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  1. That sounds like a very reasonable explanation to me. I will give HQplayer definitely a try, although it would be nice if A+'s DSD conversion will get les CPU intensive in the future.
  2. Thanks. And so the never-ending quest for Audio Heaven continues. :-)
  3. Would love to find out if there's a trick to get the DSD Magic that a lot of people are describing. Thanks! Martin
  4. This is my experience as well. I have borrowed an ifi nano to try out upsampling to DSD but I also find that the non upsampled PCM sounds better in most cases. DSD takes away some of the rough edges. The sound is smoother, but also less 3D, if that's a correct description and a bit dull. It seems that voices and instruments are pushed back in to the speaker where as with the non upsampled signal they are right up your nose. I'm using Mac mini => Regen Amber => ifi Nano => Primaluna Premium Int. Martin
  5. It seems that the Amber has been updated: http://www.lampizator.eu/Fikus/DAC_AMBER.html Is there more info available about the new Digital Engine? It's an inhouse design and does PCM and DSD. Could be good!
  6. Which gets me back to my initial question ;-) Is it just a matter of flipping a switch to select the seperate engines or does it require a reboot to connect to the computer (mac mini in my case)?
  7. Hi Wisnon. I've considered the Atlantic as well but would like to know how DSD through the Atlantic's engine sounds compared to the "classic" chipless Lampi DSD. Did anyone get the chance to compare this? Or is it still too early for that? I have not seen any reviews of the Atlantic so far. Martin
  8. I'm trying to find out as much info as possible about these wonderfull DAC's in order to purchase the right one, so maybe one of you experienced Lampi-users can help me out? At the moment a Level 4 with a PCM-R2R upgrade seems to be the best deal for me. The only thing that worries me a bit is the manual selection of the PCM and DSD engine. How does work? I'm playing with Audirvana from a Mac Mini. Is changing the engine from PCM to DSD (and the other way around) just a matter of pushing a button? Or does the Mac or Audirvana need a reboot/restart in order to recognize the selected engin
  9. According to the HDplex website the 12v output of the 100w LPS has a "max DC current" of 7A and a "full load DC current" of 5A. I am not too familiar with these matters either and would like to know as well if that's enough to power a Mac Mini (2011) and if the HDplex delivers enough power to connect a USB Regen to the adjustable output at 7,5v as well. Post #190 indeed mentions the power used by the Mac Mini and the Regen but maybe someone who knows a thing or two about physics can do the math and explain if the HDplex can deliver this? Thanks in advance! :-)
  10. Thanks for your reply. This is very helpfull. I found these numbers in the HDPLEX web site: [TABLE=width: 600] [TR] [TD]Output Voltage[/TD] [TD]Max DC Current[/TD] [TD]Full Load DC Current[/TD] [TD]Output Voltage Tolerance[/TD] [TD]Ripple Noise (mV)[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]+19V[/TD] [TD]7A[/TD] [TD]5A[/TD] [TD]0.015%[/TD] [TD]3mV[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]+12V[/TD] [TD]7A[/TD] [TD]5A[/TD] [TD]0.016%[/TD] [TD]2mV[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]+9V[/TD] [TD]3A[/TD] [TD]2A[/TD] [TD]0.022%[/TD] [TD]2mV[/TD] [/TR] [TR] [TD]+5V[/TD] [TD]3A[/TD] [TD]2A[/TD] [TD]0.032%[/TD] [TD]
  11. Thanks for the prompt reply and explanation. I use my Mac Mini for audio only so it should not be a problem.
  12. Hi, If I had paid more attention to my physics lessons, it probably wouldn't have been neccesary to ask this, but. . . . Would it be possibe to power an Uptone Audio MMK tweaked 2011 Mac Mini and an USB Regen with HDPLEX 100W LPS without any problems? Max power consupmtion of the Mac Mini is 85W according to apple's website and the stock SMPS of the Regen is 22W. Sorry for the noob question and thanks in advance!!
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