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  1. That looks like Maier Shadi from the AudioSalon LA in the final photo - just curious?
  2. I have had the Merrill Audio Veritas Monoblocks for a number of years, they are based on the Hypex NC1200. I am really happy with them, and Merrill is a really nice guy to deal with
  3. I was using XLR. I didn't try BNC. I am now set up with microRendu, Uptone LPS-1 to DAVE via USB and really happy with the sound.
  4. I have used GIK acoustics http://www.gikacoustics.com They have a good product range, some stuff is more attractive than others, price was reasonable and they offer free room/setup advise before purchase
  5. I have the following booked and coming up this year U2 Nick Cave Natalie Merchant Depeche Mode Festival - including Mumford and Sons, Weezer, and many others Just recently saw Bell X1
  6. I noticed this at the end of your post - are there rumors of add-ons?
  7. Thanks, I actually tried a few of these myself. The BADA Series 2 (since this is what I replaced), the Bricasti (non SE version) and I had a few days with both the DAVE and the BADA Reference Series 2. I was surprised out how much more detail and separation the DAVE had over the BADA RS 2 but I thought the vocals on the BADA RS 2 were nicer, to me they just seemed a little warmer and more forward. That said, that one area of improvement (to my ears) wasn't enough to offset everything the DAVE brought to the table and certainly not at the price differential.
  8. Just bought a microRendu, looking forward to trying it with the DAVE
  9. Just bought the microRendu. Looking forward to trying it out.
  10. Thanks, that was the generally feeling I had.
  11. Just came across the thread - http://www.computeraudiophile.com/f22-networking-networked-audio-and-streaming/auralic-aries-mini-vs-sonore-microrendu-vs-soul-music-sms-200-listening-impressions-31499/ This will probably answer my question
  12. I am interested in purchasing a Wireworld Platinum Starlight 7 USB 2.0 cable (1M ideal, 1.5 M OK depending on price) but don't want to pay the full new MSRP for it. If anyone has one for sale please PM me
  13. My understanding is that using a mac mini as a transport is not a great solution. Options to improve this seem to be (a) Use mac mini/PC with something like microRendu (b) Replace mac mini with music player like Aurender/Melco N1A, Auralic Aeries, .. Other than the convenience it may bring (talking a general purpose computer & monitor etc out of the loop) would using something like the Aurender X100 or Melco N1A be expected to give a better sound over using a microRendu with a mac mini?
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