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  1. The Benchmark HDR reportedly has a very high quality preamp section...with only 1 analog Input. I think I perceive a difference in the sound when the pot is bypassed when going out in calibrated mode.... But then I have always discerned changes when inserting preamps or passive volume controls. In this case it was pretty minimal. I have heard of people adding a high quality switchbox for more analog sources. Me? I find it easy just to exchange the pair of RCAs of the phono preamp to that of the other analog source.
  2. OK...here are photos of the Plinius front and rear panels...plus the remote. Note: I had written "lean towards warmth"...it is known as a "tubey" sounding transistor amp....and is something of a underground audiophile fave. You'll also note this unit appears here and there in the "Associated Equipment" list in audio review articles. I like finding out about well-designed audio from others.... then getting them through the used market, from other 'philes...instead of chasing the latest/greatest at high cost. (Plinius, I plan on moving up the Plinius line...and get Plinius separa
  3. I'm selling my Plinius 8200 Mk II integrated amplifier. Serial # 1049 Very powerful and always musical. Detailed and lean towards warmth. Wonderful on voices, pianos and double basses (my faves). - Output: 175 w/channel into 8 ohms ...up to 300 w into 4 ohms - Phono section has user selectable gain-setting jumpers for moving magnet or moving coil cartridges - Remote control for Volume up/down and Mute - it's like cast aluminum metal and built like a tank Updated, biased and gone over on 5/11 by Vince Galbo, the original importer and current factory-authorized shop. New th
  4. Regarding Dacs, I have a system into which I inserted the Peachtree DacIt, the DacmagicII, the Nuforce Udac2....Trying to stay with below $500 cost. all created various improvements in the sound -some with musicality like the Peachtree, some with more detail and blackness like there Dacmagic. The improvement was marginal and to my ears really not worth several hundred dollars. THEN I got a loaner Benchmark Dac1 Deep black between notes, detail full of textures, startlingly real voices...so for the same amount of money, consider getting a used Benchmark Dac1 ...I have seen them going u
  5. Hello I find myself at the same juncture. The big decision for me now is the Belcanto 2.5 pre or the benchmark HDR pre. Can you provide follow-up on your decision to go with the back of Belcanto? Have you moved on to something else? Luis
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    Many thanks !!! Yes! I have bit-perfected music now. Listening tests ongoing. Luis n Lupe (wife/budding audiophile who wants me to keep the Benchmark Dac1 I got on a 30-day trial....me I am impressed but wanna check out other dacs - any recommendations?
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    HELP ! I just installed BITPERFECT, downloaded from the App Store... It shows up in my Apps folder BUT when I click on it to open it 1) nothing opens and 2) Ituens goes muted - no sound. To get iTunes to work I have to restart my compeer ( Mac Mini) and open iTunes...it works until I try to open Bitperfect...which does not open. Please help!! Luis
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