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  1. I don’t think they even sell USB cables?
  2. I like the new site. Like the look. I mostly come here to read the great information. It remains my favorite site. You do a great job of reviewing products and interacting with the users. I love that too. This site is unique in that respect. Keep up the great work.
  3. What connection where you using? It seems the XLR of the Dave is limited to 24/96. What about higher than 24/96 sample rates with BNC? Do you have to use dual mode to get higher rates with BNC?
  4. I've owned the Wireworld 7 Platinum, Straightwire, Supra and now have D H Labs Mirage. I found the Wireworld Platinum and D H Labs Mirage to be the best. Seems like the cables with a separated power wire, sound better. My favorite is the DH Labs Mirage and the one I kept. It's the most neutral cable I have tried. I notice the Curious cable also has a separated power wire.
  5. I am just a consumer. You might be able to ask the designer/builder of the power supply. I am confused however. Isn't the 1khz tone expected for the dac being used? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  6. I too am baffled. The theory of isolation between the devices and the core server seems to be refuted by the fact that the sound improves with a direct LAN connection. Yet, there seem to be a consensus that it does work. Do you know of anyone that has compared the Paul Pang V3 vs the mrendu and the host of tweak devices connected to it?
  7. Here's the graph of the supply from the builder of the linear supply I use. UH7000-New_PSU-192_zpssxyrdrd1.jpg Photo by projectile | Photobucket Here's the graph with the original switch mode powers supply, http://smg.photobucket.com/user/projectile/media/UH7000-Old_PSU-192_zps7ttvbjbe.jpg.html?sort=3&o=42
  8. It's the external drive itself going to sleep. Try a different brand like Seagate. I have 4 external drives. The Lacie drives are the only ones I have that do this. I contacted them to see if I could have them stay on but was told no. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  9. I think I need to qualify, "expensive." The linear supply is expensive compared to modifying the existing supply. The cost was $160 plus shipping from Singapore. I felt that reasonable for the supply considering the design work. The designer was very helpful and provided directions. I think the directions actually made it seem more complicated than it was to install. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0Bx_GtKC7_I2HUjVHN0pULXJmZDA/view
  10. Expensive but fairly simple to install. It fit. Bigger than the original for sure but the guy who designed it also owns the Tascam. This was easier for me. I wanted everything inside the box. I'm not opposed to external supplies but I already have enough of that.
  11. Yes. It's seemed more difficult to use an external smps with the Tascam. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  12. I replaced my power supply with a custom made linear supply. Fairly easy install but much costlier. Still I'm quite pleased with the results especially when I use it as a dac. Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  13. My guess is that the room would be smaller than is optimall. It's also close to being a perfect square in width and length which is not good for room modes. Some type of room correction could help. The problem is that because of the size of the room, it will limit seating and speaker placement positions. As you know, this can have a great effect on room acoustics. With all of this said, I have seen guys make a room this size work. I can't imagine it working well however without some good room correction. Unused speakers or other boxes with holes in them like instruments can interfere with good room acoustics. In the future, technology like Dirac Unison will seek to use others speakers to assist the performance of the speaker playing audio. As for your TV, perhaps you can find a throw or blanket to put over the TV when listening to help reduce reflections. You can try this to see how much of an effect it is having. Placing the speakers further out into the room away from the TV can also reduce the problem.
  14. New HERE indeed . I'm just stating the obvious about his set-up. I'm not sure what a professional audiophile is? If "professional audiophile" means I place my speakers away from boundaries within reason even if it would look neat all in line against the wall or rack, I am guilty. I only state that I have as much electronics so one would know that my criticism is not jealousy nor am I constrained by envy. I will not get personal. It's just hard truth that you'd tell any beginning audiophile. Don't push your speakers against the rack or near the wall. There are boundary effects and that can't be solved even by the best room eq or correction. Do you disagree with my advice? Perhaps I'm off base but it would seem to be acoustics 101, the stuff I posted. Nothing really outlandish? From my perspective, guy comes in with a lot of beautiful gear and room that you'd hate to mention the "elephant in the room" or "Emperor has no clothes." Aesthetics are nice but set-up and just the very basic things one would do to tame boundary effects and acoustics are all WAY off. All the criticism posted by all are accurate.
  15. I have no agenda. It's just acoustics. I don't have to hear it to know that your speakers are too close to the rack in one, for aesthetics I guess and the boundaries in the other among other things. I don't have to hear it to know what sidewall reflections are. What I posted is just the truth. I am not going to get personal. I'm just discussing what I see from purely an audio perspective.
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