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  1. I am looking to use my UpTone Ultracap LPS1 power supply in Sweden to power my Sonore UltraRendu via the Sonore DC 4 cable. I was just hoping to find a Walmart or other power cord with Schuko Plug to run form the Swedish 230V 50Hz power to the LPS 1. I tried to search for it in a few ways and did send a separate message to Andrew at Small Green Computer and UpTone customer support. I am curious if people here already know good options. 1. Does anyone know if the UpTone LPS1 can be used with 230V 50Hz power? 2. If it can be used, could someone recommend a few walwarts/cords
  2. Yes. To clarify, i’m referring to the Apple TV 4K hardware. $179 for an unobtrusive black hockey puck sized gizmo. Hopefully some of the images below clarify. The BenQ monitor has 2 HDMI and 3 Thunderbolt 3 USBC Ports. I run the Mac Mini to BenQ with a Thunderbolt 3 cable I run the Apple TV to the monitor with an Audioquest Carbon 48 HDMI cable. What you can see in the images below: —a screenshot from Interstellar running off the Apple TV —Settings off the BenQ monitor where you can see a picture in picture main and sub window op
  3. Again, not to derail the initial awesome topic of nearfield speakers, BUT, since the hobby ultimately is for fun or pleasure, I have a humble recommendation for anyone using this type of 2.0 or 2.1 Nearfield computer desktop setup. One of the most inexpensive shamelessly decadent purchases I would recommend to anyone with this type of setup is a desktop Apple TV. I use it for Picture-in Picture sports while working on the Mac and separately even watch movies and various shows with the kids in my basement lair- lots of 4k HDR content and its shocking how good a 2.1 setup can sound.
  4. Also, regarding non-Apple monitors integrating with the Mac Mini, one thing that can be mildly frustrating is inability to adjust brightness. There’s a pretty cool application called lunar that can run in the background and facilitate this pretty seamlessly. Otherwise, there are no hiccups whatsoever and it is brainless and easy set up. the BenQ comes with this little 3 inch diameter hockey puck thing with a control dial that allows you to adjust brightness, volume, and that kind of stuff. but that lunar program works very well and allows you to control brightness from the
  5. I’m using a BenQ PD3220U Works without a single hiccup.
  6. I’m not entirely sure. I suspect so, but I have been thinking about getting a pair in blue and periodically I check on Amazon and they will suddenly have 30 available. I have no idea what warehouse is secretly discovering a lost stash or what is going on, but you definitely can still get them knew through a number of outlets. Even Crutchfield up until recently but I think they’re still on Amazon. I really love the Nearfield listening experience. It’s just nice to have a different set up compared to 5.1 and two channel where you were further back. I’m really surprised by how much I
  7. Super cool article. I just started a desktop set up about a year and a half ago with a Mac mini purchase. Had many of the same desires you did and, having already been very pleased by the KEF LS50 wireless was definitely looking at the LSX, Magnepan, and others as well. I ultimately settled on a different KEF product: KEF Egg. So, just trying to be helpful as the KEF Egg is another alternative for those who might be looking. It’s supports 24/96, has USB plug-in that can go directly out from the Mac mini for all computing sound, looks great, and uses that same coaxial driver tec
  8. Well, 90 seconds later, here is the solution for anyone else having the problem: Go to apple system preferences-->Security and Privacy, then in general, it will show you that it was blocked, and you can override Hopefully it helps someone
  9. I also have the same problem and have tried to download from 2 sites now, I can download, but then every time I try to open it I get an Apple System Popup Alert that reads: "XLD" can't be opened because apple cannot check it for malicious software. This software needs to be updated. Contact the Developer for more information. Not sure if I can get into the security settings and somehow force apple to allow it as a "safe" application. Never had this problem until Big Sur though. Thanks for any help
  10. As a follow-up, due to space constraints, I ended up getting KEF Eggs and then found a used REL T-Zero Sub. I'm loving life. These things baffle me how well they image - voices coming straight out the center of the monitor. Have a built in DAC, etc, etc. Don't want to derail the discussion, just following up, bringing up another cool desktop option, and of course, emphasizing that its a good time to be a computer audiophile :) Happy Thanksgiving everyone
  11. I have the original LS50W on stands in a rather large room with 22 foot ceiling and they sound amazing. They worked quite well with Roon and an Aurender. I will say, they stopped working when I changed to an Eero mesh WiFi system 4 months ago. Just all sorts of issues, but in short, I cannot get their app to even recognize the speaker, or in occasions when I can, it does not show up as a Roon endpoint and I have just streamed Tidal from the KEF app. I have worked with their tech support and been told, in short, that it does not work well with Mesh networks. I was tol
  12. I have had the same fan problem with nearly the same Mac Mini - maxxed out on performance. I have also read that there have been some problems with fan running and Apple recommends shutting down, pull out power cable x 15 seconds, plug back in, wait 5 seconds, hit power button. Works every time, then 2 days later, fan blowing constantly - it is rather frustrating for near field listening at the computer desk, but does not seem to affect performance at all. If I am listening in my other rooms obviously the fan noise is not an issue.
  13. I have a 2018 one with no problems to date - except that the fan really is blowing. lot and a bit noisy - id love a better fan and power unit, hopefully Uptone or someone comes up with one. But no drop outs - I am running Roon Core off it without any trouble
  14. Thanks so much for the fun read. I am in the position of desiring a nice sounding setup for near-field (2-3 feet) listening off a new mac-mini. I need to really minimize the cabinet depth - hoping no more than 5-6". I looked at the Kanto site and they have this YU2 that looked interesting. I would be open to something really small + SW. I was looking at KEF Egg. Love my LS50's, but those LSX are too large. Audioengine? I was really interested in those Martin Logans mentioned above by Sonis, but they would require amplification and I'm looking for simple here.
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