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  1. I appreciate his effort. Hey, I actually paid him for his time, about 60 bucks in donations, so he's not going to be throwing any exclamation marks my way without some bite back. I contacted the seller on ebay, "Thank you very much for your time and letting me know. When I prepared the description on a piece of paper, wrote it one time, and never realized the mistake. I just corrected it thanks to you. I really appreciate it. Wishing you all the best. - gooddealno1." That's all it took. No drama.
  2. You don't have to be a jerk. This is your third time being rude, and you are out of strikes now. The link is self-explanatory even if I made a misstatement . I'll take the time to send the seller of the PS3 a message about his error on ebay. Maybe you need to get some help distributing the guide because you appear to be BURNED OUT.
  3. As long as it was sold before Dec. 7, 2010 it will have newer than 3.55 firmware. PlayStation 3 system software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  4. No, that's not what I am saying. I didn't say that. My real point in posting this is to make the point that those with an objective view point are just a vulnerable to expectation. It never occurs to them that they may not hear any difference because their expectation is so great that differences can not exist. Make no mistake. I am on the side of those who actually enjoy this hobby and listen to gear instead of spouting theories.
  5. "Expectation effects," like placebo and nocebo work both ways. Sure you can hear difference because you expect to hear differences even if they are not there. However, many do not realize that expectation can work in both directions. If you absolutely expect there will be no differences whether are not differences are there, you may in fact hear no differences. Expectation works in both directions.
  6. So I assume the speed was the same via ripping to network as with the flash drive?
  7. Yes. I'm using that one as well. Rips faster than my San Disk Cruzer Glide.
  8. I have had this happen with one disc. I"ve ripped about 300 or so. It happened just recently. When I placed my ear, next to the PS3 it was making a ticking sound, like it was having trouble reading the disc or something. Tried a couple of times with this one problem disc until it finally worked. No problems whatsoever with disc after that one. The disc that caused problems was in mint condition.
  9. They must have changed their position AudiogoN Forums: SOtM tX-USB experiences?
  10. Would the SOtM USB card have any benefits if you are using a USB to SPDIF convertor? Would the fact that the card is directly connected to the motherboard be an advantage even when using a convertor?
  11. I asked the question as to whether Dirac Live calculated filters and then just stopped running. My assumption is that the processor should not matter, that as you assume as well that it would just take longer. I was told no, the program is not "static," and continues to make "calculations," the entire time. Are you also running SACD iso files at the same time? You didn't mention that? I have an Intel Duo Core2 T4400 @2.20GHZ and it can not run multi-channel SACD ISOs WITHOUT constant buffer and playback stopping. There is no way it can run Dirac live in the background as it can't even run multi-channel SACD iso files alone. My Quad Core Q8200 @ 2.33GHZ barely can since Jriver switched to multi-threaded handling of SACD iso files. I'm not sure how many channels you are using and what formats. I believe 5.1 SACD iso files, expanded to 7.1 with JRSS processed with an active program like Dirac Live will require quite a bit of horse power. My Quad Core has two cores pegged just with multi-channel SACD iso files.
  12. I emailed Dirac Live support about adding 24/192 processing. Currently it's limited to 24/96. Even at the rate, Dirac support says it "loads down" many PCs. They are still going to offer 24/192 support in a future update. I think if you are running Dirac Live in the future at 24/192 or 24/176 and in addition using SACD ISO files, you will need a lot of horsepower to make it all work.
  13. I have been considering something similar. There is a new fanless case from Streacom that will support 95watts with heat pipes. It's due in September FC10 Fanless Chassis | Streacom
  14. I'm using Jriver which converts the SACD rips at 64/384 then you can select which sample rate you want output. There are other other variables when you convert directly to sample rate such as the settings you used to create the file. All of my friends playing rips are using Jriver. One is going to convert the SACD rips directly as you have done JazzDoc. What did you use to convert? I believe HDTRACKS is also using a method which does not involve the direct conversion of the SACD to 24/192. I don't know if any of this has an impact. I'm just pointing out that we are not using the same methods for playback. All three methods, Jriver, HDtracks, and direct to 24/192 could potentially be different.
  15. This is a HEBA model with 20gb hard drive . No longer need. Purchased 3 months ago and has worked flawlessly. This model plays SACD and is running custom 3.55 firmware. Price is 250.00 firm plus shipping. Will accept PayPal or personal check but must hold until check clears.
  16. Just do a search for "Sony PS3 firmware," on ebay and look for model with firmware lower than 3.55. You need a model CECHB-- CECHA-- , CECHC--, CECHE
  17. Would it be bitstreaming for 5.1 PCM that's sourced from 5.1 DSD? I would be transmitting PCM.
  18. Yes, great quality. The bit rate is almost as high as my SACD rips. The best recordings I have are some the MFSL SACD rips. Patricia Barber "Cafe Blue" is stellar and beyond this one.
  19. I plan to build a server that will do stereo over USB to SPDIF conversion. However, I am using Jriver Media center and would like to build something that can output 5.1 24/192 over HDMI to my surround processor. I would appreciate any suggestions for parts. I plan to use the Streacom FC10 fanless case. I'll be outputing 2 channel into my dac and the HDMI is only for the surround processor so I need both pathways optimized.
  20. How about using something like a Lynx AES16e with the external clock option? I guess that still does not address power supply.
  21. If my dac does not have any USB inputs, is there any reason to use something like the SOTM card?
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