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  1. I was lucky enough to see Robin open for Tull's Passion Play tour, but I did not get to see live PH. Pity. Man, do I love your posts. Thanks very much, Gilbert.
  2. To both RunHomeSlow and Speed Racer, but with also a nod to Jud, I am very happy to say that this sure seems to have worked. The library reloaded, I was notified at initial launch to re-install SysOptimizer, it did, and now it all seems to be working as it should. I've closed and re-opened Audirvana twice since, and it just starts playback like the old days. I truly appreciate the support I've received from those mentioned, but also very much appreciate the ComputerAudiophile community at large. I've learned so much, and it all goes back to Chris and his vision for what may be. Much to my benefit. Thanks to all. Martin
  3. Scott, That was really very helpful, as I thought that this was he meant, yet I couldn't find it. Your re-iterating made me realize that I must be missing something. And I was. The Library folder under my username was hidden, and that had not occurred to me. Have it now. Thanks very much.
  4. RunHomeShow - I am following your instructions to prepare to do the fresh install of Audirvana 3+, but I do not seem to have the User...Home Folder...Library folders you note above. Further, there are no Audirvana associated files on the Applications Support folder I do have in my main Library, there is no Preferences folder in my main Library, and there do not seem to be any Audirvana associated files in the main Library Caches folder, either. Sorry to be a bother, but any advice? Thanks very much.
  5. RunHomeSlow - I really can't thank you enough for spending so much time and energy trying to help me out. I am very grateful. I will follow your advice, and try a re-install tomorrow, using these directions. Should be pretty simple, as I am not a complicated user. I don't tend to use playlists (only have a few), and do not use Roon or any other streaming service. I'm an old guy, so my listening habits originated with album play and that is still true today. My library is not huge, but also not small. Approx. 2800 albums. In any case, as I mentioned in a previous post, this is somewhat annoying, but it does not frustrate me. I used to play a lot of golf, and I it took me a long time to learn that if doing something you love frustrates you, you are doing it wrong. It seems that perspective may be one of the benefits of age. I will report back on the outcome of the re-install. Thank you so very much. Martin
  6. OK, thanks all. I re-copied the 2 folders into my buggy Library, and replaced the old ones. Re-started the Mac, and then opened up A+. No change. Still got the "needs to install SysOptimizer" message, installed it, and got the original error message twice again. I'm wondering if a fresh A+ install would help. Thanks again for your time and assistance. I really appreciate it. Martin
  7. Thank you for the additional info. Very clear, very easy to follow. Unfortunately, that did not solve the issue. I both re-started Audirvana, and when that didn't work, rebooted my machine. After re-boot, and at opening Audirvana, I did get a message that it needed to re-install SysOptimizer, which it then apparently did. Still get the error message, only now I get it twice before it will clear and begin playback. Also, after quitting Audirvana and opening again, I get the need to re-install SysOptimizer message again as well. I do appreciate your help. Thanks much.
  8. Thank you for this information. It's a bit late here now, but I will try to look at this more carefully tomorrow and see if I can sort it out. Don't understand it all at the moment, but will attempt to give it a go then. Will certainly report what I can/can't do, and what happens then. Much appreciate your support. Cheers - Martin
  9. Hello - I am having a SysOptimizer Error message come up that is similar to another one on this thread, but not exactly the same. The error message, which comes up every time I start a new listening session, is: SysOptimizer Error There was an error executing SysOptimizer. Not all optimizations may be done. Error = the operation couldn't be completed. (OSStatus error =1.) I'm running 3.07 on a Macbook Pro using OSx 10.11.6 in my upstairs office. Oddly, I bought 2 licenses, so I also run a separate copy of this same version on a Mac Mini (main system downstairs) which is also using OSx 10.11.6. I do not get the error message on that machine. So, obviously my issue is just with the laptop. It seems just a nuisance, as the software does work after clearing the error message and sounds great. However, would like to solve, if possible. Anybody have any ideas? I've learned essentially all I know about digital playback from this site, and you folks, but I am far behind on my real understanding from most of whom I read here. Not a computer wiz, but my wife thinks I am. Thank you very much for any advice.
  10. I saw the Youngbloods at Sicks Stadium in Seattle in the summer of '70. Started off with a local group named Butterfat, then Pacific Gas & Electric, the Youngbloods, the Steve Miller Band, and finally Janis Joplin. All for $6. I was 15, and it was awesome.
  11. Therefore, one of the criteria I've used for my last 3 cars was for a quiet passenger compartment (2 Lexus and a current MB). The MB I have now has this stereo in it: Harman Kardon Automotive Mercedes Benz E Class There's an accommodation for a direct iPod connection in the glove box (complete with its own fan to keep it cool), so as does #40, I use a 160gb iPod classic, loaded with AIFF files as a playlist from my library. Currently, that is 250 albums @ 16/44.1. All runs through my in-dash controller, so easy to use, accommodates GIS and phone calls, etc. Sounds pretty good to me. There are some benefits to getting old, after all.
  12. Wow, what an awesome post. Yes, you are one lucky dude, Gilbert. Me, too, but not at all like that. Thanks very, very much for sharing.
  13. Thanks very much once again, Gilbert. I absolutely remember Ozzie and Harriet, as well as parts of Ricky Nelson's early career. Had no idea about the latter stages, and am always very thankful of your musical history lessons. Cheers!
  14. Loved the story, Gilbert. Thanks very much. I first learned of Pink Floyd when Meddle came out (a buddy at high school had it). I've got most of their stuff now, but my version of Piper is the 2011 remaster, and does not include Emily. Can't imagine what that must have been like at the time, as during the summer of '67 I was 12. Love your stuff.
  15. Wow, Jeff, what an amazing essay. Thanks very much for posting that link. I sure know what I'm going to go listen to now, with hopefully, new ears. Incredibly powerful.
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