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  1. I am looking to upgrade a standard SMPS with a much better power supply for a Primare NP5 (streaming bridge) which just takes 5 volts. I really would like to avoid the expensive linear PSU rabbit hole (SBooster and the likes) - when in fact I could get the same quality feed from a well designed SMPS like the Nirvana that took two years in the making. Also from what I have read - the expensive SOtM sPS-500 dedicated PSU is a SMPS but gets excellent reviews despite not being a linear power supply. If I try the Nirvana I'm sure it will be better than a stock SM
  2. Just thinking about the dynamic swing load statement - if I am simply using a solid state streaming bridge like a Primare NP5 which just takes 5V (ideal for a phone powerbank charger) - where do dynamic swings come into play here? I mean it's just a circuit decoding digital and surely it's the pre-amp or power amps job to deal with dynamic swings where the signal is analog?
  3. Again, one more bonus point for the dedicated streamer parade.
  4. There's no avoiding this noisy crap in the house! Perhaps one of those fancy extension blocks that filter out the rubbish created from all over the house is a better plan. Sometimes I think it's a lot easier finding an all in one solution which has amplification - good power supplies - and streaming services built in to avoid multiple mains connections - thus avoiding the risk of ground loops - and avoiding the need to consider each separate components power supply quality - make it one connection and be done with it!
  5. Thanks for that link. Interesting the reference to batteries and noisy regulators. But at least the battery cannot inject noise into other equipment because it is not directly connected to the mains.
  6. OK so a good quality SMPS is as good as a good quality LPSU. I just looked on Mojo Audios website and this is his take on an SMPS power supply: https://www.mojo-audio.com/power-supply-faqs/ The disadvantages of SMPS is they have significantly more noise than linear power supplies. The best SMPS have peak-to-peak ripple (noise) roughly equal to the most basic of linear power supplies. But ripple is not the only noise SMPS produce. They also radiate inductive noise that can be picked up by cables and components in close proximity. And they dump noise onto the common
  7. That’s a big win for a dedicated streamer - a better sound on a more stable platform. A Mac Mini with Audiophilleo 1 combo is probably on par with a few thousand dollar streamer price wise! interesting that you are from the states and like our UK gear Naim.
  8. Anyone found an obvious winner out of the aforementioned digital transport formats for playing music? A computer based transport like the MAC Mini would probably need an excellent USB to SPDIF converter as opposed to a neat all-in-one dedicated streamer like an Auralic G1. But the advantages of the computer based transport might be the processor speed or better equipt music software like Audirvana or JPlay which makes all the difference (is JPlay still kicking around?). I read on an older thread where it was mentioned that generally speaking a computer based
  9. Thanks - it's good to have experience and feedback on makes such as this proving themselves to be a good alternative to far more expensive units. A battery powerbank used to charge your phone was another idea - but I read that the regulators in these powerbanks are 'noisy' so do not serve audio as well as we would like them too. Shame really - because 5V is the usual voltage from a powerbank. Unless anyone out there knows of a powerbank that works well and 'sounds good'.
  10. Is there such a thing? I truly believe that removing a standard SMPS is the way to go - in my own system it's very obvious listening to the benefit of using Auralic's own LPSU on an Auralic Mini for example. I use the spdif from the Mini into a Metrum Octave v2 DAC - the Metrum is super sensitive to upstream changes - the better the feed the better the sound (bad feeds result in a mushy flat sound in comparison) - so the Metrum is the perfect Canary in the Mine for testing these things out. Some of these 'audiophile' LPSU's are so expensive though. I'm now
  11. That's really good feedback thank you. Now I could just ditch the NA7004 in search of a more up-to-date streamer which has more functionality - but alas - the NA7004 is just too good a transport for my DAC(s). So I am stuck with it - the build quality is excellent. Thus why I keep trying to find a way to milk the NA7004 more to my liking as a more functional streaming bridge. I should have enough answers now - so thanks once again.
  12. Just running on here a little bit longer about my old NA7004 - can anyone tell me if something like a Sonore UPnP bridge plugged into the Ethernet port of the Marantz would be a good proxy for the Marantz giving it a gapless DLNA solution? And do you have to use Roon with the Sonore UPnP gadget - i.e. could you use Bubble UPnP instead?
  13. You could try the Primare NP5. A very versatile unit that believes in not over complicating the software implementation by using technology already in place like Chromecast Audio. Hasn't got the UI of the Bluesound - relies on the Apps and Chromecast for giving you the interface (although it does have its own app). No DAC - it's just a transport - with toslink and spdif out. Neat little device. You can have fixed or variable output too. Comes with Spotify Connect - Tidal Connect is planned for 2021 - for now you can either cast Tidal via the app,
  14. Unfortunately the NA7004 as a USB to SPDIF converter sounds nowhere near as good as streaming natively and straight out of its SPDIF output. I wish this thing wasn't so good as a transport - then I can just dismiss it. Another thought - this NA7004 supports Airplay - surely I could Airplay from Tidal which in itself will sort out the gapless limitation seeing as there is no UPnP involved. I always thought that Airplay compromised the fidelity of Tidal - but it seems you can set Airplay from Normal to HiFi quality- and Airplay is a lossless codec so nothing to worry abou
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