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  1. I've used and owned Roon for several years. Having gone back and forth to many different Audio Software I came back to Roon only because of two things: tight integration with Qobuz and its more reliable than all the other 'beta' software available...ie MoOde, Volumio and the usual suspects.


    Sound wise its no better than any other software available, in fact in my subjective opinion its a notch lower than MoOde and maybe two notches below RuneAudio in terms of sound quality only.


    I terms of eye-candy [waf] and reliability its way ahead of all others....so Roon it is.


    My rating is on its average sound quality. Other things that lower the rating are the grey-hash squares it uses when it can not find an Artist image. These squares are not modifiable so even if you have the pic, it can not be overwritten. As seen in the review below by lucretius.

  2. I have been living with the AlloUSBridge for quite some time now, 6+ months. I've used it with Ropieee, Volumio, Dietpi, PiCorePlayer and my own build of Arch Linux + RoonBridge. Each one given a far shot at winning me over ie for at least a month. I used my own library, Internet radio, and Qobuz via RoonBridge. I powered it with a linear regulated PS and used direct Ethernet to compare it with the RPi 3+ and RPi 4 also with the same Software end Ethernet connections. 


    My system consists of all Audiogd Master components.

    Audiogd Master 7 Dac

    Audiogd Master 1 Pre

    Audiogd Master 3 amp

    Audiogd HE-350 A/C Regenerator

    Dynaudio speakers. All wire is Duelund.


    My results were/are, the USBridge is inferior to both the RPi 3+ and RPi 4 when connected via USB output. I compared USB output only because Allo put so much tech and engineering into the USBridge for superior USB playback. This imo, is the calling card and the strong point of the USBridge.


    Each lengthy session of days and weeks produced the same result, a thinner, less full sound. Ultimately the sound was never engaging and always led me to switch back to either RPi 3+ or 4. My thoughts going into buying and using the USBridge was actually biased in favor of the Allo product, being smitten my all the USB tech and thinking/knowing that a superior USB design should/could provide a superior sound. I wanted this to be the case but alas it never came to be.

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