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  1. The ringing seen before and after an impulse response are the result of what is an illegal, out-of-band signal being filtered. They do not appear when an in-band signal is put through the filter. Archimago's post, buried in all the MQA threads, of the effects of the digital filters on actual in-band sine waves is more relevant. I'll edit this post if I can find it.
  2. I think that much of the problem with noisy, online "objectivist" talk is that it is based on a lack of genuine knowledge of what measurements show. I've noticed a recent trend for hyped Chinese DACs to show their low SINAD numbers, yet avoid showing the measurements of their leaky filters. The problem with both is that neither have their relation, if any, to what we actually hear explained. For example, how often do you read about the effect of digital filters on our perception of soundstage? The claims regarding the effects of distortion down to -200dB were specifically related to this. While running a file-based blind test to determine blatant audibility is interesting, basing it on comments/claims which are related to specific hardware is not the same thing. What is more, I think the contradiction between "objectivists" seeming to claim distortion differences are inaudible one minute, and the next minute complaining about inaudible side-bands on SINAD tests, comes down to a significant number of them wanting to be part of the bandwagon, and blindly following whatever their at-the-moment chosen leader is saying, without having any actual knowledge themselves, let alone a desire to consider the blatant contradictions in their their beliefs. A major issue, which I have given an example above in my wording in the paragraph above, and I think which Chris' original post is also a good example of, is attachment to the same, repeated, simplistic ideas about both audio science and people, starting with the idea of anything, whether it be a measurement artefact or changing a physical product, being straight-up audible or inaudible, as with the huge variety of electronics and music we have available to us, as well as the complexity of it, these things clearly cannot be declared as absolutes using numbers.
  3. I had the same when a set of rectifiers was burning out in a tube amp. If all gear sounds slow, even a completely different system, that may indicate something is going on in your head.
  4. I imagine it varies to a degree, but I've found that some high-res recordings, such as the 2L ones, are mostly ADC noise above 48 kHz. I.e.: If you buy above a 24/48 kHz file from them, you're paying for a lot of electrical noise. I haven't tested this with other providers of high-res music, though a quick look at a recent Chesky recording shows notes from instruments extending right up to 90 kHz. There seems to be a number of questions about the production of high-res music that need answering. For me, personally, while I used to have a preference for high-res recordings, in more recent times, I've found DAC models that are sufficiently good with CD-quality material that I don't worry about it any longer.
  5. It's rather scary the amount of gear that doesn't get requested to be returned. For the portable electronics, I've had to buy extra chargers to keep everything topped up so I can pull out anything at any time and test and compare. A funny story: I found my wife and daughter one day checking out cheap, portable mp3 players on Amazon, so I asked them what they were doing. My wife said that my daughter wanted something to listen to music with. I replied "Have you seen the top of my desk at all?!?"
  6. There is supposed to be some kind of special update soon, but as I've pointed out on HF, anything other than a "mass manufacture" update, with pictures of the final product, is just more BS. They can't afford more than beta boards it seems, which is odd, considering they would be paying about $70k/year for their office, and between 11 and 50 employees given other listings (though they may be out of date). I have to wonder what name they are trading under, as LH Labs is no longer listed as a company in CA, and Light Harmonic isn't listed anywhere that I can find. Considering nowadays you could basically go to Shenzen, build your own phone (and likely DAP) and get a UI from Hiby, there's no reason at all for it not be possible for Larry to finalise things if he were actually intending to manufacture the Wave.
  7. They seem to be attracting a few Chinese manufacturers now. I've pointed out to at least one how there are no multiple unfolds, and that it is not lossless. I think it is time to find out what they have actually been telling manufacturers that implement it, as if the manufacturers posting false info, I don't see where else they could have gotten it from.
  8. What I'm saying is, a more sensible approach would be to post about new products, but with insightful commentary. If I was to subscribe to a magazine, I'd be paying for that commentary, not to read press releases and marketing material, which are all freely available.
  9. I'd have to script reviews if I did that, which would take me forever. I don't know how audiophiles describe things in Japanese either, so I have no idea if I'd sound like an idiot or not. I also don't understand what people are on about in online conversation if they are using colloquial terms, so responding to comments would be difficult.
  10. I'm a bit wary of asking to borrow more Chord gear. Firstly because it is borrowed from the Japanese distributor, a lovely lady who doesn't gain anything from me reviewing it in English, and second because I'll want to keep them. I borrowed a DAVE once, and that, direct to headphones, was like having music injected into my blood. I need a new car before I need a DAVE, so....
