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  1. Both same setup, just switched the outputs.
  2. The 1A output measured @.5A looks realy good ..
  3. This is a 5V measurement -20kHz ripple ... 3A output @1A load.
  4. Just an R at 1A. The 1A output is very clean (measured at .5A), the 3A output i measure square wave ripples.
  5. Did anybody measured the Shanti ? I did with my analyzer but it seems that the 3A output isn't that 'clean', it's 'ripple' are square waves. Could someone confirm that ? The 1A output is indeed top notch !
  6. Upgrade my system with a battery powered linear power supply.
  7. No, i think it would be too expensive. And on the other hand it cost me a lot of hours .
  8. It's powered by the graphene lipo which has a very very low impedance and coupled to 4 LT3045's ....😀
  9. What details do you want? long story short, it's a linear power supply feeded by a graphene lipo. Some features:12 bits voltage controlFully automatic or manual charging circuitUndervoltage protectionOvervoltage protectionAutomatic sleep functionNo switching componentsVery low ripple/noisefloorNo 50Hz pickupMeasurements:0-100kHzripple: 300nVnoisefloor: -130dBV0-20kHzripple: 152nVnoisefloor: -137dBV
  10. Thanks! No I'm not from the Tattoo business. The nickname I have is from a computer game.... Way long ago;)
  11. They do make a difference, but it depends on your system if it's capable of exposing the differences. My newest Linear Battery Power Supply for my streamer makes a huge difference:
  12. You can use a graphene lipo .... lower impedance then a bunch of ultra capacitors.
  13. Strange that all my linear power supplies outperform the switching ones (sound wise) ...
  14. I don't know which other forums you know where i ALWAYS say yes to make LPS! I'm on one other forum (Dutch) where i show for example my lps's and build some only for people who are asked about it (i never ever promoted my LPS and say you can buy it from me). But it's not true that i'm selling it to anyone who ask about it ! You're an admin, please read my email (pm) and you will see that i'm right and not selling it outside my own country. As i said before i'm not an manufacturer but only an enthusiast about good lps. For the people who know me (not here on this forum where i've never ever sells an LPS before) knows that i hardly makes no money on the ones i made. I did it for whole other reasons i won't discuss it here. A company wants to make money, i did it for let's say 'fun', that's all i can say about it.
  15. Can you please pm me, i don't know what this has to do with the subjects thread. Please clearify in pm. thanks.
  16. No, i'm not a manufacturer or seller of audio equipment. Why do you think that?
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