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  1. I have a pretty annoying problem where the audio drops for a second and then returns, sometimes it plays for a second on my mac through the speakers. If I use Amarra, Amarra crashes. I had this problem with the unofficial driver and now still with the official. I used the uninstaller and the different commands for deleting all traces of the 'old' driver. In console I always get this message when the audio drops


    06/09/14 17:31:39,715 com.apple.launchd[1]: (0x7ff7e1c60080.anonymous.pcscd[389]) The following job tried to hijack the service "hotplug" from this job: 0x7ff7e1d75a10.anonymous.pcscd


    I noticed that if I wiggle with the usb there is a chance that the drop happens. But then there are times when I can go left and right, up and down and even pulling the usb out a bit without the audio dropping. It also happens when the computer is standing still on my desk.


    I have a Snow Leopard partition where this drop doesn't happen. (Or maybe a couple of times over a very long period, but certainly not each listening session.)


    Any ideas, suggestions?

  2. Hi Geert,


    we are testing a beta driver. In a few days we'll release it and there will also be a version for your DAC.


    Kind regards,


    Marco Manunta

    M2Tech Srl

    Via Giuntini 13/L1

    56021 Navacchio di Cascina (Pi)






    My DAC being the EE Minimax Plus

  3. I a have Minimax Dac Plus and the aforementioned driver in this thread for this DAC did a pretty good job in the beginning. But the last couple of weeks I'm experiencing a lot of crashes(for lack of better term). It's listed as 'Eeaudio USB 44.1Khz-192Khz' on my Mac, but it randomly dissappears or so it seems. Although I have a feeling the more workload (especially things browser related) on my Mac, the more likely a crash is to occur. Is there a way to see what's causing this, because this is tremendously annoying.

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