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  1. Hi Chris, May I suggest a comparison between the McIntosh and the Devialet Phantom series of bluetooth speakers when you receive it? I figure they are both in the same price range and could compete for title of "best". Thanks!
  2. The long road and dead man walking are 2 of my favourite Eddie Vedder songs of all time. Great movie as well Thanks for sharing this Chris!
  3. Fleet Foxes Album: Helplessness Blues Beautiful album!
  4. Artist: Beck Album: the Information Great tracks: Soldier Jane, Nausea, Elevator music
  5. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone knows of a good solution for getting my flac files into my iPhone. If I used a mac, I would use fluke and it wouldn't be a problem, except I run my iTunes on windows. As far as I know there is no fluke for windows. Is this correct? thanks Joe
  6. I'll give your settings a try as well. This is what I like about computer audio - the ability to easily experiment with different settings without having to necessarily purchase anything. I was currently using WASAPI event style with my ARCAM rDAC and leaving the buffering at the default settings. I'll digest it over a few days and report back. Thanks!
  7. My favs include: Arcade Fire - The Suburbs Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record Tame Impala - Innerspeaker Fleet Foxes - Self Titled Marta Gomez - Entre Cada Palabra the Big Pink - A Brief History of Love Not all from 2010 but listened to a lot.
  8. Just got an rDac and have been listening to the sweet sounds of Marta Gomez since it's been home. Pure heaven!<br /> <br /> Does anyone have any good recommendations for a power supply upgrade? Not that I am complaining about the rdac's sound in any way, shape or form (at least not yet). Does anyone have any experience/opinion of the Teddy rdacPS?<br /> <br /> http://www.audiocominternational.com/product_info.php?products_id=206&osCsid=sqcjavo4og6emfeekoburviph6<br /> <br /> thanks<br /> joe<br />
  9. kidgoo


    You've probably looked into this already but just in case you overlooked it: Check your settings in Windows. Do you have the output stream set at too high a quality i.e. 24bit 192 khz while trying to play 16 bit 44khz material? Set your output to 2 channel - 16 bit (CD Quality) and try that.
  10. This is always a fun post. My 11 favs (10 + bonus) in no particular order and ignoring fair representation from all musical flavours are: 1) Doves - Lost Souls 2) Beck - Sea Change 3) Stan Getz - Jazz Around Midnight 4) Broken Social Scene - You Forgot It In People 5) Rage Against the Machine - ST 6) Spiderbait - GrandSlam 7) Jeff Buckley - Grace 8) Prodgy - The Fat of The Land 9) Stone Roses - ST 10) Radiohead - OK Computer 11) Sigur Rós - Ágaetis Byrjun The Streetsweeper CD is excellent Chris! Have you heard Zack de la Rocha's project - One Day As a Lion? If you haven't, you should check it out - http://www.onedayasalion.org/
  11. I agree with BSN. I've had the thingee for a couple of months and the output is definitely low, which is fine if you use it wth a preamp but makes it more difficult to perform ABX testing with a CD player or another input. I'm reasonably happy with it however especially for the price.
  12. I agree with you Ted B. I just ripped my DVD-A of Beck's Seachange, sounds great through 2-channel but not as good as 5.1! I also used DVDA explorer with no problems. Also ripped the full 5.1 channels as a backup just in case something happens to the disc.
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