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  1. Both same setup, just switched the outputs.
  2. The 1A output measured @.5A looks realy good ..
  3. This is a 5V measurement -20kHz ripple ... 3A output @1A load.
  4. Just an R at 1A. The 1A output is very clean (measured at .5A), the 3A output i measure square wave ripples.
  5. Did anybody measured the Shanti ? I did with my analyzer but it seems that the 3A output isn't that 'clean', it's 'ripple' are square waves. Could someone confirm that ? The 1A output is indeed top notch !
  6. Upgrade my system with a battery powered linear power supply.
  7. No, i think it would be too expensive. And on the other hand it cost me a lot of hours .
  8. It's powered by the graphene lipo which has a very very low impedance and coupled to 4 LT3045's ....😀
  9. What details do you want? long story short, it's a linear power supply feeded by a graphene lipo. Some features:12 bits voltage controlFully automatic or manual charging circuitUndervoltage protectionOvervoltage protectionAutomatic sleep functionNo switching componentsVery low ripple/noisefloorNo 50Hz pickupMeasurements:0-100kHzripple: 300nVnoisefloor: -130dBV0-20kHzripple: 152nVnoisefloor: -137dBV
  10. Thanks! No I'm not from the Tattoo business. The nickname I have is from a computer game.... Way long ago;)
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