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    Article: CA's 2016 Products of the Year

  2. veindoc

    Article: CA's 2016 Products of the Year

    Thanks Chris-me either but their site sort of indicates dsd downloads r available maybe not for this piece. Sadly no way to email them . Nick
  3. veindoc

    Article: CA's 2016 Products of the Year

    Chris, does Pentatone do direct dsd downloads of the Arrau Or only as a hybrid sacd? ty Nick
  4. veindoc

    Jriver Media Center DLNA needs some serious work

    My jrmc20 stop working after a power outage. It now gives an error message that no retrieval of files to dLNA server. Reboot did not help. My vortex box and Caps3 are not shaking hands anymore. Would love any advice Thnx Nick
  5. veindoc

    Article: California Audio Show, Alpha DAC RS, and Devialet

    Hey Chris, as a CR-1 owner as well excited to hear they r now part of the SAM program. Which model do you think will work best as the cr-1 r not very efficient. Hope to see you at show. Nick
  6. veindoc

    Article: 2014 Munich High End Show

    I have met Chris twice, once at CAS and once at CES. He is a lovely guy, very knowledgable and very generous with advice. As I have the same speakers he has(TAD CR-1) I was very interested in how SAM with Devialet may blend. I've hear Fremer has a good sense of humor and hopefully doen't take himself too seriously. I wonder is Chris hear any of the Cabasse with its DSP processing Nick
  7. veindoc

    Article: 2014 Munich High End Show

    Stereophile has price at $999. Are you sure of your pricing?
  8. veindoc

    Article: 2014 Munich High End Show

    you mentioned new products from TAD, can you elaborate possibly?
  9. veindoc

    Article: And The Winner Is …

    got the hd download Monday night and love love love it and the mood it creates. Glad I have no TT or time for the vinyl. Interesting how many different versions exist. Nick
  10. veindoc

    Article: Ayre Acoustics QB-9 DSD DAC Review

    as a happy owner of QB-9 DSD dac (got t 3 months ago)and CR-1 speakers I can also second the sonic bliss and texture of this dac. Just curious how the Ayre compares sonically to the Lumin setup in your opinion. I currently use A Vortexbox and Lagoon Caps but my buddies r pushing the virtues of a single Lumin setup. thnx much, Nick
  11. veindoc

    Article: CES 2014 Preview

    Any new streamers or competitiors to Lumin debuting at CES Thnx, Nick
  12. veindoc

    Article: Sights and Sounds of CES 2013

    Hey Chris, I bumped into on tuesday at Magico room. My favorite room was the Raidho D1 setup-just outstanding, seamless, refined. Now I have to rethink Q1 or D1
  13. veindoc

    Article: Computer Audiophile Pocket Server C.A.P.S. v3 Lagoon

    recently setup my Caps3 Lagoon from SGC. THe usb DAC i use is Cambridge audio Azur 851 cd player and dac. My problem is no software patch exists to utilize the 24/192 capability of dac to compliment the windows 8pro IOS of my Caps3. If anyone has had a similar problem that they have overcome I would b most interested
  14. veindoc

    stereo/music stores NYC

    sound by singer and innovative audio
  15. veindoc

    PC alternatives toMac Mini

    I know w2s does an upgrade for sonos controller. Does squeeze box have as user friendly interface as sonos and what twaeks r needed to produce higher quality streaming to my dac?