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  1. I sent the first one back to "Music Direct" (very helpful FWIW) and the replacement did the same thing. So it maybe the RPi3...
  2. I tried the iFi power with negative results. It won't power the RPi 3 with a steady red led it always flashes with it connected. So I've gone back to the old wallwart.
  3. Yes the over plump bass does even out, in my case after two weeks. YMMV
  4. I've had my Digione for three weeks now and can honestly say it is superior to the HiFiBerry Digi+. My setup is very simple = Volumio, SSD to usb, RPi 3, Digione, SMSL M8/P1 DAC. At the moment I don't have many DSD files.
  5. How do you access ssh? - Sorry for the noob question. eis
  6. Pi3 in house. USB 250GB WWD HHD> Pi3> Moode> USB Emotiva XDA-1 = no sound. I configured Moode per the setup docs from the site. Please help an amateur
  7. Thank you all for the input. Pi is how I've been leaning. Any issue with noise with the wifi on the board of the Pi3?
  8. Currently have a Acer (Atom processor, 2gb memory) net-book running Xubuntu >Deadbeef >AQJB > Belden cable > DAC. Music is stored and played from a USB WD250 HDD. This replaced an older Mac Mini that finally gave up the ghost. I removed the SSD from the Mac but have not put it in the Acer. This is really a bang for buck question to which there will be different (sometime passionate) opinions. So, I could get the "Recovery" and add it to current setup or build a RPi2 w/Hifiberry Digi+. The second options is closer to what I had with the Mac Mini - music on ext usb HDD - goin
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