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  1. Agreed. Good UI is important these days.
  2. Is there a way to return to a thread and begin on the post, or at least the page, where I last left off? It can be a chore trying to find my spot when returning to long threads. Many thanks.
  3. I love how JVS slips a burn to MQA skeptics in to the comments, writing, "...I would venture a guess that if they put "MQA" on the disc, only in Japan, where I am told that people are far more educated about and interested in MQA..." But seriously, this is what I've been afraid of. I'm not much of a streamer/downloader, but have been following MQA in fear that it would infect my physical media. Please no MQA vinyl, please.
  4. Now you see what I was talking about a few pages back. The mod even banned popcorn munching memes on your thread--you can't make this stuff up. It's unfortunate as I generally like the community there.
  5. I'd say it is controversial, but that's what makes it interesting. SHMF is highly regulated and controversy isn't tolerated there for long. It makes for a civil forum, which has its merits, but too often threads get closed just as they're getting to be a fun read (like Lee Scoggins' MQA article thread). Now, please carry on!
  6. CA rocks. This highly entertaing thread would have been closed 3 pages ago on SHMF. I don't know who to beleve here, but the drama and intrigue make for a great read!
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