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  1. I figure I might as well share my experience... I owned the XSP early on, however I personally didn't like the "glossy" 9038 Pro sound, a little too much sparkle in the top octave and not the deepest sound stage either. I then tried an ADI-2, which had a more "unprocessed" sound with great precision. However it's sound stage was compact and it lacked dynamic punch. Eventually I settled on two DAC's. A Khadas Tone Board, that does much of what the XSP does but with a darker lusher sound. And a Topping D90, which brings all the air and micro detail of the XSP, but with greater d
  2. As a JPLAY Femto user I would like a quick way of turning the internet on without having to reset everything.
  3. Thanks for that. I guess I'm just a bit confused over the amperage requirements of the LT3045 regulators. I always thought they needed their full amperage rating on the input side to come alive... If not, then this device makes more sense to me. Cheers.
  4. Hi. May I ask, what is the input voltage and amperage requirements both with, and without batteries? Given that the batteries are powering multiple LT3045's, does that mean the batteries are always powering 2A?
  5. OK I'm back in Topaz country. My new 750VA unit arrived, this time with jumpers included. This one is a little worse for wear, but I guess you shouldn't judge an IT by it's outsides. It's outputting around 247V and it is quiet. No load attached yet, I just wanted to do a heat test and... After 1 hour, it is skin temperature. Barely warm to touch. Phew! Looks like a keeper. Now as for this "earth leakage circuit breaker"... is this a simple job? I'd like to have this thing wired nice and safe.
  6. Interesting. Lavardin are pretty militant about plugging the amp directly to the wall outlet. They say no to conditioning and fancy power cables. I'll certainly give that a go... you never know. For what it's worth I noticed no sound deterioration when using the Topaz with the Lavardin, and it did block the AC line noise issue I was having.
  7. The manufacturer told me in an email regarding the amp and my noise issues that it has a "complex floating configuration." Are they talking about the grounding? I assume so. With the amp turned on and nothing connected but the power cord and speakers, it has a loud ground loop... once I add my grounded IC's + DAC, the noise drops by 90% and can only be heard a few inches away. I will redo my grounding scheme, larger gauge wire, new connections. That's at least a start.
  8. Thanks Speed Racer, I figured that'd be the case. Regarding the toroidal I was referring to my amplifier.
  9. Yeah, I'm running separate grounding wires attached to the metal IC plugs (Van Den Hul The Bay C5). If I don't all hell breaks loose. Like a de-tuned radio I get all sorts of static and hiss. They are chassis grounded along with the subs. My system is audio only, so the only thing connected to my amp is the DAC, speakers and subwoofers. I should mention that I need to be up close to the speakers to hear the hum. It's also not loud enough to wake my subs out of standby. So it maybe expected levels of self noise within the amp?
  10. I've had three different IC's and a few different speaker cables and the noise doesn't change. It also doesn't matter which output I put my DAC on. But... while the IC's are connected and grounded to the DAC, as soon as I select an unused output on my amp, the hum goes. I can't help but think I can get rid of it, but I just don't know what else to try.
  11. Never knew this existed, thanks for the link. I didn't know phase mattered until Lavardin stated that their amp sounds much better with correct phase. When I first tried a reverse phase power cord it sounded less bright and a little more laid back. I kept it that way and assumed it to be correct.
  12. I will confess to being a bit ignorant about balanced mode. Is the 240V balanced by default, or does that require some funky rewiring?
  13. No clicks, other than AC line noise, pops and crackles etc. It's a low level dirty hum, sounds exactly like a ground loop but really quiet. I once touched a ground wire to the negative terminal of one of my speakers and it went away, didn't work on the other speaker though. Being a non-common ground amp, I am not comfortable with trying to ground the negative terminals on both my speakers, so I gave that idea a miss. Both my subs are grounded, my interconnects need to be grounded as well (Chord DAC running off batteries) My previous DAC that was mains powered didn't need groundin
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