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  1. This sounds nice. Far better than my 2001 CD version (mono+stereo). Got a good dynamic range and seems to be identical to the MFSL SACD mix. DR Database But the 192kHz version seems to be upsampled from 96kHz, so it would make more sense to go for that one. In this case, this is especially annoying as HD-Tracks claim: "About the Mastering Stereo mix produced, engineered and mastered at 24bit/192kHz by The Beach Boys’ long time Grammy®-Award-Winning engineer Mark Linett under the supervision of Brian Wilson." But, it sure sounds good. But I would now go for the 96kHz dow
  2. I downloaded the 192/24 version from HD-Tracks, and can confirm it's got the same DR values as the MFSL SACD. To me, this is good enough evidence the mix is identical. And yes, it sounds good! Just had a look at Spectrogram, there is a cut-off at 48kHz, suggesting this is upsampled from 96kHz. If you're interested, I would suggest going for the 96/24 version then (using code 'sounds15' for 15% off until 23.7.) Maybe I will post graphs later, unless someone else does it first...
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