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  1. I knew Tom would have something relevant.......... [video=youtube_share;qNWvdtt5sxs]
  2. maybe this will help? Part 1 Part 2 Part 3
  3. remasters were invented many years ago by the labels and helped by one of their other "gifts", the digital format, in another of their charlatan style efforts to extract your hard-earned $ from your wallet by incising you to re-purchase music you already own. many in my experiance are poorly engineered & sound like crap. these days, not too much has changed, but there are some who are engineering 'better' sounding music.
  4. i pay $40/month for zero deductible/$100k for my guy. some (most) actually think i am crazy. i am, but that is not the point. used it once when he got jerky stuck in his throat. tried the heimlich, with no luck. he was in bad shape, but able to breath thru his nose, thankfully. $300 vet ER bill with x-rays was covered. fortunately, no other claims filed, but i would do most anything to keep this guy by my side so long as his quality of life is maintained.
  5. yeah, when i need to reference something, i usually go analog...... just kidding.....sort of.....
  6. Clarence played to the sold-out, enthusiastic crowd of 1000 in his typical, shy & humble manner. at the end of his second set, the crowd was steadfast, clapping, stomping, jeering & chanting for over six minutes until he reappeared for an encore. over the next 45 minutes, he opened up, interfacing with the crowd almost as if we were in his living room. a wonderful evening in all respects.
  7. as Bifrost & Gungnir owner, i am V interested in hearing what your verdict is. and yes, their customer support is a model of what any business should aim for in my experience.
  8. LINK to a recent & V nice NC400 build at another fourm
  9. i have heard the 120, 200 & 400. with the excellent phono stage, i praise the 200. they are all wonderful imho. when you factor in no need for cables, these things make sense from an economic front, too. then there is the WAF...when i showed The Wife the 200, she said get one, "you mean all crap will be gone from the LR! Go ahead & sell your stuff & get one!." in a few years, i will likely pick up a used 200 as it will be a time in our life to beginning serous down-sizing.
  10. he is in Pittsburgh this coming weekend......would love to go, but too much on my plate right now.....
  11. two weeks ago: Albert Lee & Rambling Jack Elliott at St. Cyprian's Episcopal Church in San Francisco. and on Thursday night: Citizen Cope, solo acoustic at Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead, Pittsburgh Pa.
  12. excellent info... since all DAC's are not created equal, nor should they be....my rationale was simply to present as little work as possible to the DAC's own re-clocking circuit.
  13. i think having having the best, most accurate clock next to the DAC is desirable. my friends & i are using a the Mutec MC-3 fed by an ebay acquired, surplus-sourced rubidium master clock.
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