generated the key. According to terms and agreement, you can use one-time free hardware key changing.

      Please re-send fidelizer.key data by running this software from your audio machine to get the new key.
      I'll use one-time free hardware key changing right to update your license. You can also order Fidelizer Upgrade again as hardware key changing fee for future changes and happy listening. :)

    2. drmike


      i tried this new key and got the same message, will not work on this machine. do i have to send something to you? please help

    3. Windows X

      Windows X

      Hi. I received your email inquiry now. Let's continue on email message. I already sent instructions. :)




  5. drmike

    Fidelizer 8.0

    hello, i put a new mb in my pc. i can't get 8.5 to run, do i have to buy another copy? thanks, michael stevener
  6. three weeks into this problem with qobuz and still no answers. they have my money ($249.99), and the paypal transaction #, and i have no music yet. just promises that they will give me an answer this week. waiting for a solution to this problem. drmike
  7. still can't play songs, still being charged by quobuz $249.99 for studio subscription. sent my paypal transaction # to qobuz, still waiting! drmike
  8. david, it says: no current access to music streaming service thanks, drmike
  9. hello, i signed up for the studio subscription and my paypal was charged 249.00 dollars. when i play the music it only plays for 20--30 sec. i contacted customer support they said i needed to select a plan, if i do that i'll be charged again. paypal won't delete the original transaction, on 9/1/19, because it's a subscription service. any suggestions? thanks, drmike
  10. drmike


    is there a contact number for qobuz, signed up for the studio plan, my paypal account was charged, but the music, won't play for more than 30 sec. any suggestions
  11. what causes pops between tracks when listening to spotify with the ultarendu? thanks, drmike
  12. do i have to send it in? can i send it to sgc, i'm in nh? thanks, drmike
  13. just got an ultrarendu from a new O.R. buyer, when using spotify i can't change tracks or switch to a different artist, it goes back to the original song that was being played. any suggestions? thanks, drmike
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