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  1. Or do you need an MQA capable DAC to take full advantage of Tidal's MQA streaming service?
  2. When Roon launches MQA decoding, does that mean that you could use your Microrendu and Berkeley DAC RS to take full advantage of Tidal's MQA offerings?
  3. Thanks Chris. Can you describe how the sound profile of the RS2 differs from the DAC2x? Not asking you to pick a "winner", just to describe the sound differences to understand if one would appeal to different tastes than the other.
  4. How did the Devialet/Focal combo sound vs. The Micromega/Focal room?
  5. Hey Chris, is a Moon 780D review still in the works or not?
  6. Hi Chris, Wondering if you could take a shot at describing what this piece of equipment sounds like to make it the best performance you've heard from your system? Can you talk about in what way it improves on the sound? Thanks!
  7. Wow, thanks so much for the detailed description ecwl! This is fantastic! I'll definitely check out the DAVE. I'd also be interested in hearing the Berkeley Reference but the price went way up since the Canadian dollar fell. I think it's over $20k now and that's too much to spend on a DAC, in my opinion. At least the 780D comes with a built in MIND streamer, which adds some value. It doesn't, however, have pre-amp capability. Have you had any experience with the Chord streamers as well? Wondering if they are comparable to Meridian with a better selection of interfaces with the DAC?
  8. How would you describe the sound of Chord vs. Simaudio ecwl?
  9. Anyone? Chris, any update on the review? I've seen a couple of favorable reviews to date in the audiophile community: Moon Evolution 780D digital converter/network streamer | Hi-Fi+ SoundStage! Hi-Fi | SoundStageHiFi.com - Moon by Simaudio Evolution 780D Digital-to-Analog Converter
  10. Just checking in on the status off the 780D review Chris. Any updates?
  11. Hi Chris, you mentioned you'd be reviewing the 780D after CES. Is this review still forthcoming? Any ETA? I'm really curious to see how this DAC sonically compares to the Berkeley Alpha DAC RS and the EMM Labs DAC 2x. I'm not so much interested in which is "the best" but more so in the sonic differences between them. I've heard the Sim is more "lively" whereas the Berkeley is more "laid back" and the EMM Labs is "an interesting combination of sonic features" from the Berkeley and Sim.
  12. In your original review of the EMM Labs DAC 2x, you said: "Comparing the Meitner Audio MA-1 to DACs such as the Weiss DAC202, Berkeley Audio Design Alpha DAC, and dCS Debussy reveals what will be a less than a satisfactory answer for readers seeking what Regis Philbin called THE final answer. The DAC202 and Alpha are in one camp while the MA-1 and Debussy are in another camp. Neither twosome is unequivocally the winner of any DAC shootout. Chances are good that listeners will like one camp better than the other. Compared to the MA-1 and Debussy the DAC202 and Alpha sound pretty laid back with a touch more transparency and a skosh less dynamics and vivid bass slam." Is this the case with the DAC 2x vs. the Berkeley Alpha RS as well? Do you think listeners would fall into 2 camps, with one preferring the sound off the DAC 2X and the other preferring the Berkeley Alpha RS?
  13. Thanks for the tip! I have purchased one of the new Simaudio DACs with the MiND built in, and it supports native DSD. I tested it out with a few DSD downloads (running Asset on my laptop to manage my music library) and it worked flawlessly. So no need to convert the DSF/DFF files, fortunately.
  14. I know this is controversial but, when I conducted a test a few years ago when beginning to rip my CD collection, WAV sounded better to me on my system than FLAC (uncompressed). Not sure if that is still the case on my new system. But I've had a preference for WAV ever since then. I thought that DBpoweramp tagged WAV files? They must be tagged as Asset has no issue with presenting information for the CDs I ripped with DBpoweramp. It's the rips through EAC that are the issue.
  15. My bad Ted_B! I did mean file name. I take it the file name won't impact the song title in the app because that info is stored in the tag, correct?
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