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  1. Does your PS3 work otherwise? Did you fix the problem that caused the YLOD? There are quite a few fixes that will make it work short term but it needs to be repaired properly or the problem will return.
  2. Agree. Ripping SACDs is very time consuming. I would not say that the person doing it just gets copies for free. I consider it a hassle to do so but do it because it make so much sense.
  3. I am wondering as I contemplate building a server which is likely to have less jitter the HDMI from the motherboard or a dedicated GPU? Any suggestions as to how I might be able to get this information? For muliti-channel music I will use HDMI and would like to select the better performing components. A high-end prepro company tells me that most of the problems their processors have with HDMI and audio is when the digital is sourced from a computer because of the very high jitter that computers have over HDMI. Blu-ray players seem to have much less jitter over HDMI.
  4. Here's some more information spec_v05.pdf
  5. Wow that looks cool! Might be a bit expensive to ship to the U.S.
  6. I hate that guy. I sent my PS3 to him and required a signature. He's not actually a business and was never home to sign for it. Said it was my fault for sending it and requiring a signature. That I was costing him more than it was worth because he had to drive to UPS to pick up the package and his time was worth like 100 dollars an hour. PS3 stayed on the truck for days. UPS, damaged it. I requested an intercept because the guy seems so shady that I didn't trust him to touch my machine after that. He appears to be fine unless a problem arises but doesn't that really define your character. I le
  7. Same here. Mine stops at least once a month. Crashed twice this week.
  8. Thanks and to amargolis for the tip. Thanks Ted for the Version 30 of the ripper which is working on the Tchaikovsky-Violin Concerto- Julia Fischer
  9. I'm using the latest version 36. I'll ask Ted for an older version and try. Aren't there some popping issues with Classical and the older ripper however?
  10. I believe it's one of the most common questions on the thread. Just read the thread. The answer is always the same. I think when someone tries it, the question will stopped getting asked. So I say if you don't like the answer by all means try it and see especially if you will not accept the answer from the person who wrote the guide.
  11. Why don't you try it? If you lose your money, then everytime someone ask, we can just bump the post I would NOT do it but I think we need at least one person to be the guinea pig . Seems like I read somewhere that you can do it, the ripper works, but you lose blu-ray. Don't listen to Ted. Do it ! Do it! Jump! Jump! Hehehehehe.
  12. No luck with "Tchaikovsky-Violin Concerto- Julia Fischer." Tried turning it off, left in machine for about 5 minutes, and changing settings on both of my PS3s. Neither machine will recognize as SACD. Oh well. It locks the ripper and you can not exit. Had to turn power off just to get out of the ripper.
  13. Ok. I let it sit for few minutes and the first one started ripping. Hopefully that is the solution and they both will rip. Thanks.
  14. I no longer extract and also use Jriver to play the ISO. I will try ripping Mozart Violin some more.
  15. I have not been able to rip two Pentatone classics SACDs,"Mozart-Violin Concertos Nos. 1,2,&5- Julia Fischer," and Tchaikovsky-Violin Concerto- Julia Fischer." Attempted with both of my machines but neither could recognized either as SACD. I initially thought it was an issue with my first, primary PS3 and perhaps a bad laser. However, it is clearly limited to those two disk.
  16. Then, after all of these steps, ripper bars come up. SACD goes to completed. Do the steps and hit OK. Then some of the time, there is NOTHING there no rip, nothing, empty flash drive after 20 mins of watching the ripper bars.
  17. Ok. How about getting it to rip after this? Mine will only rip if you do the same process. Hit the PS3 key then back. This is every rip. I've never seen anyone have this issue for every rip? My machines will not work without all of these steps. Hitting the X alone never works. I've never seen that reported and I have reread the entire thread? I've ripped 500 SACD. Owned 3 PS3s that were used. I've never had this issue.
  18. Ted this is a similar but different issue. It's every rip. However, I discovered that hitting the PS3 button and then not existing the game but going right back, makes the X for the OK button work. IF it asks me to quit game, I hit the back button and then the OK works. I have had the issue you describe. It would happen only sometime.. This is different. The drive that I used for the ripper and keys seems to be corrupted. I may have to reinstall with another USB flash. I'll figure it out.
  19. Both my machines do it on every rip. That was not happening a month or two ago. I've had it happen only a few times before. Now, no other way to use the ripper. I notice that on my machine with overheating issues that exiting and reentering the game, cause it to heat up much faster. When the X button worked, the fan did not ramp up as fast. I've delete the ripper and reinstalled with no success. Believe it or not, I read read this entire thread, looking for an answer. Ouch!
  20. Northeastohpcs, I'm having an unusual problem with ripping right now. When the rip is complete you are supposed to hit the X and restart the program. I can hit the X to start the program but when I hit the X to restart, nothing happens. However if I hit the playstation icon and then go back to the program with the O button, then the X button works. IF I make changes to the controller like reassign the controller to a different number and go back to the program the X to restart the program also works. Could this be a hardware issue? Have you ever seen anything like this? I am going to have to g
  21. You can still use it for games. However the ripping of SACD's imposes quite a load. Each one takes about 20 mins. If you rip SACD and play games it's going to place a strain on the machine. I would not do it. These machines are already breaking at high rate just from playing games. When one of my PS3s in for a heating issue repair, the tech used it to play games, so I can confirm they still work. I know it's crazy but I've never played a single game on a PS3 in my life. My machine is just for ripping.
  22. I believe it's too late to change the thermal paste alone. You need to do that when the fan starts to run loud and the overheating starts. You most likely will need a reflow or reball now as well as changing the thermal paste. I would send it to a shop because there are multiple reason that can cause this to happen.
  23. I'd like to share my experience so far buying PS3s from Ebay. The first one I purchased was from a seller who had refurbished the PS3 and he provided a warranty. He was able to specifically tell me what was wrong with unit before he repaired it. I sold that unit on this forum. It was quiet and worked flawlessly. However, I was a bit hasty and discovered that I still had some SACDs in my closet that I had not ripped. My second PS3 that was also purchased from Ebay was advertised as having very few hours, maybe 30 hours doings it's lifetime. I believe the description was accurate. It look
  24. Sorry. I apologize too. I was just/am trying to help others. I do appreciate the help you have given, do understand that. I still have a Marantz SA-7S1 but this has allowed me to use my Theta Gen VIII dac with my SACD collection. I am extremely happy with being able to so do.
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