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  1. Hi Pamplona - Thank you for the great questions. All DragonFly's are compatible with Class 1 USB device drivers. So, as long as the OS in question adheres to the Class specification DragonFly will be compatible. Some Android devices comply and some don't. That said, there is a very elegant app for Android called USB Audio Player Pro ... https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extreamsd.usbaudioplayerpro . This app has its own embedded USB device driver, bypassing whatever's in the OS. The only shortcoming is this only resolves driver issues for this app. It won't cross over to o
  2. Hi Steve - Sorry to read that your original DragonFly died. Did you send it back to us for a replacement? We would still honor the warranty if you haven't dealt with it yet, provided you still have the unit. Please email us at [email protected] Regards, Steve Silberman AudioQuest
  3. Hello Junker – Only on the first production run (1.0) was dialing back the volume control by .5db required to eliminate the clipping; and this clipping was present only when a 0db 24/96 test signal was sent. 1.0c and 1.2 do not have this issue. Steve Silberman AudioQuest
  4. Hello Junker – As you point out – the original (first production run) DragonFly did in fact clip when a 0db 24/96 signal was presented. Upon discovering this we took immediate steps to resolve the issue. It was only in the first production run (1.0) that the problem existed. the following production runs had a version 1.0c, which we used to identify amended DragonFly's (also measured by John Atkinson in Stereophile's review). Then in late November of last year we released the improved 1.2 version. Regards, Steve Silberman AudioQuest [email protected]
  5. I've been riding since I was 6 years old. The only time I ever stopped riding was when I went to college. I realized that college was having a negative influence on my life, so I dropped out of college and dropped back into cycling ...
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