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  1. I have had the same fan problem with nearly the same Mac Mini - maxxed out on performance. I have also read that there have been some problems with fan running and Apple recommends shutting down, pull out power cable x 15 seconds, plug back in, wait 5 seconds, hit power button. Works every time, then 2 days later, fan blowing constantly - it is rather frustrating for near field listening at the computer desk, but does not seem to affect performance at all. If I am listening in my other rooms obviously the fan noise is not an issue.
  2. I have a 2018 one with no problems to date - except that the fan really is blowing. lot and a bit noisy - id love a better fan and power unit, hopefully Uptone or someone comes up with one. But no drop outs - I am running Roon Core off it without any trouble
  3. Thanks so much for the fun read. I am in the position of desiring a nice sounding setup for near-field (2-3 feet) listening off a new mac-mini. I need to really minimize the cabinet depth - hoping no more than 5-6". I looked at the Kanto site and they have this YU2 that looked interesting. I would be open to something really small + SW. I was looking at KEF Egg. Love my LS50's, but those LSX are too large. Audioengine? I was really interested in those Martin Logans mentioned above by Sonis, but they would require amplification and I'm looking for simple here. Depth is a bit frustrating as otherwise I'd be really interested in a few speakers, but these 8-10" depth speakers just wont work in my setup and I am guessing others reading might perhaps be in a similar scenario of really needing less cabinet depth (not really smaller size, but less depth) in a powered speaker like this Thanks for any guidance and the interesting article and comments. This is a rather interesting topic.
  4. Thanks for doing this. I enjoyed it. Congratulations on your journey, and success. You've earned it. Love the photos and of course, the equipment. Keep up the good work be safe and stay healthy
  5. I got off my lazy butt and opened my password manager to get my bad memory logged on— just to tell you how much I enjoyed your review. Even more so than the excellent review, I absolutely loved the “About Purple Warrior Section” Thanks keep up the great work. Stay safe Stay healthy
  6. I would greatly appreciate any help with A cable issue particularly with the Meitner MA1. Wasn’t sure the best forum spot to put this but it seems most reasonable here. I was considering changing to a DCS Bartok but ultimately decided my money would be a bit better spent upgrading to V2. I presently run an Aurender S10 through an AQ Diamond USB to Berkeley Alpha USB with a Nordost Heimdall 2 digital AES to the Meitner. Separately from this, I have a Sonore Ultra Rendu with Uptone power supply that feeds Roon via Wireworld platinum Starlight USB cable to the MA1. I just got a very nice deal on Tara Labs 0.8 digital AES cable from show demo in an effort to upgrade the AES cable but after talking to Amadeus Meitner yesterday, he thought by far the best sound would come from using USB with the new galvanic isolation in the V2 upgrade. So I have an opened that cable, and clearly can sell it secondhand, but wanted peoples opinions. Ive heard others say no matter how good the USB implementation on a DAC is, that the Alpha USB will really improve sound. So I’m kind of looking for some guidance here. I could run the Aurender straight into the Meitner by USB, and then run the Sonore through the Alpha USB? If the new V2 USB electrical isolation is that much better, I could actually ditch the Sonore altogether (I was mostly using it to feed DSD files to Meitner as my Aurender set up will not permit that with the Berkeley alpha USB in that chain. I realize there is no “correct“ answer, just looking for thoughts from you guys. I appreciate everyone’s help
  7. I’m not sure why album art would introduce any more noise than displaying text of the song and artist. Unless you completely shut off the display altogether and I don’t think that’s an option. Besides - it didn’t seem to affect the sound quality much based on the review. Would Ld still love to know the answer to my original question if anyone knows if album art will be an option on other Aurender units?
  8. For a number of years I had wondered why Aurender didn’t include album art information on their front panel OLED displays. I’m curious, since I now appear to see album art in the review photos, if it will be applied across their line of music servers or just for this one? Does anybody know that answer? It would seem to be an option much more related to software and not in the OLED panels and thus hopefully it will be a front display option on their other servers. I just updated my conductor app and did not appreciate any album art feature on my now somewhat antiquated S10 unit anybody know?
  9. Does anybody know if there’s any ability to move playlist off of the Aurender software to other software platforms? For example, I would love to transfer some of those playlists from Aurender onto my Roon stuff, or even in Tidal/Qobuz so it could potentially be used when I’m not at home and streaming to someone else’s device for example or camping and what not.
  10. Sure does help. Thanks! My analog stuff is nowhere near as nice as my digital, but even with an entry level Project turntable, it puts out amazing sound so I definitely won't be giving it up. I really do appreciate your thoughts. I will have the Rossini and Berkeley both in my system shortly, and try to get a sense of how much I like them and their different tonal characteristics. I may or may not try to directly drive my audio research amplifier but I can't really think of any other way to listen to the vinyl without a quality preamp and phono-pre, so don't see much point and driving the speakers directly with the DAC, and likely will continue going through the preamp..
