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  1. Great news, looking forward to the release. JRemote on the mac, truly great news. Now only audrivana+ for JRiver needed and I am in heaven. ;-)
  2. I believe it would sell well, there are many alternative Music Player on iOS to replace the Apple own solution and there are very successful. Groove app: Track 8:
  3. Yes, I would buy it! :-)
  4. Thanks Paul, looks like the protocol is open enough to develop an app. Using a iPad myself, the Apple remote was ahead of it's time when it was released, but since JRemote I missing some features like Lyrics or Artist Information. And as eternaloptimist pointed out, the performance could be better.
  5. This! Come on developers, make a cool alternative app, become rich and famous! :-)
  6. Is it really possible that there is no alternative iTunes Remote in the App Store? The Apple own solution feels a little outdated in comparison to the the JRemote. Did I miss something?
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