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  2. Added USB tuning variables and options for CPU affinity for MPD. These need to be uncommented to be active. Currently working on an interactive GUI for the install and removal process.
  3. Hi chauphuong I've updated my site, please look under the **New** Setting up Linux and Fine Tuning section....see the link at the bottom. I've consolidated my tweaks into one script. Its now a simple one or two step process which automatically applies the settings and reboots the system
  4. Thanks for the info....I'll follow it there...?
  5. Any buyers here?? Revamp of the old DigiOne
  6. The case for a "RT Kernel" as diminished over the years, so even those who used to use it in their personal rigs are happily living without it. The thread prioritization and process affinity etc can still be done and the modern kernels handle processes and threads just fine.
  7. Hi Fred The Dutch DAC manufacturer should have taken your advise about the ASUS, for a few reasons....Ethernet and USB don't share the same chip, the newer model ASUS can use a emmc vs only a SD card [long term stability and speed increase], more RAM and CPU speeds = more responsive, better Ethernet speeds and the wifi card can be fitted with an external antenna. I imagine they wanted to play it safe and go with the board with the most support and wider user base.
  8. Hi SYM I certainly like my Tinkerboard, it won a spot in my main system. I too have throttled the CPU down a bit, but its still very responsive. Next up, I want to connect the SPDIF from the board and use it instead of the USB output. I've read some Japanese sites that the sound is very good via SPDIF. BTW, I use Dietpi with LMS and Squeezelite.
  9. So I've been AB'ing the RaspberryPi B+ and the ASUS Tinkerboard. Not really expecting to hear a difference, but more only a difference in speed....however there is an audible difference between the two. Specs wise they are close but the Tinkerboard has an obvious edge in terms of CPU and RAM. Could this small edge alone be the cause? After a week of going back and forth, even getting my wife involved to try a little 'blind testing' I could clearly hear more high frequency detail which seemed to contribute to a sound stage that put it on a different level all together. Other than the boards they both used the exact same SSD card, Software, power etc. etc. Anyone else have a Tinkerboard?
  10. Dynobot-

    I found your primer to be very useful, as I am struggling to put together a home audio system.  I have lots of CDs I haven't listened to in years, and I miss them.  On the assumption that I'd notice a difference b/w a compressed format like mp3 (and probably because it makes it more of a challenge), I'd like to compress my CDs to FLAC format so I can get playback that is true to the CDs themselves (that's called lossless, right?).  My plan is to buy a dedicated Chromebook, rip my CDs to an external hard drive, and use Google Play.  I would like to push the audio to my old old Onkyo tuner/receiver, which will be hooked up to my speakers.  I'm not sure I would need a DAC in this scenario, as the Onkyo has a CD input (which I think means that it accepts CD digital input and will convert it to analog).  However, it seems to me that I will somehow need to bypass the laptop's own DAC/soundcard somehow, no?  

    Thanks for any insights you can provide!


  11. Those cables must sound fantastic!!!
  12. Actually the purpose of my web site is for me to put information somewhere so I won't forget. Everyone else gets to benefit because I share, therefore people can use the information if they want or not. In the Computer Audio Primer page I talk about other Hardware sources and Software options. I only write about products that I have used, even then only products that are noteworthy.
  13. Sure always more tweaks etc with Linux and MPD. Take your time and read the Setting up ALSA and Fine tuning page as well as the page with Dietpi. Both of those pages have references to go along with explanations on the tweaks.
  14. I've never tried those so I really can't endorse them. I'm more of a DIY guy vs. Off-the-shelf...not to say one way is better than the other. But for me this is a hobby so I like more hands on. I would recommend this though...at $119 it would be a great Music Server. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01N3RO6X5/ref=ox_sc_sfl_title_8?ie=UTF8&psc=1&smid=A1UAUN9AXXYBEH
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