  11. By the way, as an aside, love Dylan. Absolutely would start with Blood on the Tracks. There are certainly songs on other albums that I prefer but man the sound on that album is just awesome. It’s so eminently listenable and just makes me feel good right from the first notes of Tangled up in Blue. Its an an easy entrance point to Dylan. Also, as a shameless plug for my present DAC, I will be looking to sell my Meitner MA1 on this site in the near future for those interested-I am the second owner (the first owner being Ted here on CA) Thanks for thoughts. By the way Chris, I really value your reviews-I don’t believe you have ever reviewed any of the MSB offerings and I don’t even know where there is a dealer near me but it would be interesting to read one of your reviews on their equipment.
  12. I have been reading the comments with great interest as I am presently considering either a Berkeley reference 2 MQA or DCS Rossini (and trying to figure out how much stuff I can sell /trade to be able to purchase either of these. Hence interest in eliminating my pre for sale/trade and having either go directly to my amp) I just listened to both of them at Quintessence Audio in Chicago. I liked both, and ultimately ended up leaving there telling them I would like to hear them in my own system. I tremendously agree with those here who have said you need to live with a product in your own system. It is very difficult to tell the acoustic signature of an isolated product in a full system at an audio show. There are so many other uncontrolled variables present. You are ultimately hearing the acoustic signature of the entire system and environment. The same goes if you are hearing it at an audio store and tremendously agree with those here who have said you need to live with a product in your own system. It is impossible to tell the acoustic signature of a product at an audio show. There so many other variables that are not controlled. You are ultimately hearing the acoustic signature of the entire system, and environment. The same goes if you are hearing it at an audio store in their system. I love the idea of having the DAC directly drive the amplifier but I’ve never tried it. Most people whom I have interacted with in audio circles tend to not be computer audio folk like us. They universally have been against this. I am curious for a number of reasons, not the least of which it would allow me a lot more money on trade-in, as well as Rackspace, to get rid of my audio research REF 6 preamp (which I happen to think is the bees knees and absolutely amazing by the way ) So my question stems from my love of vinyl as well. I’m one of these odd guys on this forum loves computer audio, but does also love vinyl, and appreciate what it brings to the table which clearly is different—Even from world-class digital reproduction. This is off-topic to get into a discussion of vinyl versus digital, but I would like to continue listening to vinyl which would seem too obviously necessitate the use of a preamplifier. That being said, there are some pretty clever people in these forums and maybe somebody has other thoughts on another way to accomplish said task as most DACs do not have analog inputs So, I guess my question is whether or not there are any slick options to have a turntable and somehow get that signal to a digital preamplifier if I would abandon my ARC REF6. What sounds like is the only option out there is some sort of a DAC /pre that has a phono input-I believe someone had commented on this being a possibility with MSB? Just curious if anybody has any thoughts on this specifically. For those of us who have a love for vinyl, it sounds like we probably need to have a true preamplifier and not remove it from the chain? Thanks all. Have a great weekend. Present system: Aurender S10–Berkeley alpha USB—Meitner MA1–ARC REF 6 Pre—ARC REF 110–Vandersteen Quattro CT Project Debut Carbon — ARC REF Phono 3–ARC REF6–etc.
  13. Thanks. The MA1 does have a BNC. I would definitely try all the options- agree wholeheartedly that is the fun. I would ideally have a situation though where both the Aurender and the DCS network bridge could be connected to the DAC at the same time to avoid the hassle of repetitively unplugging the ARS (likely best off both DCS and Alpha USB) each time I listen to one or the other path. Given the ideal set up of having both connected to the DAC at the same time, I’m guessing it likely would be SPDIF off the Bridge. Perhaps the DCS re-clocking helps with jitter issues known to SPDIF?
  14. Ive decided I'd really like the DCS Network Bridge but don't want to ditch my Aurender setup. Presently I run Aurender S10 (USB) --> Berkeley alpha USB (AES out) --> Meitner MA1--> ARC Ref 6 Pre Since I am already using the Meitner's AES input from the Aurender/Alpha USB would I then use SPDIF from DCS Network Bridge to Meitner MA-1?? Or would sound quality suffer versus AES off that DCS Bridge? I am concerned about jitter issues with SPDIF (less of a concern with DCS clocking?)and the quality of a SPDIF input o the Meitner or other DACs as I have only used USB and AES previously. or should I just run USB with iFi filter from Aurender to Meitner and then AES off the Network Bridge?? I figured I'd post this here as well as the DCS Bridge comments. Thoughts...help...Thanks!
  15. I am finally intrigued enough to consider this in addition to my Aurender but appreciate help. I presently run Aurender S10 (USB) --> Berkeley alpha USB (AES out) -- Meitner MA1 Since I am already using the AES off the Alpha USB to the Meitner, should I then use SPDIF from DCS Network Bridge to Meitner MA-1. I am concerned about jitter issues with SPDIF (less of a concern with DCS clocking?)and the quality of a SPDIF input o the Meitner or other DACs as I have only used USB and AES previously. I figured I'd post this here as I am guessing others that would consider adding this would have similar possible issues Thanks!
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