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  1. ericuco

    HQ Player

    Does this help Roon Knowledge Base?
  2. Tannoy Dual-Concentric speakers like Gold 7 (active) or Autograph Mini-OW (passive) might be good options.
  3. As a start, might want to see if there is an app for your smart phone (assuming you have one). I have a SPL meter on my iPhone that works ok for getting a general reading.
  4. Sorry if this is a stupid question, but did you install the latest drivers from JLSounds? Linux and Mac do not require drivers but Windows does according to their website.
  5. I don't recall the exact thermal issue that Andrew fixed but it did not fix the issue I reported above as it has been repeatable. I don't have any thermal issues (although it does get rather warm with a 7.5v supply) once the oR has successfully booted and been recognized on my network.
  6. If I recall correctly, the original batch of 2.8 cards had an issue with the oR, something to do with overheating. Sonore quit sending out 2.8 cards for a few weeks(?) while the problem was diagnosed and resolved. I waited for the new batch of 2.8 cards but when I reboot my oR, I have to let it cool down for several minutes (15-30) before powering back up. That means physically disconnecting power cord and then reconnecting it after several minutes. Otherwise the oR will not show up on my network.
  7. How old is your JLSounds card? Mine is from late 2015 and did not support 512 although it would play but lots of pops an I’d clicks. I know the latest version supports 512, no idea when it was released though.
  8. Years ago, everyone seemed concerned about getting “bit perfect” data to the DAC. Then someone asked a silly question about what is the DAC doing with the data and found that most DAC’s manipulate the data (e.g. convert to SDM). From then on, you don’t hear much about “bit perfect” and more about software like HQ Player.
  9. I am using a fanless server with Intel i7-9700 3GHz chip. It can play HQP EC Modulators for DSD256 using most of the filters without any issues.
  10. If you use one of @Miska NAA images, then it is simple to do. Just download image, unzip file, flash image to SD card using something like etcher.
  11. Good luck finding a DAC with a Ethernet input, regardless of price.
  12. Perhaps a Sonore opticalModule > Sonore microRendu (no longer available new but probably find used) > Toppings D90 DAC
  13. The question you are asking is difficult to answer because there are an almost limitless number of ways to configure a home network, based in part on how your house is laid out and in part where your modem/router comes into your house. For instance, my modem/router is in the second story office while my music system is on the main floor. So my music system connects to the modem/router via WiFi. It also depends if you are using one or two computers setups. For instance, I have a two computer setup with a Linux server (HQP) and a Linux endpoint (Sonore opticalRendu - HQP NAA) that connects to my DAC. If you are using an "audiophile" switch, it would probably sit between the server and endpoint. If you are using one computer, then the "audiophile" switch would probably sit just before your computer. In other words, you probably want the "audiophile" switch as far downstream as possible. Here is simple schematic that @Miska put together to show how all the pieces (modem, router, switches, servers, etc.) typically fit together in a home network. Note that the modem, router and firewall are often contained in the one box that your ISP provides.
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