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  1. Hi Everybody, there seem to be hardly any reviews of this dac so I thought to consult the forum. They are now becoming available for around £900, making them more attractive. If anyone can offer an opinion then I’d be grateful. Many thanks, David Caswell
  2. Hi Kelly, I'm really grateful for the help and advice. Thanks for taking the time and trouble to respond. Your second post was especially helpful, it may have saved me from an expensive mistake. Listening to my existing setup yesterday I'm beginning to think of staying with it..The jplay two computer setup is really good, and as I've kept jriver to version 18, I can still use this excellent interface to control it. I was thinking that maybe audiophil's AO might perhaps be a better next step. The reason for thinking of a streamer/dedicated pc was really that a bespoke device
  3. Hi Everybody, If anyone could offer some help with the following then I'd be very grateful: My current setup is a two pc one, streaming via jplay or jriver. The next link in the chain is a yellowtec puc2 converter, feeding an old benchmark dac1. I'm thinking of going over to a streamer, but one issue is that the yellowtec requires more power than a single usb can provide. Presently this is not an issue, as the two headed cable of the puc can both be serviced in the computer. Most streamers however, only have the one usb out. I did think that an ifi usb power unit might do the tr
  4. Hi Phil and everyone, interested in the optimizer after having read all positive feedback. I'm still in the dark days of the PCI card, and wanted to ask if it is possible to use the software with a lynx pci card? I'm currently running win8 with the old 18c lynx driver, the last one that supports KS. It works fine in this setup, both with jr and jplay. I'd also need to update my mb to a 64 bit capable board, and finding a suitable board with pci support might be challenging. I'm very happy still using a soundcard, and don't really want to change to usb while the card still has some mileage in
  5. The ma does have an ssd option, but this still has a fan, at least this one here does! When operating in clamshell mode the fan is really very noisy..although in 'normal' laptop operation the ma is almost silent. It also lacks flexible connectivity: there is no ethernet port, only two usbs and a thunderbolt. It does however make a great controller for jriver, via gizmo. Diogenes, could you tell me if win 8 has sonic advantages over win xp? I'm not sure whether or no to upgrade my os in the caps1. Does wasapi offer an improvement on asio? Many thanks if you can help with this. Regards, David
  6. Hi, it's me again, with a solution to my own problem! Being new to computers I had no idea that that pci cards, risers etc, can have different specs. The intel d945g board needs a rev 2.3 card to work, it won't work with older riser/pci cards. Thanks to Martin Walker at Sound-on sound for this advice: PCI Soundcard Compatibility Issues I post this link just in case anyone else should come up against this problem. Partly the issue is that the custom backplate and riser that is made for this motherboard is hard to find now..but having finally found one the caps 1 server is now up and runni
  7. Hi Everybody, firstly I'd like to say thanks for the all the info contained within this site, it has been really helpful and interesting to learn about the world of computer audio. This is a new area for me, and with all the help and resources that you have on offer here, I've been able to construct a caps 1 server. It works very well- out of the case! I have not been able to install it in the enclosure because I cannot get a PCI riser card to work with the intel D945gsejt board. The lynx aes16 card works perfectly if installed directly into the motherboard's PCI slot, but the moment I connec
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