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  1. @Audio_ELF RAID 6 is not a good strategy either. Modern disks are > 10TB, which causes longer and longer array rebuild times, sometimes into a week or more. This statistically puts one at the same type of risk as using RAID 5 with smaller disk sizes as you mention. Most people use RAID 10, which gives way better performance since it doesn't need to build parity disks / slices. Yes, you give up half the disk space, but hey, nothing in life is free.
  2. @wklie Nice to see Lumin listen to customers :) How much are these going to run for?
  3. @The Computer Audiophile I see, so you don't actually pay for any gear. That must be nice :)
  4. @The Computer Audiophile No DCS gear listed and pictures of the BADA Reference Series 3 in your home. What gives?
  5. @BlueSkyy OnLogic don't offer SFP ports. Neither do any of the Inter NUC based devices. You will have to use Ethernet to a SFP module and convert it that way.
  6. @Chungjh It depends upon the rest of your system and how it interacts with your room and the sound balance you prefer. My system uses ESL speakers and a DSP instead of crossovers (active or passive) and with this comes the ability to perform live room analysis with a microphone to tune the response to the room. My system has been built having the preamp in place. Taking it out of circuit and using LeedH on my X1 resulted in a pretty boring sound. It sucked the life out of it. I use an EAR 868 PL tube preamp which has served me very well for ye
  7. @barrows It should all be driven by user experience => the best possible experience for someone using the system. If it is possible for a user to make a mistake and this leads to catastrophic damage, then the system has not been designed correctly. Here's an example from control engineering 101. When power to a valve fails, does the valve stay open or does it close? The answer is it depends upon the system. If it is fuel, the probably shutting it is the better option. If it is water cooling a reactor, then leaving it open is probably best.
  8. @wklie Despite that setback the X1 is a fine player. I could trade it in for the full price I paid for it towards a new BADA Ref Series 3, but I decided to keep it. When it sings its world class. Other days it sounds like ass. It's probably mains related. Thank you
  9. @wklie Incorrect disabling of the volume control? I managed to click something that disabled the volume control while the X1 was playing Roon. Like you don't know your own equipment is playing something? So that's my fault? Correct my misunderstanding, but disabling the volume control is a function of your application. If you had designed the Lumin App correctly, the warning modal would say "You are about to disable the volume control, which will return the output to maximum and potentially damage your equipment. Are you OK with this?" In
  10. @hoppy100 Yes, I had it pop my speakers at full volume initially. Then it switched to full power and blew one channel of my power amplifier. I'd recommend you to be very careful using this feature. Lumin fixed one of the issues immediately after I reported it, but the fact that this slipped through QA into production gives me little confidence in their ability to engineer quality software and test it before release. I'd personally stick to the fixed output and use your preamp. In my system, the preamp sounds better anyway.
  11. You are welcome. Let me know if you need anymore help with the setup.
  12. Yes, it is actually very easy but not documented. Some say it isn't even possible, but don't believe what you read 1. Select your volume in Storage & SnapShots and from the Snapshot menu select 'Snapshot Manager'. 2. In Snapshot Manager select the Snapshot you want to export. The default is the latest (Now). Click Export Snapshot. 3. Select your External USB Drive from External Storage. Note that the USB drive must be at least as big as the volume size. Note that this a manual proc
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