  11. Someone should add mansr's and your work under criticisms.
  12. I didn't say that people don't want to hear about new products, I said that just publishing press releases was lazy.
  13. I didn't rate anything in TIDAL or Qobuz. I took the list of tracks I'd rated 7 or higher on Radio Paradise and re-formatted that into an M2U file I could import into Soundiiz. I made a number of playlists, such as just tracks that are rated 10, or just those rated 9, or 8. This because even though some tracks, such as various Pink Floyd, that are rated 10, are not necessarily ones I want to listen to regularly when listening to a random selection.
  14. Ha! That's not news, that's just laziness!
  15. Hi Alex. My name is public, so no problem there. I moved to Fukuoka in 2006 after my work fell apart and I was tired of living in Sydney. I started up doing Youtube at a friend's suggestion. In hindsight, I realise I might have made a good radio or TV announcer. Computer skills! I did this a while back using their old web site (which may not still exist). I downloaded the table of tracks, re-formatted it into M3U, then uploaded it to Soundiiz. I did ask them if they could create a means to download your favourites, and they said they would, but I haven't checked back to see if they have done it. I need to borrow a set to compare. I couldn't do it side-by-side so I can't really give an answer.
  16. The way to deal with Facebook is simple: Install Firefox with the Facebook container. Any outbound links are re-loaded fresh so that tracking wont work, and cross-site tracking is prevented. With a couple of suitable plug-ins, including one that prevents canvas fingerprinting, the only thing left to track someone is their IP, and if you're on most ISPs, that will change regularly anyway. Of course, you could add in a VPN... I just use Facebook to keep up with friends. I installed the Social Fixer plug-in which removes all the group recommendations, "People you may know", politics and other crap, and except for groups that it is pertinent for me to be a member of (which I can easily un-follow while staying a member) I get mostly stuff my friends have posted about their lives.
  17. Don't look into portable music players then. They all MUST have balanced outputs or the enthusiasts rant and rally that they are no good, even though you don't at all need balanced outputs for headphones or IEMs. You might well put the blame for MQA including in products on the head of enthusiasts who badgered manufacturers to include it. Like the internet, even if you are a tiny minority, if you make enough noise you can fool people into thinking that you represent the opinion of a significant percentage of people. When you were vague to me about the connection of MQA and HDTracks and their legal issues, it didn't leave me any confidence that you know anything beyond what you can read on the internet. Every recent reply you've had regarding evidence for the things you claim (excepting the links to public MQA financials and the like) has been a clear attempt to avoid having to provide anything concrete about what you say, in one way or another. I think you have a strong need to appear important. If meeting sports and movie stars makes you feel important, enjoy! But meeting famous people isn't the same as knowing what you are talking about, and since 2017 when you started this thread, it seems that your knowledge has dried up. I've said it before, but this kind of thing has been one of the major failings of the discussion of MQA. The actual useful information about the issues with MQA has been buried in amongst what amounts to shit-talking people in the audio press and others in the industry. This thread, despite it starting out well, seems to have run its course. At least though it made people in the different parts of the industry take notice and, for the most part, stop trying to hype an almost useless technology.
  18. I think Head-Fi is up to about its third or fourth "rebel" forum that started after a ban of someone toxic. The last one spilled over into real life, with members attending meets and leaving postcards around with insulting graphics on them, and blatant lies about events to try and discredit people. I've had the odd ASR person try and disrupt discussion on my videos. I posted a video about how science works, and immediately get comments from people claiming things about me that aren't true. There is a very good discussion in one of the Joe Rogan Experience interviews about the recent changes in society. I forget which one though. If I find it again I'll try and post it here. Anyhow, could be worse. You could have to deal with some of the people on Reddit.
  19. Oh, Yahoo. There hasn't been a point within the last decade that they haven't been a walking disaster. Having been bought out and sh*tcanned most of their services (moving huge Yahoo Groups to groups.io was entertaining in the extreme once they announced they were ditching all web features) they appear only to be a limping shell focussed on whatever they can ad revenue for, so that's news and email.
  20. I've never seen anyone write that. The very problem is so-called objectivists trying to make someone else "feel like a second class citizen" by putting out their beliefs as superior, in a manner akin to a religion. It was especially frustrating in the MQA threads, as if I forgot to bookmark a post with important information, it would take me hours of going through page after page of crap to find it again. Since I've been wanting to make a video about MQA, that alone has put me off.
  21. The irony is that an objective approach to audio is a subjective choice made by the individual.
  22. The hardcore objectivists would be the ones drinking water and telling us all that is wrong with beer in passive aggressive tones.
  23. I might ask why you're connecting to anything on the internet from a root login.... but anyway.... As FTTH is most common in Japan, there is, or maybe was, a service that intended to stream DSD (!!!). I don't think I need say more.
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